Central America Sub-Region 4: Online International Meetings

FFWPPU Central America

With the preparation of two weeks and with the good coordination and interaction in the preparations of the Leaders of Sub-Region 4 of Central America, the Meeting of Sub-Region 4 of Central America held last Saturday, July 18 and Sunday, July 19 of this year had more than 140 accesses via Zoom, in many cases in a family way.

The 6 shared talks (Traditions, Tithe & Offerings, Testimony, Youth Action and Tribal mechanism) were very well posed, as well as the structured form of interaction and contributions that took place with the large participation of the entire Community of Central America, what was manifested by the comments and reflections of the participants.

Rev. San Sue Kim Director of Heavenly Latin America and Rev. Dae Hee Hong Director of Central America opened this event, sharing Rev. Kim a profound message about the Words and activities that True Mother does to guide Providence in these times. And in Rev. Hong’s intervention, he focused on the importance of being more focused and active as the Holy Community of Janul Pumonim at these moments in providential history, such as Tribal mechanism and the expansion of the teaching of the Fathers. True throughout the Region with security and applying all the gifts with which we have been blessed.

Those who shared the talks did so with a great heart and thus were received with great appreciation by all those who participated in this connection via Zoom from the 8 participating nations (Mexico, Belize, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Panama. ).

These two days of interaction counted on the contributions, questions and answers of all the participants; after each talk, encouraged by the invitation that those who adequately answered the questions after each topic and those who were most attentive and with good contributions would be counted until the end of the second day of activities and of the 3 winners who would be awarded. (Laura from Honduras, Margarita from Mexico and the Gastune Family from Costa Rica).

We closed the second day with a workshop of contributions and proposals with individual experiences, with the guidance of the leaders of the themes and with what each theme dealt with to plan more practical activities that can be applied within the sub region.

Finally, for the closing, Rev. Hong gave the words, expressing his great appreciation for such a good response from all the participants and motivating us to all put into practice what we have learned in topics such as the Traditions, the activities of Tribal Mechanism, etc., etc., and that we all strengthen and support ourselves within this Community.

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