True Parents Birthday Welcoming Remarks


Sun Jin Moon, International President, FFWPU

February 21, 2017 Cheongshim Peace World Center


Excellencies! Distinguished delegates from around the world, gathered for the International Leadership Conference sponsored by the Universal Peace Federation. Ladies and Gentlemen! Cheon Il Guk leaders and Brothers and Sisters from around the world!

It is my special privilege and honor to share a few words with you today on this historic and special occasion as we gather to celebrate the birthday  of our beloved True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind, I first wish to thank Heavenly Parent and True Parents. Furthermore, as the daughter of True Parents, I would like to congratulate my parents, the source of my existence, on their birthday.

True Parents were born on the same day on January 6 not by coincidence but in accordance with Heaven’s Will. On this day, not only in the Cheongshim World Center, but in all 194 nations of the world, countless people have joined us to celebrate True Parents’ birthday. As a member of the True Family, I would like to thank everyone in attendance.

Beloved leaders, brothers and sisters,

My parents never lived their lives for individualistic or private purposes. As their child, I have witness how my parents lived each and every day in service to God, our Heavenly Parent, and in service to humanity, guided by a single vision of building one universal human family under God. Their lives have always been defined by public purposes. Before I could truly understand the tremendous difficulty of leading such a life, there were so many instances when, as a child, I yearned for my parents’ love. However, it is because True Parents established a tradition of public life that we have a reference point, an anchor that makes it possible for us to live a life of filial piety toward Heavenly Parent. This is why we say this birthday celebrations is for the sake of the public purpose.

Respected dignitaries, ladies and gentlemen!

My parents consistently led lives of sacrifice characterized by true love for our vertical and eternal True Parent, the Heavenly Parent, as well as for humanity, always seeking to realize Heavenly Parent’s ideal of creation, one cosmic family.

Contrary to Heavenly Parent’s ideal, today’s world is filled with conflict and confusion, discord and pain. To realize the ideal world originally intended by our Heavenly Parent, True Parents have planted seeds of peace in every corner of this planet.

The recent World Summit in Africa 2018, convened in Dakar, Senegal, drew together more than 1200 of the highest level leaders from throughout Africa, including heads of state, speakers of parliament, government ministers, traditional rulers and religions leaders all centering on True Parents’ vision of interdependence, mutual prosperity and universal values.

The dignitaries who gathered for this program resolved to build an African continent that attends Heavenly Parent, the “Heavenly Africa.” The Africa Summit was an astounding and overwhelming success, and is an example of the abundance of fruit being harvested from the seeds of peace that have been sowed by my parents.

Today, the seeds of peace my parents planted not only in Africa but throughout the world are being manifested as Cheon Il Guk, the realization of the ideal world of peace, that reaches to every continent, 194 nations, and all areas of society including government, religion, education, academia, publishing, media, the arts, sports, and business.

My Father was a truly remarkable man. Larger than life. A man of history.  Generous, charismatic, driven by a passion for goodness and a love for God.  His vision had no limitation. He was a man who I believe moved and transformed history.

Since my Father’s ascension I have come to recognize that my beloved Mother is equally remarkable. Larger than life and a true shaper of history.  Since her birth in 1943, she has lived her life entirely in service to heaven’s will, as the true daughter of God. She married my Father, in 1960, and together they took on the position, and the responsibility of the True Parents.

She has led our movement over the past five years with unwavering conviction and clarity of vision and purpose.  Each and every day, we see the results of her steady, wise and innovative leadership.  She is taking our entire worldwide movement to a new level, just as she pledged she would.

To my beautiful mother, my True Mother, you are the embodiment of unconditional true love, my eternal role model and my hero!  I love you, salanghamnida!

On this day we sincerely offer True Father and True Mother our eternal gratitude and love, for the gift of their vision, their example, and their guidance.

True Mother we love you forever! Together Omoni Salanghamnida!

True Father we love you forever! Together Abogi Salanghammida!

Together Chambumonim kamsahamnida!

Chambumonim Songtan Chukhadelimnida!

Happy True Parents’ Birthday.

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  1. Gloria Frothingham says:

    Sun jin nim such a beautiful and heartfelt message for True Parents Birthday.

  2. Kingo Tsunobe says:

    She understands True Mother very well in mind, heart and body.

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