On the foundation of the Holy Spirits Association for the Unification of World Christianity founded in 1954, the Family Federation for World Peace and Unification was established in 1994 with the goal in promoting ideal families that attend God. Since 1996 it has been used as the official name of the Unification Church.

The Family Federation for World Peace and Unification has a vision of creating a peaceful world through true families where three generations come together as one under the ideal God envisioned at the time of creation.


The essence of what is taught in the Unification Church is simple. It is the formation of an ideal family through which God can be joyful. A husband and wife who are tied together through God’s love are an absolute couple, a unique couple, an unchanging couple and an eternal couple. The ideal is that a family realm of three generations, connected to God’s love, s formed. God is present in such a family. When such a family is expanded to a tribe, people, nation, world and cosmos, then it becomes the Kingdom of Heaven on earth and the Kingdom of Heaven in heaven.

– Rev. Sun Myung Moon (Cheon Seong Gyeong, 491)

Life in the kingdom of God is a life of living for the sake of others. The fundamental essence of life is in leading a life of loving your family and neighbors as you love God. In order to love others, you should first strive to live for the sake of others rather than simply wishing others to serve you. Indeed, you should give unconditionally and continue to do so while forgetting that you ever gave. Members of the Federation engage in service programs and acts of sharing to embody true love and contribute in creating a peaceful society.