International President Speaks at the Leaders Assembly 2017


Cheon Il Guk Leaders Assembly: Toward National Restoration

Keynote Address

Sun Jin Moon, International President of FFWPU

February 5, 2017 – Cheongpyeong Heaven and Earth Training Center

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Respected and beloved brothers and sisters!

Welcome to this Cheon Il Guk Leaders Assembly 2017!

Happy Lunar New Year…..the year of the red rooster!

The red rooster does not remain quiet or withdrawn, right? It wakes the world to a glorious new day, proclaiming True Parents are here! Right? Yes! What a series of events to kick off the New Year! Absolutely fantastic!

These recent victories were truly miraculous due to True Mother’s divine vision and all of your absolute love, faith and hard work! So let us please give this room a great round of applause! Great!

Shall we make the rest of the year 2017 a banner year…an unforgettable year…a year which we can all be extremely proud of? Yes! A year of absolute victory?! Yes!!! Hmmmm. Remember what you focus on becomes your reality, so anything we think, say or do, will manifest itself in life.

So I think we can do better than that if we want True Father in heaven and True Mother in the palace to hear all of you. Let’s try that once more—like a room full of true red roosters! Shall we make 2017 an unforgettable and amazing year of victory? Yes! Aju!

Thank you.

I am truly honored to be here today and to have the opportunity to speak at the very beginning of the Cheon Il Guk Leaders’ Assembly 2017.

Leaders from around the world are gathered here, representing FFWPU and many other providential organizations, businesses and initiatives founded by our True Parents.

From the bottom of my heart, I want to thank you all, and offer you my deepest respect and appreciation for your lives of service to the providence centered on our True Parents.

2016 was such an amazing year of growth and development for our movement. It has been four years since True Father’s Seonghwa, and we are now standing on a secure foundation. We are moving forward like never before.

It is as though the providence of restoration, led by our True Father and True Mother, has moved from an era of indemnity to an era of liberation. Now we are moving more rapidly, and with greater wisdom and understanding, toward the fulfillment of vision 2020 and Cheon Il Guk.

The dramatic accomplishments over the past four years have been made possible due to the amazing life and legacy of our beloved True Mother, as she has worked to build on the foundation of True Father’s own life course.

Not only did she stand with our True Father for 52 years—facing and overcoming every obstacle, enduring each painful setback, and rising victorious time and time again……not only did she stand as one with our True Father as they lived their lives of absolute faith, love and obedience, but, after the passing of True Father, she has stepped forward to lead our movement with the kind of strength, wisdom, insight and decisiveness that can only come from Heaven, from Heavenly Parent. Indeed, our True Mother is the beloved begotten daughter of our Heavenly Parent. She is our guiding light, the beacon that shows us the way to Cheon Il Guk.

I believe this is why we are witnessing so many miracles from Heaven. Don’t you agree! Yes!

Just think about the past few days. We had a spectacular celebration of True Parents’ Birthday. UPF convened the World Summit 2017 bringing together more than 700 participants from over 100 countries. There were several hundred current and former members of parliament, as well as current and former heads of state. The Inaugural World Assembly of the International Association of Parliamentarians for Peace (IAPP) was a highlight, especially when True Mother spoke to the Assembly, and appointed Regional Chairs of the IAPP.

This victory is due in large part to the sacrificial work that each of you are doing, all over the world. And, here in Korea, I want to acknowledge the great work of UPF Korea as they mobilized so many leaders from Korea’s National Assembly. This kind of result had never been achieved before.

We also had the 2nd Sunhak Peace Prize Award Ceremony which honors the peace legacy of our True Parents, dedicated to serving humanity, living for the sake of future generations and creating one universal family under God. Dr. Gino Strada and Dr. Sakena Yacoobi were very deserving, such respectful and such honorable recipients. The stature of this noble award will grow year by year, bringing honor to God and True Parents.

At the outset of 2017, on January 3, True Mother spoke at length about the importance of national restoration, and of the importance of creating the proper environment that will make restoration possible. She spoke with such determination, such clarity of vision and she emphasized several key points which I will touch on today.

She called on us:

  1. To achieve oneness and to develop a filial heart centered on True Mother on earth and True Father in heaven
  2. To proclaim the glorious truth of True Parents, and
  3. To create an environment for growth and harmony

These are essential pre-requisites for National Restoration.


