Inaugural Address by Sun Jin Moon, International President

Inauguration Ceremony for Sun Jin Moon, International President of FFWPU 

Inaugural Address

Sun Jin Moon

1.23 in the third year of Cheon Il Guk on the heavenly calendar, March 13, 2015

Cheong Jeong Gung – Chapel

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Our most beloved True Parents. Respected elders. Beloved brothers and sisters.

Thank you very much for gathering here today for this Inaugural Ceremony centered on our Heavenly Parent and True Parents. On March 6, True Mother appointed me to serve as the International President of Family Federation for World Peace and Unification and our worldwide movement. On that same day, she also appointed and honored many great brothers and sisters of our movement.

I congratulate you all on your glorious paths. I am sure there are many that wonder how I feel about True Mother’s direction. All I can say is I am humbled. At the same time I am flooded with many thoughts and feelings.

In my heart I could only feel truly sorry to True Parents because I am lacking in many ways. I have only been praying and hoping since True Father’s Seonghwa that the True Family could unite as one family to love and support our True Mother during her most trying times. I never will let go of this hope that we can all come together as one family and work to realize True Parents’ ideal of Cheon Il Guk.

I know True Parents heart can only be liberated if True Family and all Blessed Central Families can come together as one family under Heavenly Parent and True Parents. I will do my best to support True Mother but I truly need all of you as my immediate and worldwide family to come together to realize Cheon Il Guk, honoring our True Father by loving True Mother.

One moment that I will never forget was being with my family in the hospital after the helicopter accident. True Father had suffered great injury, but his only concern was True Mother. When he heard she was in the operating room, despite his pain he gathered all of my brother’s hands and said you must become one family centered on True Mother.

I know True Father in the spirit world has this same heart of urgency and hopes that our family can be one with True Mother, as filial sons and daughters. I know principle teaches that it is not merely as individuals that we are to be saved. We must be saved as one family, and enter heaven as a family. I will do my best to serve our True Mother, but I will continue to pray and hope that we can all do this as one family.

Love, love, and only love for eternity is what holds me here. I hope you all will join me with this same heart. To my elder blessed central families members I deeply thank you for your absolute filial love and attendance to Heavenly Parent and True Parents. I hope to honor your life of service, love, and sincerity by learning from your wisdom and guidance. With each blessed opportunity I have to meet our amazing brothers and sisters from around the world, I am truly humbled and moved by their pure devotion and tireless work for humankind.

But most of all, I stand before you today with a feeling of deep gratitude and appreciation for our True Mother. As you may recognize, in terms of my appointment as International President, she did not arrive at this decision easily. Rather it came on the foundation of many days, weeks, and months of prayer and reflection.

True Mother does not make personnel decisions casually, and especially such a difficult decision concerning the International President. True Mother never focuses on her own personal, horizontal feelings or preferences on anything, even in relation to her own children. She has lived her life with a clear vertical attendance to our Heavenly Parent throughout her life.

Her attention to Heavenly Parent’s providential will has been the constant theme throughout her life of unfathomable depth, like the deepest mysteries of the sea. Her only reason to live and breath has been to liberate all of fallen humankind and fulfill her mission as God’s only begotten daughter.

Her perilous journey from conception to her blessing with True Father and her 52 years of public service were to liberate humankind, all 7 billion people around the world, so they may come to know True Parents and live as one family under our Heavenly Parent. I completely bow down and respect that True Mother has full authority, the same authority as True Father, to advance God’s providence.

I also understand that at this crucial time the International President position must be filled by someone who is fully united with True Mother. I know that I am not enough, but I will honor and serve True Parents with the hope that we can all fulfill heaven’s will.

I look at each of you as my family, the elders, teachers, mentors and pillars of our church and its remarkable history. Most of you have spent many decades living a life of attendance to True Parents. And I can only bow before you too.

