True Mother’s Speech at the Foundation Day 2015

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Commemorative on the Second Anniversary of the Cheon Il Guk Foundation Day and the 2015 Cosmic Blessing Ceremony officiated by the True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind

1.13 in thr 3rd year of Cheon Il Guk (March 3, 2015) 

Cheongshim World Peace Center

Main Address 

True Mother 


Distinguished guests, ladies and gentlemen, we have ushered in the New Year and with it, the third year of Cheon Il Guk. Heaven has blessed this day with a shower of white snow, as if to say, ‘congratulations’. I take this to be Heaven’s way of telling us to live in pure and unblemished, just like the white snow. Beloved Unificationist families, in the third year of Cheon Il Guk, the year of the blue sheep, what resolutions have you made? Shouldn’t our way of life advance forward in the New Year compared to the previous year? Don’t you think so? On this day, I offer my thanks and congratulations to heaven while feeling the unending grace and love of God. Since True Father’s Seonghwa, I have been endeavoring to offer and dedicate the three great scriptures to Heaven. As of today, the last of the three books, the Cham Bumo Gyeong (True Parents’ Life Course), will find its place among these Holy Scriptures.

I don’t know if you welcome this day with deep gratitude, but, I can tell you that Heaven has waited for this day for six-thousand years. Heaven’s providential course—the providential history of restoration through indemnity—which has guided human history, is, in a word, tragic. Our Heavenly Parent went through many hardships to find one central point at which to wait. Here, He longed for the advancement of the providence. Yet, because of the repeated mistakes made by humankind, Heaven had to wait countless years to find this point.. However, in 1960, a new morning dawned; the True Parents, the first and last of their kind to appear in human history, finally began their course of guiding the providential history. Heaven gave humankind many religions in order to enlighten humankind who had fallen into ignorance after the Human Fall. However, there were limitations to this way of enlightenment. Ignorance of the root of the fall limited religions from resolving the difficult problems of the world.

God went through many pains in order to raise the people of Israel through whom He tried to complete the providence of restoration through indemnity. God sent His only begotten son; however, this son never received the chance to shine. Our Heavenly Parent, God, went through non-stop excruciating pain; His heart was constantly being torn into pieces. God sent His only begotten son to the people whom He raised for four-thousand years. This position remained. Jesus promised to return. That was the start of the two-thousand year providential history of Christianity. Then, must the returning lord come on the clouds? Ignorant people even after the enlightenment of the twentieth century believed that the Lord would return on the clouds. They were unable to conceive of a messiah who would come in the flesh to carry out the dispensation of salvation. That has been the fifty-year history of the Unification Movement. I said that today was a good day so I won’t want to speak of hardships. I will say, we must reveal the truth.

Looking at the world today, have you thought, who is the owner of this world? There is no owner. Is it the democratic world? Is it the communist world? Are the prosperous nations the owners of this world? No. The true owner must appear. The true owner is the one who perfects God’s providential history. That person is the true parent. You know this, right? In the Book of Romans, there is a parable about the wild olive tree and true olive tree. When people read this passage, they do not understand the underlying concept God is trying to express in these verses. A wild olive tree cannot become a true olive tree on its own. When the owner comes it can then engraft itself to the owner, the true olive tree. However, this process of engrafting is not easy. The true olive tree has a responsibility; its roots must be planted deeply so that it can survive in any difficult circumstances. What does this mean? After enduring many difficulties, you were able to receive the Marriage Blessing from True Parents. Then, as a blessed family, what should you do? The Marriage Blessing will hold no meaning if you allow your blessing to extend only to your family, while living in this age of True Parents. , Do you understand? Blessed families must fulfill their responsibility. The Marriage Blessing should not remain within or end up as a blessing that extends only to your family. You must reveal to your neighbors, your tribe, and your nation that True Parents are the true owners. That is the only way for you to go today if you want to receive the crown of glory, the only way to prove that you lived in this era with True Parents. Please engrave this in your hearts.

All the blessed families gathered here today and also those participating via internet throughout the world should proclaim True Parents to all four corners of the world, and fulfill their responsibilities as tribal messiahs practicing true love according to True Parents’ teachings. Humankind is suffering and dying amidst the destructive force of religion, race and national borders that is afflicting tragedies upon the world today. Can you gaze upon them without doing anything? We must educate everyone and raise them up as True Parents’ children. That is the only way to go in order to bring about one united world that we, Heaven, and all humankind have longed for. I sincerely ask that you engrave these goals in your hearts, and do your best.

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