Oneness with True Mother on earth and True Father in heaven

If there is one thing I have observed over the past few years since True Father’s passing is that when we unite with True Mother miracles happen.

I have seen this happen time and time again over the past few years. Most recently, I think of the rapid development of the IAPP, especially in 2016 when IAPP chapters were launched throughout the world. Dr. Walsh, who organized and spearheaded this global network, was our captain leading our team of three very amazing True Family members, completely united and working together with our Blessed Central Family members to bring victory to True Parents.

From Korea, to Nepal, to Burkina Faso, to the United Kingdom, to Costa Rica, to Paraguay, Zambia, to Japan, we experienced True Father’s spirit pouring down blessing and bringing sunshine to Japan, and then True Mother’s historic and courageous speech in the USA; throughout this series of programs, we observed one dramatic victory after another. I thank each and every one of you for contributing to this amazing victory!

True Mother clearly has the anointing and blessing of Heaven, and the eternal love and respect of our True Father. They are guiding her every step of the way. No one can deny these miracles.

If we can seek to understand True Mother’s heart and unite with her, sharing in her mother’s heart of concern to liberate and comfort the heart of both our Heavenly Parent and our True Father who longs to see the fruits of his labors manifested in this world, through the complete fulfillment of one family under God and the establishment of Cheon Il Guk….if we are united in heart in this way, we will gain the power, insight, and energy we need to fulfill our responsibilities.

We are called to unite unconditionally with Heavenly Parent and with our True Parents. This is so, because they represent the true subjects and the true owners. For anyone else, the norm of unity is not absolute or unconditional. Only unity with True Parents is unconditional.

Think of how amazing it was to live at the same time as our beloved True Father. Think of the many challenging and difficult directions he gave to us, from time to time. Looking back, we see that it was our greatest pride to have stood together with True Father, even during the most difficult times; trusting him, supporting him, and seeking to implement his direction.

Now that True Father has passed, many of us have some regret that we could not fulfill everything that True Father had hoped to achieve. For example, he could not live to dwell in the nation of Cheon Il Guk on this earth. No one more than True Mother—who is eternally the true love of his life and who walked side by side with Father for 52 years on earth and eternally in heaven—longs for that day to be realized.

Can you, even for a second, imagine her desire—the burden of responsibility that it entails—to fulfill all of Heavenly Parent’s and True Father’s dreams and goals? No, right? None of us can imagine even for one second, that responsibility, right? Most of us would break under the burden of such ownership.

But not our True Parents. They are truly divine. We can observe that during every waking moment, True Mother is offering jeongseong and is completely devoted to this unimaginable task. No one in this room or the world over has the true divine vision and roadmap to bring peace on earth; it is only our True Parents. This is why we must live with a filial heart of gratitude and cultivate a heart of greater urgency to help our True Parents realize Heavenly Parent’s original ideal.

With this in mind, please consider how important and precious it is to have our True Mother with at this time. True Mother just turned 74. She is doing the “bounce” dance every day. [You all know about the “bounce” song, right?] She is bouncing and looking younger and more glorious each day. And we all hope and pray that she will live a long and healthy life for many more years.

I have had the distinct honor to serve our True Mother directly for the past 4 years. I can tell you that she lives each and every day doing her utmost to fulfill the Will of our Heavenly Parent, devoting her heart, soul and energy to substantially realize all that our True Father worked for and hoped to achieve: creating one global family under God.

Every day I am in awe of her unwavering devotion and determination; her “high-noon” character; her insight and wisdom; her unconditional true heart of love toward the world.

She is our compass and our true guide, leading us to the completion of the Will of God and True Parents.

As True Father wrote in his autobiography, the mission of True Parents is to establish “a true family that is the basis for forming a true society, a true nation and true world. It is the starting point toward a world of peace that is God’s kingdom.”

This is True Mother’s mission and her responsibility. True Mother is not thinking only about today or the rest of this year, or even just about 2020. Her thoughts go far into the future. She is kept awake at night thinking about how she can make this world a better place for future generations, how she can overcome all obstacles and change this world for the better.

That is the legacy True Mother wants to leave us with.

There is a story I would like to tell you. Former senator Dan Burton asked True Mother about her traveling. “Mother, how do you survive all these long flights and travel schedules?”

