Launching of PWPA in Cambodia

Prepared by FFWPU Cambodia

August 18, 2017- More than a hundred professors and scholars from various universities gathered at the Royal Academy of Cambodia, (highest educational authority in Cambodia ) for a Professors Conference and Launching of the Professors World Peace Academy in Cambodia. The program began with an opening remarks by H.E. Chong Pheth, Under Secretary of State, Ministry of Rural Development and Adviser of UPF-Cambodia. Like the previous conferences, he delivered a message testifying to True Parents’ incredible vision and works for realizing world peace. In all conferences held, he had been introducing UPF with enthusiasm and spirit to encourage directors and other government leaders to involve and cooperate in all these peace initiatives not only in local but also in international events.

Core Values and Principles

The first presentation was given by the guest speaker, Dr. Thomas Selover, International President of PWPA. He begin by introducing PWPA as one of the branch of the Hyo Jeong Academic Movement, first established by True Parents with a mandate for peace-building through academic and policy work that is international muti-disciplinary, future oriented and action-oriented. He continued reinstating True Fathers words, “The ultimate goal of PWPA is to help create a just and harmonious world order by encouraging scholars to search for new ideas and methods of achieving peace and prosperity.” (Dr. Sun Myung Moon, “Professors World Peace Academy and Our Resolution,” December 18, 1983; PHG, 753) He also talks about a win-win-win thinking principle. He explained that it is the strategy to search inclusive solutions instead of polarizing factions. He also stressed the importance of character education to provide internal education in whichever academic field a student might in, thus realizing balance education. Along with this, he goes deeper on explaining the meaning of Hyo Jeong (filial affection) and how it looks like in Chinese character; PWPA Core Values- Interdependence, co-prosperity, common cause- and the like. He concluded saying “PWPA will help nurture professors and scholars in Cambodia and throughout the world”!

H.E. Dr. Chan Somnob, the Vice President of the host university confirmed “Dr. Selover really hit the point of what is the necessity of every university in Cambodia” as he responded with approval in the podium. Moreover he said, “I was surprised that the presentation in many ways just exactly match with our strategy to develop our educational curriculum. The school is currently running with a win-win strategy and now upon hearing the win-win-win strategy from Dr. Selover’s presentation, I come up with better idea to work with. Likewise, the day before the event, on a personal visit by Chamroeun Sophal, National Leader of UPF-Cambodia with Dr. Thomas Selover, to H.E Ly Chheng, President of BELTEI Group, and Director of BELTEI International University, His Excellency confessed, “we will not be forever standing in our position. As we aged, our goal is to raise up our second self or ever better professors than us.” These words just perfectly attuned to True Parents’ emphasis on raising future talents, which is a now a significant and exciting task for all leaders worldwide to train young generations to lead the future. He also expressed so much joy to work with UPF in the future and no words can describe his great longing to meet True Mother again as he had received so much grace from the Thailand event 2 months ago.

Subjugating the Cain-World

On the same occasion, Rev. Hajime Saito, presented a parallelism of Cambodian history to the World History, in the view of the providence of restoration; its similarity with Nepal in geographic location whose prominent parliament member, Ek Nath Dhakal had been able organized Leaders Conferences across neighboring countries; and his focal point, family education, youth education and good governance. He also explained the significance of Peace Road event conducted by the entire world in line with True Parents desire to end up world starvation, making people realize that God is indeed good and they need to re-establish their relationship back to God as our Heavenly Parent. Every words he utters carried a spirit and heart of a victor as the 21 day- Peace road Cambodia cycling all over North Cambodia was completed together with successful Directors’ Conferences in 7 provinces where most of the governors attended. Going back to Phnom Penh capital the starting point and final destination of the 21-day course, sounded like a proclamation of the victory to subjugate the Cain- environment (can be likened to Jacob’s 21 day-course his 3-day journey back to Canaan). His powerful voice reign all over the four corners of the conference hall, awakened the audience, as if Joshua and Calib finally were able to break through the walls of Jericho with the shout of courage and faith. After his presentation audience resounded with joy and unlimited claps of appreciation, hopes, dreams and conviction think more broadly and move a step forward.

The program ended by a closing remark by the H.E. Chan Somnob, Vice President of Royal Academy of Cambodia, acknowledging Dr. Thomas Selover and Rev. Hajime Saito amazing presentation and UPF activities advocating world peace done centering on Father Moon and Mother Moon’s philosophy. In his final speech he assured to the crowd that he will make a report on this topic to the President of the Royal Academy of Cambodia, which will be a nearer step to invite the Prime Minister to attend or even preside the next conference geared with enough preparation as soon as time permits. We want to make PWPA as the foundation for YSP. Based on this conference, we will form educational committee for PWPA, for character education, Leaders’ School education material for Home Group. Truly PWPA will be the one of the providential organization for fulfilling Vision 2020 with educational aspect.

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