Denmark: Peace Road 2019

By Nobuhiro Igarashi, UPF Denmark

On August 4th we did our Peace Road 2019 event in Copenhagen by foot with 15 participants. This year´s topic was ”The Ocean in the service of Peace”. We chose a ”walk and talk –style” where we walked 2 km around the central part of Copenhagen. We stopped at 5 places that represents 5 ways that the ocean is crucial to realize peace – both generally and specifically for Denmark, which is a great maritime nation. UPF member Lars Neergaard spoke shortly on these 5 ways starting out with reading from UPF founder Dr. Rev. Sun Myung Moon´s autobiography on these topics at the following five locations Nyhavn (New Harbor channel) Rrepresenting ”Gaining knowledge of other countries and cultures”: The famous fairytale writer Hans Christian Andersen lived 20 years in Nyhavn and wrote many of his famous fairytales here, getting

inspiration by listening to the stories by the sailors returning home from countries around the world. The tour started at the big anchor in Nyhavn which is a memorial to the 2300 civilian sailors who lost their lives at sea during WWII never returning home. They showed great bravery and patriotism in helping securing food and other supplies to Europe despite the dangers.

The Inner harbor Bridge representing ”Food and resources”: From here is a good view of the whole harbor and many buildings that testify to the last 400 years development as a fishing port, being a cornerstone of the economic prosperity of Denmark.

Also, oil drilling from North Sea have played an important role in the last 40 years economic prosperity.

In his autobiography True Father explains how we are moving into an oceanic era, and only the ocean— especially through fish farming—can global food supply be secured, which is the most important foundation for world peace.

Nordatlantens Brygge (The North Atlantic harbor) representing ”Trading through shipping” : From here the trading to Faroe Island, Iceland and Greenland took place for 300 years, creating a ”Maritime Silk Road” between East and West ; the East being represented by the Inuit people of Greenland.

Dokøen (The shipbuilding Island) with the Opera representing ”Character building”: By going to the sea young people can grow their character, self esteem and social abilities to become responsible citizens, family members and leaders.

Nyholm representing ”national defense by the navy”. As a peninsular nation Denmark have always been vulnerable to attack from other countries. It´s national sovereignty has been dependent on good shipbuilding technology and brave sailors to defend itself. After 400 years this area will from 2020 no longer have any navy facilities. All buildings which before was symbolized by war is now turned into mostly cultural educational institutions for young people, opening an era of peace though culture—like the ”swords being turned into plowshares”.

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