We Shall Fulfill Our Social Responsibilities and Mature into a Religion of the People

Weekly Dong-A Korean – National Major Weekly Magazine (February 17, 2016 issue)

translated by PR Department of Tongil Group


Korean President of Family Federation Kyeung-Seuk Ryu said, “We shall fulfill our social responsibilities and mature into a religion of the people.”

This year is the first year of the “Four Years of Hope”…


The establishment of a “Multicultural Peace Center” for multicultural families pushed forward.

Just as in the West, the birthplace of Christianity, the Birthday of Jesus Christ is celebrated (solar calendar December 25), and one week later, the new year starts on the 1st of January, the Family Federation for World Peace and Unification starts their new year with the foothold of the Birthday of Reverend Sun Myung Moon and Dr. Hak Ja Han (lunar, January 6) and Foundation Day (lunar, January 13). The Birthdays of Reverend Sun Myung Moon and Dr. Hak Ja Han, revered as the True Parents in the Family Federation, coincidentally or maybe inevitably, fall on the same date of January 6 on the lunar calendar, and when this is changed to the solar calendar, this Birthday is on the 13th of February, and Foundation Day is on the 20th of February. With the Birthday of Reverend Moon and Dr. Han on the 13th of February as the beginning, the Family Federation holds various events over eight days until Foundation Day, such as the Birthday Celebration Ceremony, the Celebration Ceremony of the 3rd Anniversary of Foundation Day, the Blessing, the Wonmo Pyeongae Foundation Scholarship Certificate Presentation Ceremony, the International Leadership Conference, and the prayer ritual for the unification of the Korean Peninsula and World Peace.

180 congressmen from all over the world participate

At this Celebration Ceremony for the Birthday of Reverend Moon and Dr. Han that is to be held at the Cheongshim Peace World Center in Gapyeong-gun, Gyeongi, on the 13th of February, leaders from around the world, including the winner of the 1st Sun Hak Peace Prize, Kiribati President Anote Tong, and former American Deputy Secretary of State, Christopher Hill, plan to attend. The Family Federation passed on, “180 congressmen from America, England, Eastern Europe, Asia and the rest of the world, 30 journalists and many religious leaders are to participate in the event.” The Korean President of the Family Federation, Kyeung-Seuk Ryu, is the one that hosts the various events that take place in Korea. President Ryu is from the second generation from a couple that was blessed in a ceremony officiated by Reverend Moon and Dr. Han, and took office as the first Korean President from the 2nd generation, making this news both inside and outside of the congregation. We met President Ryu at the Unification Church headquarters in Cheongpa-dong, Yongsan-gu, Seoul, in the afternoon of the 29th of January. There he said, “We shall strive to be recognized as a religion of the people by taking an interest in the international agendas of the world and contributing toward realizing healthy families and societies.” The following is a series of questions and answers of the summarized conversation between President Ryu.

▼ You seem very emotional in welcoming the new year 2016.

“This year is the beginning of the ‘Four Years of Hope’ for the year of 2020, also the 100th Anniversary of the Birth of Reverend Moon. Our motto in starting the ‘Four Years of Hope’ is ‘Maturing into a religion of the people.’”

▼ What does it mean to become a religion of the people?

“The era of committing to missionary work based on the authority of the church and doctrines has passed. The world looks toward the culture of a religious community and the lives of its members. For modern religions to fulfill their function in society, they must become a religion of the people. The members of the Family Federation are putting forth effort into being loved and respected by the people through realizing healthy families and societies. With that background, the ideologies of loving heaven, loving the people and loving your country exist.”

▼ Specifically what plans have been made to fulfill your goals?

“We are going to choose five core tasks of spreading the Tribal Messiah, training talented individuals of the future, creating a happy family community, practicing the culture of religion in everyday life and realizing peace on the Korean Peninsula, so all of our members can become one and make policies that can later be put into action.”

▼ What is the Tribe Messiah?

“The Messiah is a Christian term, and refers to Jesus Christ. He was a person that went through the hardships of the Cross in order to save humanity. The nature of the Messiah is sacrifice and devotion based on true love. The Tribal Messiah is a duty that was given to blessed families of the Family Federation to ‘practice true love towards your neighbors and, of course, your family.’ In other words, the Tribe Messiah are words that contains the will of the Family Federation that says that we are to fulfill a warm society community by loving our families, relatives and neighbors.”

After hearing this explanation, it seems that we can understand the ‘Tribal Messiah as core believers. President Ryu revealed that “The Family Federation is pushing ahead with the founding of a Future Talented Individuals Training Center in order to foster our future generations in a systematic way.” He then added, “We are to support the community activities of youth students, and by training educators that are to take responsibility for these students our plan to train global talented individuals shall become even more systematic.”

Plans for Training Global Talented Individuals

The Family Federation, which was founded in Korea and now has over three million believers in America, Japan and all over the world, has a plan to drastically expand the size of its congregation by systematically training its future generations.

▼ We heard that plans to present scholarships on a large scale are in the making.

“On the 14th of February, Dr. Hak Ja Han plans on presenting scholarships that add up to ten billion won to 2,000 students, 500 from Korea and 1,500 from overseas, at the Cheongshim International Youth Training Center. Among these scholarship students are 100 students that represent the ten major religious groups in Korea.”

▼ Is the scholarship presented to students from other religious groups?

“To scholarship students representing each religious group, not only scholarships, but the opportunity to attend an interreligious camp is provided. The Family Federation wishes to climb over the fence of religion and contribute toward changing the religious culture in a healthy and positive direction. We hope for the interreligious camps to be a chance for juniors to take an interest in religious harmony.”

▼ The Blessing Ceremony has become a symbol of the Family Federation. Is there to be a Blessing Ceremony this year, as well?

“There will be a Blessing Ceremony on the 20th of February, also the 3rd Anniversary of Foundation Day, with 15,000 couples from all over the world participating. 3,000 couples from blessed families that have come to Korea, transcending borders, race, culture and language, as well as 12,000 couples from 194 countries around the world are to join the event via live Internet broadcast.

The Family Federation can be called the original multicultural family that has transcended borders and races, and has married off many couples. The Korean society has eventually arrived at transfiguring into a multicultural society as well. President Ryu revealed, “The Family Federation has plans to establish a separate facility for multicultural families in Korea.” He said, “We plan on constructing the ‘Korean Multicultural Peace Center’ in Seorak-myeon, Gapyeong-gun, Gyeonggi,” and added, “There are plans to prepare education facilities, culture facilities and shelters as alternative schools for multicultural families.”