Do you know what Mother answered? [Answers from the audience included that Mother was thinking about True Father.] True Mother answered that it was not only about Father, but also that she was thinking of all the lost children of the world. “If I do not fulfill my responsibility, then they will suffer more. Every moment I live with God’s heart in my heart; there is no room for fatigue, pain, or complaint.” This is the unconditional heart and love of True Parents. And, at True Father said in his autobiography:

This is the love of true parents. No matter how far or dangerous the path may be, the parent will gladly travel it. Parental love is the greatest love in the world. (223Father’s autobiography)

With such parental love, True Mother guides and encourages each of us to accomplish our responsibilities here on earth and to not just live well, but also to prepare to die well with dignity and for the sake of posterity, and for the sake of all our united legacies of blessed families.

Here is another quote from True Father:

“Do not live for yourself. You must live not for yourself but for others; for your neighbors more than your family; for the world more than your own country. All sin in the world comes when we put individuals first. Individuals’ desires and ambitions harm a person’s neighbors and ruin the society at large. Everything in this world will eventually pass…all that remain with us at the end of our lives is death. When a person dies, only his legacy remains…it is important that we live in a way that we can leave a legacy of love behind us.”(230-1 Father’s autobiography)

We all witnessed Father’s own passing, which came too suddenly, leaving our worldwide movement in shock. We never know when our time will come. Thankfully, True Mother had the foresight and prepared the Cheonwon Complex so that we could send our True Father to heaven with the dignity and reverence he deserved as the savior and True Father of heaven, earth and humankind.

Brothers and sisters, we must live every day like it is our last. Let us become true filial sons and daughters fulfilling the dreams of True Parents. Let us cultivate a filial heart like our True Parents, and work with the same resolve to accomplish Heavenly Parent’s will. Will you do that? [Yes!] Yes! I believe we can! Aju!

Please, never forget how precious is the time we have while True Mother is with us on this earth. Just as we miss our beloved True Father, let us cherish all the moments we have one this earth with True Mother.

I carry True Father’s autobiography, As a Peace-loving Global Citizen, with me all the time. Each day, as I read it for hoondokhae, I am deeply moved by the words of True Father, and by all the courage, absolute love, faith, sacrifice and devotion he always gave to our Heavenly Parent, as he lived for the sake of the world. He is truly the “king of peace.”

I am especially moved by the chapter in the autobiography entitled, “My Wife, Hak Ja Han Moon.” In this chapter, we read about their Holy Blessing on April 11 1960. It was on that momentous day that our Heavenly Parent’s original ideal for a true son and a true daughter to be Blessed was fulfilled; on that day, the pathway to complete restoration was opened up.

During their 52 years together True Parents fulfilled their mission in accordance with God’s original ideal. Now True Mother is leading us on earth, in absolute oneness with our True Father in heaven.

Together, True Parents manifested and exemplified True Love, as a couple, for the first time in history. They went beyond the individualized understanding of a messiah or savior. Joining together in true love, the masculine and feminine expressions of our Heavenly Parent and True Parents were completely victorious. Together they have 14 children, 40+ grandchildren, and many great grandchildren.

And, in addition, they have blessed many, many millions of couples, creating blessed central families in every corner of the globe.

Isn’t it true that we are absolutely one magnificent worldwide family under Heavenly Parent and True Parents? Are we not? [Yes!] Yes! Aju.

True Parents’ lives and their inseparable divine union will be cherished eternally and will leave an irreversible legacy of true love, true joy, and true peace for humankind and creation. I am not going on and on like this because I’m biased, or simply because I am their daughter or because without their Holy Blessing I would not have been born. (These are all true and I am grateful!) I am saying these things because I believe with all my heart that it is only through True Parents that it is now possible for all life to be reborn, restored and blessed.

They are truly our victorious, eternal True Parents. Even Satan cannot deny, accuse, or divide their absolute eternal union. They are eternally one in vision, mission, heart and direction. No one can touch this absolute truth! Is that correct?! Yes!

So can we, as filial sons and daughters, give our True Parents a thunderous applause of gratitude? [Applause and cheers] Aju!

Brothers and sisters, let us make it our goal in 2017 to unite together as one, centered on our True Parents, centered now on our True Mother. If we do that, greater victories will surely come. Our unity with True Mother is the essential pre-requisite for national restoration. Will we absolutely unite with our True Mother on earth and True Father in heaven? [Yes!] I believe you!

