Costa Rica: Inauguration of YSP


Prepared by YSP Central America

The Youth and Students for Peace was inaugurated at the regional level in Centro America, focused on the theme: “The Role of Youths in Creating a Culture of Sustainable Peace”.  The title , “our responsibility as youth leaders, as students” begin from put others first. It means that it’s important for youth leaders have to be concerned with the good of others and to act unselfishly“.

This event was held on February 10, 2018, at a special ceremony held in Radisson Hotel Conference Hall.

During the program, Honorable José Alberto Alfaro Jiménez, President of IAPP expressed his gratitude to UPF, IAPP and FFWPU that the launch of the YSP in Costa Rica could be realized.

A total of 210 distinguished participants, amount them, high school and university students, leaders of Non-Governmental Organizations, ambassadors for peace, CARP, 2nd Gen and FFWPU members and youth leaders from civil society; this event was filled with great peace atmosphere and harmony.

The Secretary General of Central America and the Caribbean introduced the keynote speaker, Hon Jose Alberto Alfaro who is the IAPP president to IAPP-Central America and the Caribbean said: “The focal point of the YSP is “Most critical issues for youth development are poverty, health practices, gender biases, education, employment, social responsibilities and good citizenship, juvenile delinquency that is why the education system and the leaders of civil society need to assisting the youth in dealing  with the critical challenges”.

Luis Alfredo Alfaro Cordero, a Business Administration – ULACIT, spoke on the Role of Youth in Peace building and the  and young people and students’ challenges and responsibilities. María Fernanda Osorno Flores, a University Student, spoke on Character education saying building a safe and secure society, the role of young people and youth organizations and Eduardo Antonio Barboza Montealegre, Engineering Student, spoke on how  to learn how to live for the sake of others.

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