As I take up this daunting responsibility please be assured of two things. First of all, I will do my very best to attend and serve our True Mother. Secondly, I will also do my very best to encourage and support you in your areas of responsibility. At the same time, I want to learn from each of you, for you are my elders, my teachers and my brothers and sisters as we work together to build one family under God.

You will have my full support and encouragement; but, I will also need your support and encouragement! Together, let us reach out to the 7 billion people of this world, and share the vision and teaching of True Parents.

Let us also continually strive to awaken and renew our community, building a community that embodies the true love ideal that we speak of, a community that comes to be known throughout the world as “the live for the sake of others” community,” the community that radiates joy, love, warmth, character, virtue, care, and wisdom, all of which derive from our True Parents. We all share a common origin and source of love, life, and lineage: our Heavenly Parent.

While religions have spoken wonderful words about Heavenly Parent for millennia, we know that it has been our True Parents who revealed the deepest understanding of the heart of Heavenly Parent, the Heart of Hope at the time of creation, the Heart of Agony at the time of the Fall, and the Heart of Parental Love throughout the history of restoration.

Also, it is only through True Parents that we understand and can directly experience the full manifestation of our Heavenly Parent, as a perfected couple, a man and a woman, a husband and wife. Many religions use the concept of marriage as a metaphor for the union between human beings and God, comparing it to the relationship between a husband and wife.

However, with True Parents, we have the substantial manifestation of Heavenly Parent’s dual characteristics. They shared life on this earth for 52 years as True Parents. They are the eternal True Parents, indivisible and irreplaceable.

We all learned from the Divine Principle that the essential purpose and goal of providential history is the True Parents: a man and a woman who must perfect and embody the complementary and complete characteristics of the Heavenly Parent. This was Heavenly Parent’s hope when Adam and Eve were created.

Each step of providential history over the millennia leading up to Jesus was guided by the original ideal of the True Parents. Jesus walked the earth and taught his disciples with the mission to fulfill the ideal of the True Parents.

However, the “marriage supper of the Lamb” was not completed, and remained as a metaphor or symbol. Postponed, but never abandoned, Heavenly Parent’s providence, centered on Christianity, gave rise to the great civilizations, successively of Rome, England and America.

At the same time, Heavenly Parent was preparing a “hermit kingdom” in the Far East to give birth to True Father and True Mother. True Mother was born as a daughter of heaven, raised up by Dae Mo Nim not as her personal daughter, but as one called to be the bride of the messiah. Her entire life was under the direct guidance and protection of heaven.

Born in North Korea, as a young girl, she narrowly escaped being captive to the communist regime that would have blocked God’s providence. Like Jesus’ escape from King Herod, she and Dae Mo Nim travelled south to join up with True Mother’s uncle who had joined the South Korean army after recognizing that communism was leading the people of North Korea with a false and godless ideology. That same uncle protected True Mother and Dae Mo Nim during the Korean War. As a very young girl, True Mother was guided, protected and educated by heaven.

How utterly miraculous and awesome that Heavenly Parent raised up True Mother so that she could stand with True Father to fulfill the goal and purpose of human history. True Father and True Mother, over half a century, achieved oneness in heart and purpose as the True Parents. Neither Heavenly Parent nor True Father could fulfill the providence of True Parents without True Mother fulfilling her own portion of responsibility.

True Parents exist because both True Father and True Mother were raised up by heaven and fulfilled their responsibilities. Each one of us is here today because of True Parents. Our marriages, our families, our understanding of God’s providence, and even our achievements in life are all indebted to the life, love and sacrifice of True Parents.

I am entirely indebted to True Mother. It is due to her amazing life that I am able to stand before you today. We must all honor our True Parents with our sincere 5% responsibility, completing our three blessings, realizing vision 2020, and substantiating Cheon Il Guk.

Thus, when I think of serving as the International President, my only thought is to serve True Mother, to unite with her in heart, spirit and mind. In this way, and on this foundation, I hope to be a source of inspiration, encouragement, and support for each of you. I have the honor of serving True Mother.