Unfortunately, as we look at the world today we see so much war, conflict, selfishness, and widespread suffering. When nations look out exclusively for their own self-interests, at the expense of all other nations, there is no other path than disparity, division, dispute and disaster.

But, True Parents have taught another way, that is, the path of True Love and Living for the Sake of Others. It is this message that the world needs today. Consider this quote from True Father, from 1991:

Democracy is an ideology based only on brotherhood. This is why people are fighting. Brothers are fighting among themselves. Hence, the ideology upholding brotherhood should return to a parent-centered ideology and from there to the God-centered ideology of Godism.

What is the parent-centered ideology? It is the character of true parents that Adam and Eve were to have fulfilled on earth. Next, what is the God-centered ideology? Since True Parents are the horizontal parents, we also need the vertical parent. Therefore, the vertical parent-centered ideology is the God-centered ideology. What we term head-wing thought is the true parent-centered ideology and the vertical God-centered ideology. (224-277, 1991.12.15)

Right now the world desperately needs True Parents’ guidance, True Parents’ vision. Only True Parents can bring peace to the divided worldwide human family. Is that not true? [Yes.]

Korea, now more than ever, needs this vision. When True Mother spoke to the Korean leaders on January 3, she asked all members and organizations here in Korea to unite together for the sake of national restoration and unification. Can you just imagine the pain True Parents must feel in seeing this nation of Korea, their homeland, divided even still.

And, the current political environment only makes things even worse. We are facing so much instability, corruption, and scandal, and we live in the shadow of the growing nuclear threat from North Korea. In all of Asia right now. This is the homeland of True Parents, prepared by God. Can you imagine True Parents’ painful heart? True Mother’s painful heart?

My hope one day is that peace between the two divided countries will be realized. Together with True Mother, I long to replant True Father’s tree in his hometown, the tree that had been cut down when he returned to visit it. I cannot imagine the depth of True Father’s heart, suffering through war, prison, being a refugee, suffering unimaginable hardships in this world and longing to hug a hometown tree for love and comfort.

It shows True Father’s desire to love all living beings and things. So, this is my hope, to return our True Father’s tree to his home. Only when we have a filial heart can these hope and dreams come true. So I hope you all can do HDH and feel True Father’s heart through his eternally precious words. May those words lead you, comfort you, bless you, and guide you in your missions.

Korea surely needs a heavenly wake-up call! Indeed, the entire world needs a heavenly wake-up call! Aju?

As we all know, True Mother delivered a heavenly “wake-up” call recently in America, where she delivered an historic and victorious speech on Capitol Hill. She went to America with a heart of urgent concern about the future of that providential nation, especially after the recent election, which had been extremely divisive and not in line with head-wing thought or Godism.

After the signing of the president’s new policies there has been a greater uproar of not only US citizens but also citizens from around the globe. What is happening in America is cause for concern for it does not reflect True Parents’ teaching. Our recent programs here show the themes of True Love, living for the sake of others, the culture of heart, going beyond race, religion, ideology, and professional field to unite and come together to create a more joyful, healthy world and to live in harmony with all life on this planet, in mutual prosperity and as one family under God.

True Parents have spent more years of their public ministry in America, than in any other nation, calling it to fulfill its providential responsibility, and live for the sake of the world. True Parents poured out their blood, sweat and tears for America.

Of course, there were many challenges, as you all know. They devoted all their time and energy to this mission, and, as a result, True Children grew up often without their parents being around. True Parents buried two of their sons in America and yet they could not even shed a tear.

True Parents and our movement were welcomed by many brothers and sisters, but also faced hostility, racial prejudice, and religious persecution. True Father was unjustly imprisoned. True Parents endured so much pain and suffering for the sake of America. Not for America’s own sake, but for the sake of the world. Can you imagine True Mother’s heartbreak when she sees America living for itself?

Climate change on our planet is one of the biggest issues we have to date and weighs heavy in True Mother’s heart. As her filial children, shouldn’t we carry these burdens and restore the nation this country back to Heavenly Parent and True Parents? Shouldn’t we? Yes! Right?

Ideally that should be the case, but when this doesn’t happen, True Mother has to take on more parental burden and do that mission herself. So as her filial children we should feel tremendous sorrow and we must work even harder to do our mission with high-noon, no-shadows action. Right?

