International President’s Message at the 5th Anniversary of True Father’s Seonghwa

Memory of True Father


Beloved True Father and True Mother,

I was listening to your beautiful granddaughter sing this song, the song True Father lovingly asked True Mother to sing all these years. To hear the voice of the purest true soprano to lull your aching heart back to complete peace and joy,  To see you close your eyes and move your fingers in tune, hearing your granddaughter today sing “Yearning for Those Days,” my heart of yearning for you feels so strong,

I too, ‘Yearn for Those Days.’  To hear the voice of your true love, remembering the simple life of your hometowns, the pure innocence of children, a time of Joy and wonder of all life’s possibilities, an idyllic snapshot of time, an ordinary life–Oh, I too, yearn for those days.

And then your extraordinary path of indemnity, a harrowing course inundated with blood sweat and tears. In the beginning we tasted God’s devastating tears, Jesus’s forlorn tears, True Parents’ suffering and enduring tears, and all of human history, a collective ocean of woeful tears, the floodwaters of your broken heart, ceaseless lamentable tears, this endless ocean of sorrowful cries consuming all the land. Adrift, separated, displaced.

A thousand miles from your hometown, I hear in this song your longing to return to joy, your longing to return home. How you must long for unity and peace on our homeland!

True Father, how True Mother longs to complete your dream! As she plays this song, as we remember and listen to these words, True Mother sends our prayers and her infinite love to all the lives in turmoil, tragedy, loss, separation, and devastation.

We pray that your sun will rise and the light of truth will evaporate all suffering from this earth. We pray that your peace shall be restored and all life will be returned to balance with the power of true love.

Father, today we celebrate your eternal life. We immortalize your legacy of true love and living for the sake of others. This legacy shall forever be passed down from generation to generation.

Father, we rejoice on this day remembering your life with pure joy and complete eternal love and gratitude. The world mourned your passing for five years but you never passed. Remembering your life and achievements, today, we shed tears of joy.

Seong Hwa means to return to your true home. You are in everything, you are with us every moment, there is no place in the universe that is not blessed by your breath.

Father, you are my sunshine, you are everywhere I look in rainbows and every living thing, you answer every prayer, you comfort and fill my heart with such love and immense gratitude. Today, I truly long to see your beautiful smile.

Last night as I looked up into the infinite array of diamonds sparkling in the heavens, missing you, I cried and tears dripped down like rain. You answered in the almond shaped moonlight.

It reminded me of your glowing piercing eyes, and you answered in this glow of luminous smile.

No more tears.

“Da hana dwe ya de,” you must all become one–one family under God.

Four simple words I’ve heard my entire life, but never understood until tonight.

No more tears.

When we all become one, one with Heavenly Parent and True Parents, “Yearning for Those Days,” the song of God’s original homeland shall resound. And, wishing to return to the beginning of creation, His original dream of true joy, true love and true peace, as filial sons and daughters True Parent and Heavenly Parent, we pledge on this holy 5th anniversary Seong Hwa day that your dream will be realized on earth and in Heaven.

No more tears, we shall be one.

This we promise with our lives.

Eternal love and gratitude,

Sun Jin Moon

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  1. thank you very much for that wounderfull speech

  2. Thank you for your true love.

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