But, every day I see how she whole-heartedly fulfills her mission to liberate and restore balance to the world and how she pays for our inability to fulfill our 5%. It brings me to tears as I witness the physical difficulties she overcomes in order to clean up and finish what we all, as her children, have yet to do. This is the true heart of a mother who lives each day for the welfare of her worldwide family.

She continually forgives, hopes, and carries the cross, doing all she can to keep the door open so that all her children can be saved. Abogi, omoni, jaesong ham nida!Father, Mother I am truly sorry. Before forgiveness can be granted one must humbly atone for their actions. Otherwise no sincere change is possible. I apologize every day to True Parents and acknowledge my inadequacy; I know that I am not enough. But it is True Mother who encourages and unconditionally believes in and loves me. That is why I have the courage to go on.

This same love and encouragement she has asked me to convey to you, so that we, as one family under our Heavenly Parent and True Parents, can be victorious. If you face difficulty on your path, please know that True Parents unconditionally love you and are with you. Parental love is eternal, unchanging, and absolute. Imagine True Parents path to restore, indemnify, and return all things back to our Heavenly Parent.

We should gratefully stand on the hallowed, completed foundation that True Parents have secured, as true sons and daughters of our Heavenly Parent. What I hope to offer during my term of service, as International President is to expand the foundation of our movement worldwide so that many more millions of the people of this world come to know and love our True Parents.

In order to accomplish this, we need to all grow to become true parents, true teachers and true owners. True Parents’ vision is beyond space and time. It carries us forward despite the reality and struggle we may experience in life; it is a path of true love, true filial piety, and true life, and it is the only path that liberates the suffering heart of our Heavenly Parent, who longs for all of his 7 billion children to come home.

Our Heavenly Parent and True Parents have given their unconditional love and support to us all. I know, based on that grace, we can share this blessed life with all of our brothers and sister worldwide. As I stand before you with this cosmic challenge, I‘d like to underscore the following points for your consideration, and as goals or objectives that we can work on together.

First of all, let us uphold True Parents as the absolute center of our movement. They are the root, and there is no life apart from this root. True Mother is not separable from True Father and therefore is not separable from the True Parents. True Father and True Mother are absolutely one.

Let us reach out and lovingly guide those who may be confused as the Providence moves forward centering on True Mother. Even if we cannot physically attend our True Father, he lives eternally in true love, life and lineage, with True Mother. None of us could be born without this perfected union having been established.

So let us reach out to all brothers and sisters in love and truth. Even though some have become confused and have separated from the central root and trunk of our movement. We know that no branch can exist without the root, which is our True Parents. By our love and service to others, we can strengthen the root and trunk, and extend into the branches and leaves of our global movement.

Secondly, let us practice tribal messiahship, reaching out to everyone we meet and sharing True Parents vision. Each of us is called to awaken at this time and contribute to the fulfillment of the 2020 vision, reaching 7 billion people on this planet. A branch that is united absolutely with True Parents is like part of the Banyan tree that True Mother has often spoken about.

The Banyan tree has one central root, but each branch extends down to create a larger network of support for the entire tree, to the point that it creates “children trunks” that further buttress this ever-growing tree. What nourishes this living, glorious tree is the soil of mother nature.

If our movement is to be like the Banyan tree, we must each be renewed, and adjust to the era after the coming of heaven. Whatever our area of responsibility or service, we can build our “tribe” of friends, associates, contacts, neighbors, Ambassadors for Peace, and establish our 430 network, by serving, loving and teaching them about our True Parents.

Thirdly, let us always understand that we each have our own portion of responsibility. Even when others around us may be waning, lost, or spreading negative energy, we must always return to the root and core of our faith, namely, Heavenly Parent, True Parents and the Word. By focusing on and fulfilling our own portion of responsibility we create the positive energy that can restore this world.