So once again, True Mother called America to stand as God’s champion. True Mother called America to awaken, to return to Godism, and head-wing ideology.

Just as True Father felt, when he spoke at Washington Monument, True Mother could clearly see that America is in danger of losing its way.

True Mother is keenly aware of the tragic global consequences that will unfold if America does not center on God and True Parents, and instead goes the way of division, individualism, self-interest, abandoning the principle of living for the sake of the world.

Therefore, she went directly to America to deliver True Parents’ message. True Mother went to Capitol Hill with full devotion to save America. I pray for all our sincere American brothers and sisters to fight for national victory like a true red rooster, and bring God’s blessing back to the USA. Can we all say Aju to that? [Cheers and applause]

I am sure you can see many parallels to the regions and nations where you are working, facing many similar challenges. In this respect, True Mother’s message applies to all nations throughout the world.

True Mother wants to restore and transform this world, bringing an end to suffering. As we know, she, like True Father, has stood firmly as a champion for the environment, for the ocean, the wetlands, the earth, and every living thing. After all, this is all God’s creation. She has been raising her awareness of the threat and devastating consequences of climate change. She thinks always about future generations.

[Sun Jin Nim speaks briefly about the work that is being done by our young members to host the events and conferences here in Korea right now.]

It was with this in mind that Mother founded the Sunhak Peace Prize to recognize, to bring awareness of individuals and organizations that despite all odds, take responsibility and make effective and lasting change for the sake of future generations.

For this same reason she launched IAPP to mobilize leaders to take righteous action and enact the proper and higher principled laws in this world.

This is our beloved True Mother. Although she is now in her “golden years,” a time when most seniors take time to rest or retire in relative comfort, this is never True Parents’ course. On the contrary. She is tirelessly carrying the torch to bring the divine light of truth, true love, peace and prosperity to all humankind and creation. She is gallantly at the helm of our movement, guiding us on this course to victory!

Are we determined to help our True Mother carry this torch of True Love to all people around the world? [Yes!] Can we pledge to alleviate her burden and liberate our True Parents and Heavenly Parent’s heart? [Yes!] Yes! Thank you!

I know many of you are experiencing dramatic breakthroughs in your countries. I receive many of the reports coming from Asia, Africa, Europe, Eurasia, the Middle East, the Americas, Oceania, China, Japan and Korea. You are all doing amazing work. You give True Parents great hope. You certainly are an inspiration to me. National Restoration is no simple task. Yet, I know we can do this, as long as we are one absolutely united family under Heavenly Parent and True Parents!

This is why I would like to offer to you that if you have any inspirations or concerns please do not hesitate to contact me. Please let us know if there is anything we can do to help or serve you and your region.

Let us all completely unite with our True Mother in this parent-centered head-wing and Godism era and usher in a victorious reign of lasting peace. Can we say Aju to that? [Aju!]


Proclaim True Parents

In this year of the rooster, True Mother has called us to boldly proclaim our True Parents, and to awaken the entire world to the fact that God’s only begotten son and daughter have come and are leading the providence to create one family under God for the whole human family.

True Mother has recently spoken about the importance of this digital age, the age of “one second communication”….communication that is virtually instantaneous. This age is ideal for communicating widely to the world’s population, using technology.

True Mother has talked about the rapid growth of Amazon, for example, as a global company that relies on fewer employees and less “brick and mortar” real estate. Rather, its success is linked to an innovative management strategy and the use of communication technologies. True Mother wants us to do better than Amazon in marketing our product and reaching all customers, and all people.

Proclaiming True Parents, after all, does not simply mean going out on the street and shouting the name of True Parents. To be successful in this day and age, like Amazon or any other very successful company, organization or religious community, we must have a positive vision, knowledge of external and internal truth and reality, strategic management, effective and efficient teams, and have innovative, creative, technologically savvy, professionally skilled people, and of course funds. So in a nutshell we need talented young people. Right?

No matter your mission, please always care for and think about raising our young people, for they are our future leaders. If you can build these successful platforms, great! If not, the rooster need not be silent.

In this interconnected era, anyone, even one single individual with a social media account can post positive, head-wing truth-bearing news, and teach people about True Love. You can do this. Let your divine gift of creativity shine in proclaiming True Parents to your own tribe, through your own social network. The more positive news we share, the more positive the impact we create.

