Vice-President International Speaks at ILC Japan – 2016


International Leadership Conference 2016 – Japan

Youth Session

Special Address

In sub Park

November 16, 2016 – Keio Plaza Hotel, Tokyo

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Distinguished guests and speakers Dr. Pema Gyalpo, Mr. Humayun Mughal, members of parliament, city council members, panelists, and ladies and gentlemen.

It is my great honor to be here with you today to open this special session of the International Leadership Conference entitled “Japan’s choice in a turbulent world” and “the potential for the revitalization of Japan and the role of young people.”

I would like to begin by thanking all the event organizers, staff, and sponsors here in Japan for their remarkable and tireless effort to make this ILC conference possible.

In a recent address given by Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon, the co-founder of UPF, to over 1,500 youth and young professionals, she underscored several key themes that I would like to share with you today.

First of all, she reminded us that, despite our differences of nationality, race, or religion, we all have a “common creator”, which we can consider as “parent” to all of us.

If we would interact with each other and all people throughout the world, with the same heart that such a loving parent would feel toward all of humanity, then this will naturally change and broaden our outlook and perspective on life.

By adopting this attitude and heart of our Heavenly Parent, we will become more compassionate and forgiving; we will be inclined to seek harmony and peace in all our interactions, and we will develop a heart of unconditional love toward others, like a parent who loves their sons and daughters.

A second point that Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon emphasized had to do with the importance for young people to cultivate a heart of filial piety. Once again, the key to developing filial piety derives from our connecting to and deeply understanding the parents’ viewpoint, in addition to our own perspective.

The following is a quote from Dr. Sun Myung Moon that reinforces this point:

“I became a completely different person when I began to love God. I loved humanity more than myself and was more concerned with the problems of others than the problems of my family. I loved everything that God created. I deeply loved the trees on the hills and the fish in the waters. My spiritual senses developed so I could discern God’s handiwork in all things of creation. As I was changing my heart to conform to God’s love, I also strengthened my body so that I could fulfill my mission.” –True Father ‘As A Peace Loving Global Citizen

Unfortunately, humanity is very disconnected from our creator. We do not fully understand our heavenly true “parent.” It is this disconnection from our root, our source, Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon teaches us, that has given rise to the many walls and boundaries that have been created by humanity.

Therefore, she has encouraged young people around the world to strive to not only excel professionally and be successful, but also to have the purpose and goal of breaking down these barriers in all fields of endeavor. She encourages the youth to pursue their careers with the heart of a parent, centered on true love, always striving to overcome disunity or conflict.

Again, the following is a quote from Dr. Sun Myung Moon about the importance of having a purpose in our lives.

“There is, however, something more important than studying to prepare for the future. Before unconditionally focusing entirely on studies, young people must realize what they want to do in life. They must make a determination to use their talents to help the world rather than just serve themselves. Many young people today seem to be studying just for its own sake. Unless you have a purpose in life, your studies will lack the passion needed for happiness.” –True Father ‘As A Peace Loving Global Citizen’

It each one of you are dedicated to living your lives this way, there is nothing you cannot accomplish.

UPF International and UPF Japan has been working diligently and in the forefront over the past ten years to break down barriers and create unity through interfaith peace building programs, strengthening families, and especially by supporting international and intercultural marriages, and service.

This process of building bridges of harmony, cooperation, and interconnectedness, is yielding abundant benefits for Japan and other nations and will become the key component in the revitalization of Japan and the rest of the world.

Thank you very much for your continued support and engagement with UPF International and UPF Japan. I sincerely wish you many great blessings and abundant joy and I wish success for all of you and your families.