Peace Road 2016 in Thailand

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“Bike for Peace”

By FFWPU Thailand, Rev. Kamol Thananopavarn


Vision and Spirit of Love and Peace of True Parents become realized substantially in Peace Road Thailand 2016 on the theme “Bike for Peace” with more than 1,600 people included 1,000 bikers, UPF committee, FFWPU committee, Ambassadors for Peace, government officers, volunteers for safety, director of local high schools, CARP members and young Second Generation participated at the Plaza Mall of Sport Authority of Thailand at the heart of Bangkok on Sunday 24th July 2016. All bikers and participants feel so inspired and moved to know that Rev. and Mrs. Sun Myung Moon, Founder of UPF Thailand put the Vision of Peace, One World Human Family ,International Highway Project and biking the bicycle together that they never experience before and can feel how the peace grow and develop in Thailand through this project. The route of cycling took around 15 kilometers and Peace Road Thailand this year is successful with spirit of True Love, family atmosphere and living for the sake of others as one big family.

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The Peace Road 2016 organizing committee worked effectively in the spirit of team work and true love with full support of UPF and FFWPU committee. Many Second Generations and CARP members were so excited to take part as volunteer. During the campaign of advertising for mobilize bikers to apply to our event, when the bikers and many associations of bikers knew this such a peace creative vision through biking through social media; just less than 2 days more than 1,000 bikers registered. The local high school director and teachers also joined. More than that the famous volunteer service organization about safety protection and first aid such as Ruamkatanyu Foundation and Ruamduay Chuaykan Rescue volunteer support Peace Road with full mind for free in order to check all the route about the possibility of accident or harm and brought ambulance and team for first-aid. We also receive support from team so called “Marshall Team” who love to help organize safety and effective biking strategies. These more than 100 people from volunteer organization invested to Peace Road 2016 with spirit of full ownership, good planning, sacrifice and team work with heart of happiness. After these organizations experience Peace Road event they felt impressed with this successful campaign for peace of TP and expressed the same heart that they will come back again next year and will help to bring more bikers and volunteer organizations to join our Peace Road 2017.

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On 24th July 2016. Staffs work since early morning for preparation. The opening event began at 6.30 am. by Gen.Terdsak Marrome, President, Universal Peace Federation Foundation (Thailand) and Aide-de-camp to the King Bhumiphol the Great lead the ceremony to pay respect and honor the goodness and long live of His Majesty the King, then followed by Thailand National Anthem and the Royal anthem. Dr. Chung Shik Yong, Chairman, Universal Federation for World Peace-Asia delivered his Congratulatory Remarks and expressed the True Parents’ Vision for Peace. Then, Rev.Kamol Thananopavarn, National President of FFWPU-Thailand gave reporting remark. Then, General Terdsak Marrome delivered His Opening remarks, followed by cutting of ribbon. After that Dr. Chung Sik Yong, Gen. Terdsak Marrome, Dr.Lek Thaveetermsakul – CIG Special Envoy, Rev. Kamol Thanaopavarn, National Leader of Thailand, Mrs.Kamoltip Phayakvichien, President, WFWPA-Thailand, Prof.Kirti Bunchua, Vice President, UPF-Thailand, FFWPU Committee and Ambassadors for Peace signed together to promote peace on peace road board and then, they joined hand to release 1,000 bikers at starting line.

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When the bikers came back, 30 second generations joined hand to put the Peace Road souvenir medals to the neck of all bikers. At the same time, there was Tong-il Moo Do performance show and Bounce Dance by CARP members. Then, it followed by presentation of UPF certificate to the polices, government officers, volunteer service organizations biker associations and sponsors that have big number of participants. Through this success, next year Peace Road 2017, UPF and FFWPU Thailand determined to hold 10,000 people and bikers Peace Road in 2017 in order to proclaim TP’s Vision and Love for Peace to all Thai citizens and people of the world.

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