I urge you, please, to use social media, and attractive, engaging state of the art web designs that attract eyeballs, visitors, and page viewers, drawing them into the power of the principle, God’s Word. I know it’s possible. For example, when I look at my husband’s F acebook network, I can see that he is FFWPU’s biggest fan. [Applause] He shares the good news round the globe every day. If you are not on, please join and friend him. Remember, your words are powerful! So spread the Forgive, love, unite (FLU). Spread love, not hate.

[Sun Jin Nim mentions that the worldwide demographics are changing, for example, Islam is becoming become a religion with more adherents than Christianity. So we have to learn how to reach out to Muslims and all kinds of people.]

We live in a world that is at a crossroads between the old and the new, the modern and the postmodern. Religious sensibilities are changing. In particular, many young people are non-affiliated; there are many young people who are not interested in conventional church membership. We should be sensitive to this point and search for ways to positively attract our intended audience, both our own second and third generations (and we now have fourth generation), on the one hand, and the youth around the world who are not yet aware of, or associated with our movement, on the other hand.

Proclaiming True Parents also requires that we carry out our work by practicing the highest standards of excellence in whatever we do. We can proclaim True Parents by working to making True Parents’ brand known everywhere, associated with sophisticated thought, moral integrity, human dignity, and charity toward all; a movement that brings about positive change by practicing True Love, and paving a path to true peace and prosperity for all.

Of course, in order to do this, we need not only good strategies and good technologies, we also need to improve our capacities, internally and externally. We need to develop our hearts, and at the same time become better educated and well-informed. In this way, we can reach out to the wider society, become more socially engaged, less isolated or set apart. We cannot proclaim to the world when we are only “preaching to the choir.”

From our base in hoon dok hae education and regular church attendance, we must go out to the world, a living witness to our True Parents….proclaiming by setting a good example, proclaiming by contributing to society, proclaiming by bearing joyful, harmonious fruit (I said joyful, right?) such that people ask you “where does your fruit come from?”

I shared this with the youth, “(50, pg345 CSG)

When you are joyful, God takes an interest in you and you can enter God’s realm of love. But the question is: how can we live with joy under any circumstances? The answer is this: When you do everything with joy, do not keep it only for yourself. Rather, share your joy and bring harmony among all things of creation, making them your partners in joy. Your life of faith should be fun. Also, all the work you do on the way of God’s Will should be enjoyable to you. It is no good to do things reluctantly or unwillingly. No matter how difficult, you should not take it as difficult, but rather as something fun to do. This attitude should be deeply rooted in your daily life. (CSG 3-3-2-50, p.345)

Let us Proclaim True Parents. Let us proudly fulfill our responsibilities as tribal messiahs, as the sons and daughters of our True Parents. Let us work to make the Blessing a recognized and respected brand associated with joyful, happy, healthy, productive, peace-loving marriages and families that contribute to building a good society, nation, and world.

Can we do that? [Yes!] Thank you.


Creating an Environment for National Restoration

In our world today, many people are looking for a movement that is contributing to solutions to global, regional, national and local problems. Many people do not want to hear words of scripture alone. [I have been told many times “Stop reading so much hoondokhae to everyone.” (Laughter)] Rather they want to see results, accomplishments, and they want to hear ideas that are clearly relevant to existing social, economic, cultural and political problems. They want to see positive change, like our recent events. Let us mobilize and work together, partner with other like-minded groups to bring more glory and victory to our True Parents!

True Mother is most aware of this point. While she knows and teaches us that there is no possibility to solve global problems without God and True Parents, she knows that we cannot merely proclaim this point without also demonstrating the effectiveness of the Word of God and the Word of True Parents.

True Mother understands that True Parents’ thought can be very practical, applicable and transformative in every sector of life. This is why True Mother wants us to work toward solutions to global problems.

This why she frequently speaks about the threat to our environment that comes from human irresponsibility and selfishness, or the threat to security that comes from the nations that focus only on their own national interests, but have no awareness of God’s providence.

With True Mother we recently watched “Before the flood,” a documentary about the state of our planet and our responsibility as global citizens to work for change. She has reminded our media leaders to raise awareness about global problems, and solutions, providing a perspective of head-wing thought, and not simply right-wing or left-wing perspectives. We should promote God’s thought and ideal truth.

