The 43rd Anniversary of the Brazilian Unification Foundation


Prepared by FFWPU Brazil

in Sunday morning, November 25 we had a special Sunday Service to celebrate the 43 years of our Movement in Brazil, along with a Celebration of Victory in the Blessing of the 430 couples of the Heavenly Tribal Messiah in Subregion 1 (Brazil) Latin America.

Following the opening words, there was presentation of music, a choir presentation and a video presentation with old pictures of Brazil’s beginning moments, showing Unification Movement history in Brazil. It touched everyone’s heart, mainly of the ones who participated directly of those first activities.

On this occasion, we had the participation of members from various churches in Brazil and especially the presence of Rev. Hyung Tae Kim (Ambassador Kim) and his Wife, who officially founded the Unification Church in Brazil in November 1975. He was the international missionary at that time. He and the first members had great victory in witnessing and a huge growth of members. He gave a special congratulatory message to all members, congratulated the church of Brazil for his trajectory, through his message, we understood that during these 43 years, God was constantly investing His love in Brazil, sending many people to establish His foundation here to save the Brazilian nation. He also emphasized the focus of providence today, which is the accomplishment of the HTM mission by all the blessed families.

We also had the presence of the Rev. Kim Seong Nam, President of the Provincial of the Cheongpyeong Branch in Heavenly Latin America and Rev. Insoung Kwun, Emissary for the CARP and Youth of Brazil and South America. Many leaders from Brazil, pastors, missionaries, Home Group leaders, central blessed families and members came together to celebrate this important celebration.

The Leader of the Sub-Region 1 Brazil and Vice-President of the Regional Group of Latin America, President Koichi Sasaki, gave the main address. Emphasizing the importance of the history, the efforts and sacrifices of all the brothers and sisters who have made it possible for us to advance following God’s path with strength to accomplish Vision 2020, emphasizing HTM mission, Home Group, One-on-One and Oikos activities.

During the commemorative Sunday Service, we had the Celebration of Victory of the Couples that reached the goal of blessing 430 couples in the mission of HTM.

On this occasion, Ambassador Hyung Tae Kim and his wife declared their victory in fulfilling the 430 HTM couples. In addition, the couple of the Sub-Region 1 Leader of Heavenly Latin America, Koichi Sasaki and Onnan Choi declared their victory in fulfilling the 430 HTM couples, plus another 8 winning couples (four who were present at this event) who on this occasion made their declaration.

These blessed families received the Certificate of Merit for their efforts. In total 10 families made their HTM victory statement.

After the cutting of the cake by Ambassador Kim and President Koichi’s couple, and the former Unification Church presidents and their wives present, the Seonghwa Group members gave a beautiful performance. The Celebration ended with cries of Og Mansey, foreshadowing many victories and blessings for the providence of Brazil.

We celebrate these 43 years with a thankful heart for the past and a determined heart for the future. We are thankful to Heavenly Parents and True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind for all the love they invested in us during these 43 years and we determine to march forward to offer this nation of Brazil to Heavenly Parents until 2020, through our victory in absolute mission of HTM.

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