Cambodia: Heavenly Tribal Messiah Peace Blessing Festival


Prepared by FFWPU Cambodia

Battambang City is the capital city of Battambang province in northwestern Cambodia. It is well known for being the leading rice-producing province of the country. For nearly 100 years, it was a major commercial hub and provincial capital of Siamese province of Inner Cambodia (1795-1907), though it was always populated by Khmer with a mix of ethnic Vietnamese, Lao, Thai and Chinese. Still today Battambang is the main hub of the Northwest connecting the entire region with Phnom Penh and Thailand, and as such it’s a vital link to Cambodia. Banan District is 20 km away from Battambang City and it’s famous for the Banan Temple which is the historical heritage in the Angkor Era. (Era for Angkor Wat)

On basic of the last visit to Battambang in this March, 2017, Rev. Masatate Kajikuri (Secretary General of FFWPU-Asia) decided to invest his witnessing foundation through Heavenly Tribal Messiahship in Battambang, Cambodia, with his family (including his wife, his mother and his aunt’s couple Mr. Kyoichi Suzuki and Mrs. Eriko Suzuki) from Japan. This is a great blessing to FFWPU-Cambodia, as we understand that the Kajikuri Family, especially Rev. Kajikuri’s mother is the one who laid the firmly foundation for the Unification movement in Japan. And the reason why they chose Battambang as the place to do the HTM activity, he considers how to show the model by himself to Cambodia, as the Strategic Providential Nation, to fulfill the Goal of Vision 2020, and bring the victory back to Heavenly Parents and True Parents, but also because FFWPU Cambodia continually invest in laying good relationship foundation with the government, especially in the Battambang Province, almost all the rectors and vice rectors from the public and private education organizations, are now the members or as the Ambassadors for Peace. (Here in Cambodia we use the name of UPF to connect to the external activities). Especially Rev. Kajikuri challenges to make this HTM Blessing through Home Group with financially self-reliance. Even though our members are very young, and before this, there were many difficulties physically, spiritually and financially, but since all our members really determined and united with each other centered on Heavenly Parents’ wish, finally we can successfully offer this Interfaith Peace Blessing Festival to heavenly side.

This Interfaith Peace Blessing Ceremony, which held on May 11th, 2017, was the Rev. Masatate Kajikuri Family’s Tribal Blessing with 430 couples. Banan District Chief, Mr. Chom Nhor gave the welcoming remark, joined the festival from the very beginning to the end. Most of the district department directors including district chief in Banan District, already attended 3 days Divine Principle workshop, with this foundation (all the participants attended 1 day & 2 day DP workshop), district chief could encourage all the blessing participants as the family of FFWPU, to make the unity centering on True Parents.

Mr. Srey Kivsokhom, Director of Provincial Teacher Training Center, gave the presentation of “Family is the School of Love and Peace”. This was the first time for Mr. Srey Kivsokom to give this lecture, but he did so well, and many participants said they will never forget this teaching for the rest of their lives.

Mr. Hajime Saito, Director of UPF-Indochina, gave the speech remark in Khmer, introducing Rev. Masatate Kajikuri couple as a second generation of Blessed Family as their Tribal Leader. All the participants ware so inspired by his presentation. And then the Holy Water Ceremony officiated by Rev. Masatate Kajikuri Couple was also very smoothly went on, and after that, Mr. Zhu Xingzhe, CIG Youth Special Envoy to FFWPU-Cambodia, offered a Chinese song (the Moon Represents My Heart) as the congratulatory song, all the people enjoyed it a lot.

After that, H.E. Chong Phet (Adviser of UPF-Cambodia and Under Secretary of State, Ministry of Rural Development), gave a very empowered Congratulatory remark to all blessing couples. Through his speech, we can feel his enthusiasm to express his respect and grateful heart to the teaching of True Parent, which really changed his life, so whenever there is an opportunity, he is always never haste to testify how much profound the teaching from True Parents is, and how great the work UPF is now doing, and how much the UPF leaders and members sacrifice for the Peace Work, under the leadership of Mr. Hajime Saito (Director of UPF-Indochina).

And after that was the Tangam Stick Ceremony. In a whole view, the festival went very smoothly. Even though in the middle, unexpected small things happened, but thanks to the unity and investment of all our beloved brothers and sisters, we can help each other and solve the problems. Because of all the investment and the sacrifice foundation, we can now see the time is coming, the heavenly fortune is coming to the Kingdom of Cambodia, and especially based on such foundation, we really want to offer bigger result to Heavenly Parents and True Parents. And prepare the spiritual foundation for True Parent’s Thailand Tour. And utilize this opportunity to educate more people, to move forward, let’s work hand in hand to really open the 2.5 Million membership era in Cambodia in the year of 2017. Aju!

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