Sri Lanka: Global Young Leaders Peace Camp 2017

By Prageeth Hewage, YFWP-Sri Lanka

The 2nd Global Young Leaders Peace Camp (GLSPC) was conducted in Sri Lanka as a project of Management & Science University (MSU) in collaboration with the Youth Federation for World Peace (YFWP-Sri Lanka). Its theme is, “Promoting World Peace Through Religious Harmony” and participated by 41 young leaders from 12 countries (India, Indonesia, Iraq, Kazakhstan, Pakistan, Maldives, Vietnam, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Fiji, Philippines, and Sri Lanka) representing 5 religions from May 04-08, 2017.

The participants of GYLPC were given the opportunity to participate in various religious and multicultural activities, leadership trainings, teamwork and other related workshops. The participants experience the natural hidden beauty of places surrounded by beautiful mountains through short trips and sightseeing as well as adventure camping and fun games arranged by the organizing team of GYLPC to transcend the limits and boundaries that divide humanity through religions, cultures, nationalities or any other beliefs.

The activities shared together and the teamwork of the participants from around the world during the camp enhanced the unity we all seek that we cannot find any more in the world today.

It was a beautiful moment of unity, peace and friendship. Looking back to day – one of the camp where the journey began in a bus headed to Belihuloya from Colombo, it is filled with strangers who knew nothing about each other but just maybe smiled at one another. Eventually, when days flew by and the camp came to an end, each of these participants were so close to each other. They shared bond of heart that they call themselves, “a family they choose in life”.

Under the guidance and advice of Prof. Ali Khatibi & Dr. Suranga Silva, the students of Management & Science Institute conducted the event successfully. The seminars and lectures was led by Dr. Sulochana Segera, The President of Women in Management, Sri Lanka and Dr. Edgar Tanate, Director of Education of Universal Peace Federation, Mr. Prageeth Hewage, The President of Youth Federation for World Peace Sri Lanka and Ms. Madhavee Anthony, lecturer at Management & Science Institute.

On the 8th of May, the last day of the camp, all the participants headed to Colombo for a visit and lunch at the Parliament of Sri Lanka and a tour in the beautiful streets of Colombo. Special thanks goes to Hon. Ranjan Ramanayake, Deputy Minister of Social Empowerment & Welfare for arranging and facilitating the visit to the House of the Parliament of Sri Lanka.

Finally, after five successful days of The Global Young Leaders Peace Camp came to an end the participants of different cultures and religions from around the globe headed back to their native homes in the hope to meet and hold hands in friendship, love and unity again.

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