Pakistan: UN International Day of Peace

left to right: Mr. Furrukh Bajwa ( General Secretary Ministry of Commerce and Industry), Mr. Khawaja Usman Provincial Ministry of Trade, Mr. Mughees Ahmed Sheikh Current President of Multan Chamber of Commerce and Industry


By Binod Paudel, UPF Pakistan

UPF Pakistan in collaboration with Multan Chamber of Commerce and Industry organized a seminar on UN international day of Peace Celebrations, on September 21, 2017. The theme was “Together for Peace: Respect, Safety and Dignity for All”.

Among the VIPs we had, the chairman of the Multan Chamber of Commerce and industry, Multan under, Mr. Khawaja Muhammad Usman, Provincial Minister of Commerce and Trade, former President of Multan Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Multan along with Mr. Mughees Ahmed Sheikh, President Multan Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Multan, Mr Gulzar Ahmed, Breg Retired (Pakistan Army), MS. Ammara Ghufran, President Women Chamber of Commerce and Industry, South Punjab, Mr. Makhdoom Wajahat Hussain gillani, Religious Leader Pakistan, Mr. Syed Muhammad, Country National Leader Universal Peace Federation Pakistan Chapter joined the event.

The Seminar started with recitation of few verses from the Holy Quran. Then, Mr. Syed Muhammad, Ambassador for Peace, and representative of UPF Pakistan, as the MC of the event expressed that the purpose of holding such a conference was to disseminate the salient features of Universal peace Federation its functions and role in development of peace throughout the world.

Mr. Syed Muhammad, explained about UPF and Dr. Sun Myung Moon’s Contribution for the world Peace. He described the importance of International Peace Day, while delivering True Father, Dr. Sun Myung Moon’s peace quotation to the conference participants and also explained about the importance of peace in the society. He also established the linkage between peace and economic activity in the developed countries. He also addressed the industrialist community to stay together for peace and harmony for the betterment of society.

Ms. Ammara addressed the participants on the peace talks and also highlights the role of women towards peace and harmony. She also highlights the main contributions of women and gives many examples to the point. She reminds the participants about Nobel Peace Prize holder Malala Yousaf Zai contributions towards peace and harmony.

Syed Wajahat Hussain Gillani, religious leader of Pakistan contributes as describing Islamic point of view towards peace. He said that Islam is the religion of peace and on every step of life it teaches us about brotherhood, living together, work together, respect, dignity, and good culture. He also gave many examples of different religions on working in peace and harmony. He also highlighted the reduction of terrorism in the society.

At the end, Honorable Minister Mr. Khajawa Usman (Provincial Ministry of Trade) addressed the conference participants and praise Universal Peace Federation Pakistan efforts in gathering all the takeholders and high profile people of the society including , industrialist, business community, professors, teachers, students, women representatives, religious leaders, government officers under one roof for the good cause that is peace. He also thanked chamber of commerce and industry Multan to help in organizing such a big event in Multan comprising  with 200 particiapnts. He also explained about the main purpose and objectives towards peace and also requested to the government agencies to bring peace in the area so that business community may flourish.

UPF Pakistan also organized local singer to participate with his song for peace. Mr. Atta Ullah sang a sufaina Kalam which brought tears to the eyes of the participants.

At the end of seminar, lavish dinner was served to the participants. Participants showed their application to UPF Pakistan & Multan Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Multan for holding such a seminar.


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