Introducing IAPP in Palestine


Prepared By UPF Middle East

On Saturday 16, December 2017, IAPP Palestine was Introduced in Ramallah at the presence of former parliamentarians and current leaders of high positions in the Palestinian’s governance as well as current parliamentarians from Europe and Israel.

Committed to True Parents’ vision of living for sake of others, UPF Israel took upon itself the mission of preparing and organizing the event of IAPP Palestine, offering their efforts, knowledge, experience and contacts for the sake of the Palestinian’s successes.

The tense reality due to external events created many challenges and even endangered the event. However, True Parents’ love offered by UPF’s senior representatives lead by Dr. Wlash through presenting IAPP vision – melted the hearts of the local participants and the successful event had ended with joyful friendly smiles and with hope for a peaceful future.

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