I highly recommend you watch this video, as well as other documentaries about the world, apart from the headline news. [Sun Jin Nim mentioned briefly that True Mother is keeping abreast of the world situation.]

The more we know, and the better informed we are, the greater the impact we can have.

True mother has Heavenly Parent’s wisdom and knows the destruction of the earth will be the destruction of all our future generations. So the environmental problem concerns her deeply. She wants us to further our knowledge and find solutions to heal the devastating state of our planet.

Every chapter of True Father’s autobiography supports this awareness and love of all nature. Consider this quote:

We need to have a heart that knows how to love nature and love people. Anyone who cannot love nature or people is not capable of loving God. Everything in creation embodies God at a level of symbol, and human beings are substantial beings created in the image of God. Only a person who loves nature can love God. (39 Father’s autobiography)

We must not only be aware, conscious, and educated, but we need to work with and encourage world leaders to bring about this needed change. That is why True Mother is working closely with parliamentarians, and has launched the global IAPP.

True Mother’s message, delivered at all the Regional ILCs and IAPP meetings around the world made this point very strongly. Parliamentarians are legislators. They pass legislation that becomes the law of the land. They are also the representatives of the people, elected officials who represent their constituencies.

Through the right guidance and education, they can also be the representatives of God and True Parents who can help transform nations, even ultimately restore nations and the world.

But, the restoration of a nation cannot occur based only on political leaders. All sectors must be engaged, including faith leaders, civic leaders, academics, media professionals, private sector executives and, of course, ordinary men and women and families. Recently True Mother is enlisting scientists to help find concrete solutions to today’s global crisis. She has re-launched ICUS in hopes of finding solutions to global problems. They have not come just for dialogue, but to find solutions. She knows that this world is at a tipping point. She is therefore moving with lightning speed and urgency to save the world. She is our hero!

Through UPF and other providential organizations we can reach all the primary stakeholders who shape the culture, the ethos, the core values and laws of a nation. This is True Mother’s strategy for “creating the environment” for national restoration.

“Restoring a nation” is ultimately related to the shift away from being disconnected from God, to being re-connected with God. This applies to the restoration of an individual, family and a tribe. And as we move from the expansion of Blessed Central Families, and beyond Blessed Tribes, we move on to society, and ultimately the nation and then to world.

I know this is not a simple or easy task but as filial children we must relieve our True Parents’ burden and offer them reprieve, peace, love, joy, and victory. It will take time, energy, and absolute faith and obedience to True Parents. I have faith in our worldwide family to unite as one and bring glory to Heavenly Parent and True Parents. Together we will make miracles happen, Right? And we are the red roosters who are going to spread the joyful news that our True Parents are here to all 7.3 billion people in the world. Do you have faith? [Yes!] Yes! But I can’t hear you! DO YOU HAVE FAITH? [YES!] Are we one united family under God? [YES!] Than we will be victorious! Aju.

No matter what, we must try every option. Our True Parents have laid every foundation. They have given us all the tools and blessings. They have given us the roadmap and the True Love compass. It is our responsibility to bring victory!

With this in mind there is nothing that we cannot do. Don’t you agree? Yes!

Ok, let us pledge to make this red rooster year the year we wake up the world to our True Parents. Let us in unison give 3 cheers of Sungli [Victory]! [Sungli Sungli Sungli!] Aju!



Therefore, brothers and sisters. As we move forward in 2017 let us keep these three points in mind. Let us cultivate a heart of oneness and a filial heart with True Mother on earth and True Father in heaven. Let us proclaim our True Parents through all media and outlets and broaden and build our reach globally. And, let us create the environment for National Restoration and world peace.

This is going to be an amazing year of victories. I assure you that if we are united together as one family, centered on our True Mother throughout 2017, there is nothing we cannot do. Let us fulfill the dream, the vision, the original ideal of our Heavenly Parent and our True Parents.

I wish each and every one of you all the blessings that Heaven has to offer. Please use your time well during this assembly. And please stay warm. It is cold here. Also, remember, like True Mother, to bounce every day and be healthy, so you can bring victory to Heavenly Parent and True Parents!

Thank you brothers and sisters. You have all my love and appreciation and respect.

Salanghamnida kamsahamnida.