Fourthly, let us maintain the core tradition of Hoon Dok Hae on a daily basis. True Mother has focused intensely on preparing the three primary texts that distill the essence of True Parents teachings: Cheon Seong Gyeong, Pyeonghwa Gyeong, and recently the Cham Bumo Gyeong. By daily reading of the Word, we become re-connected as a Blessed Central Family to the origin and core of our faith.

We should be like a tree that fills its life with abundant energy and with the nutrients that keep it healthy and thriving, so it can give off life, oxygen, for the sake of all 7 bil people of the earth. The Word of True Parents is also like the water that makes life on this earth possible. More than 80% of our cells are water, and they each need the pure water that sustains life.

Fifthly, let us understand that not only the human world is an expression of our Heavenly Parent, but also the entire creation, all living things and all material things. We, as the sons and daughters of our True Parents, should be the best and most loving, caring stewards of the environment. This earth is our home; it is our garden. That is why it is so tragic that we have allowed the earth, air, oceans and all living things to be desecrated so that they “groan in travail.” The time has come to build a world of true love that extends not only to all brothers and sisters, but also to the entire physical world.

We must become a world not in turmoil and at war, but we must reflect the opposite of war—raw. That is, we should to go back to the roots, the origin of life, the sustenance, and receive the abundant love and blessings that come from this universe.

We need to be engrafted to the true olive tree and live in the restored world that our Heavenly Parent and our True Parents have prepared for us. This life of true love, life and lineage and the blessing to be the True Parents, teachers, and owners of Cheon Il Guk are gifts that can be given to us only because our True Parents have been absolutely victorious. At the same time, we can receive these gifts only if we are absolutely one with True Parents in mind, body and spirit.

If we imagine the earth as Heavenly Parent’s physical body, then the ocean is Heavenly Parent’s circulatory system. It is the lifeblood of this planet. If we think of the gift of air and ozone, each breath we take is linked to the pulmonary or lung function of our Heavenly Parent.

If we stand on the earth, the bones and flesh of our Heavenly Parent’s body are holding us up. The sun is Heavenly Parent’s fuel and fire that metabolizes and creates all life. We must honor every natural and living being. By doing so, we are attending our Heavenly Parent.

Sixthly, let us cultivate our character and our mindfulness. We should become men and women of true love and true joy! When True Mother spoke to members recently she said we should be joyful, happy, peace-loving, and grateful beings.

She explained that these virtues are the keys to realizing individual perfection. I love True Mother’s speeches. In just a few words, like a haiku poem, she can highlight the secrets of success. The “forgive, love, and unite” message that True Mother has emphasized is the key to individual, familial, tribal, national and worldwide unity and salvation. It is the core of our movement’s spirit to live a sincere life of love, and to compassionately practice living for the sake of others.

In True Father’s last words he professed that he had completed everything. He also repeatedly proclaimed our True Mother as his completed and perfected equal.

Seventh, it is paramount that we deepen our faith. We each have much to learn and much to do. As we made glorious strides toward realizing the 2020 vision through the recent events of Foundation Day 2015, we should keep our focus and determination going forward.

Let us work together and support all of our family members so that we can realize this vision. We have Heavenly Parent and our True Parents leading the way, and unconditionally loving and raising us to victory! As long as we have life, we have the power to change the world. So let us pledge our devotion and energies to realize this dream.

In conclusion, I want to offer my pledge to our Heavenly Parent, to True Parents, and to each of you that I will do my very best to serve to the best of my ability, to advance the providence. I fully understand that the International President serves as the servant of True Parents, and there is no special entitlement.

I know that I am nobody without True Parents as my root and center point. I hope to honor and unite with all of you so that we can become, all together one family, and a beautiful, glorious banyan tree that True Parents can be proud of!

I have my portion of responsibility, and will do my best. I know I will never be enough, yet I will stand vigilant until I am reunited with each and every member of my family and yours. I will need your guidance and support during my term as your International President.

May Heavenly Parent bless each and every precious family member here today, and throughout the world!

Kamsahamnida, Thank You, Mahalo, and I love you, Saranghamnida, Aloha, and Namaste!

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