True Mother’s Calligraphy and A Letter from International President for Fritz Piepenburg

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True Mother’s calligraphy for Fritz Piepenburg

“Congratulation to the representative of dedication for total victory for the restoration of our homeland”

3 year of Cheon Il Guk September 4 of the heavenly calendar, October 17, 2015, 5:15 pm.

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A Letter by Sun Jin Nim International President of FFWPU and In Sub Nim  International Vice President of FFWPU:

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The Piepenburg Family

Dearest Hildegard, Hannah, Johann, Achim and Lisa,

I would like to convey my deepest words of sympathy and condolences on the ascension of our beloved elder brother, Rev. Fritz Piepenburg.

In Sup remembers first meeting Rev. Piepenburg in Berlin in 2006 during True Mother’s and the True Family’s world tour during that time.

I remember personally meeting him for the first time in 2009 in Germany when True Father and True Mother victoriously landed in Europe after his victory with lifting the Schengen Treaty ban.

I can still remember the big smile on True Parents’ face, as Rev. Piepenburg and other European leaders greeted them all at the airport with a feeling of overwhelming elation and joy.

Most recently in Austria and in Germany during True Mother’s tour to celebrate 50 years of the European providence, I was able to meet Rev. Piepenburg again.

In Germany, Rev. Piepenburg particularly impressed me with his humility and desire to take care of everyone.

We had the precious opportunity to hear some personal testimonies from some representative elder brothers and sisters from Europe during lunch and I am so glad that Rev. Piepenburg was able to share his precious and historical personal story during that time.

Rev. Piepenburg was a pillar of the worldwide Unification Movement.

Throughout his entire life, he exemplified selfless dedication and steadfast altruism.

Rev. Piepenburg’s achievements, from his 21 years in Yemen, where he enabled the Grand Mufti to meet True Parents, to his mission work in Peru, to his work for the European providence, in particular his energetic work to end the Schengen Treaty ban, shall be engraved in the hearts of members worldwide.

I know deep in my heart that he will continue his stellar work in the spirit world in attendance to and side by side with True Father.

I also pray that the grace and blessings of the Heavenly Parent and True Parents be with the entire precious Piepenburg family.

With deep love and sincere condolences,


Sun Jin Moon, International President, FFWPU

Insup Park, International Vice President, FFWPU

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