Tanzania: Festival For Peace in the Marriage and Family

Prepared by FFWPU Tanzania

Since the Historical Event in Senegal in 2018, after True Mothers Liberation of Africa at the Goree Islands, miracles have been happening in Africa.

 In Tanzania, the blessed families of the FFWPU Tanzania started community based service projects as a way of outreaching the communities, they mobilized the local communities Leaders and worked with them to reach out to families. They used the infrastructure of the “10 households” Nyuma Kumi in the local language of Swahili which is a government set-up to coordinate the local communities. After teaching and blessing the couples in those communities they Register them and form tribes of 430 couples after which they divide the 430 couples into ten groups each under a leader, this facilitates the communication and coordination of activities and follow ups of the blessed couples in the Heavenly Tribal Messiah.

 The Japanese Heavenly Tribal Messiah led by Mr. Sasaada came to Tanzania and they also adapted this method and 41 Japanese families started activities in Tanzania and fulfilled their 430 couple Heavenly Tribal Messiah mission. So The FFWPU Tanzania through the Community Leaders were able to mobilize, teach and bless and Register 43 000 blessed couples in Dar es Salaam the Capital City. These includes families from the Christian, Muslims and even other smaller Religions.

Other Towns like Morogogoro , Arusha , Mbeya , Tanga, Mwanza  and Dodoma are also mobilizing using the same method so the next blessing of that magnitude will be held in any of those towns. The goal now is to hold blessings in all regions, according to the Rev. Simba there is no stopping now until the whole of Tanzania is restored for Heavenly Parents and True Parents.

The Women`s Federation for World Peace Leaders in Tanzania were also active in mobilizing and registering Women thus contributing towards the bigger goal of National Restoration.

The Blessing event

It was held at the National Stadium in Dar es Salaam today the 31st August 2019 and the event was scheduled to start from 8.a.m to 3.p.m.

The event was covered live by the National TV so the whole nation could watch from their homes or work place and the chief guest was the Regional Commissioner of Dar es Salaam.

The couples started streaming in from early morning and by 7.a.m, most of the couples were seated and those who came a bit late could not enter the stadium as it was full to capacity, 20 buses full of blessed couples were sent back because of lack of space as the organizers were fearing congestion and an overflow. Despite the hot sun, the blessed couples waited patiently and participated well in the program.

The couples paid their own transport and food expenses as they were all eager to participate in this historical event.

The Podium was well decorated had the FFWPU Logo and our True Mother`s Beautiful portrait.

The Blessing ceremony was officiated by Rev Stylos Simba Mwene the FFWPU President of Tanzania (National Leader) with his wife and prayers were given by various Religious Leaders including Bishop Dr. Bendera.

The fact that Tanzania believed in True Mother`s call that we should move forward and just believe in her made this miracle happen.

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  1. Richard Buessing says:

    Africa is on fire! Congratulations to Tanzania!

  2. Ermir Hoxha says:

    Amaizing True Mother.
    Congratulation Tanzania!

  3. Ermir Hoxha says:

    Amaizing True Mother.
    Congratulation Tansania!

  4. Bishop Joshua Msigwa says:

    We thank God and True Mother here in Tanzania under our National Leader Rev. Stylos Leo Simbamwene for Event which was held in National Stadium Tanzania truly it was miracles to us

    I am Bishop Joshua Msigwa
    FFWPU Leader -Mbeya Region in Tanzania

  5. Jim Rigney says:

    True Parents’ and God’s Dreams have come true. Thank you True Mother, and Thank you all of the missionaries in Africa.

  6. Félicitations pour la Tanzanie

  7. Fannie M. Smith says:

    So happy to see the words of Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon (TM) become real in the hearts and soul of our sisters & brothers in Africa. How beautiful are the ceremonies and faces of the BLESSED couples. Min Fannie Smith, Chicago.

  8. Tyler Hendricks says:

    Unbelievable! Congratulations Tanzania!

  9. chris kral says:

    It is incredible, a miracle, a dream, Glory to our True Mother librating Heavenly Africa. The deep heart of Africa bringing it’s fruits. May the Blessing of God be over all couples and the nation of Tansania

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