Sun-jin nim’s Congratulatory Address at the Interfaith Peace Blessing Festival in the Philippines

2015_02_01  (27)

Congratulatory Address

by Director General, FFWPU International, Rev. Sun-jin Moon

at the Interfaith Peace Blessing Festival

in Marikina city, the Philippines

on Sunday, February 1, 2015



His Excellency Madhav Nepal, Former Prime Minister of Nepal, Honorable Sujata Koirala, Former Deputy Prime Minister of Nepal, Honorable Jose De Venecia Jr., Former Speaker of the Philippines House of Representatives, Hon. Del De Guzman, Mayor, City of Marikina, Dr. Chang Shik Yang, Chairman of the UPF International,  Dr. Thomas G. Walsh, President of UPF International, Dr. Chung Sik Yong, Chairman of UPF Asia, Distinguished Guests, Ambassadors for Peace, Friends, Beloved couples, Ladies and Gentlemen:

Magandang hapon sa inyong lahat. (Good afternoon in Filipino)

It is my distinct honor to be with all of you on this special day here in Marikina City. I am deeply moved by the beautiful sight of so many couples gathered for this Interfaith Peace Blessing Festival. All the couples in their white clothes! You look so noble and angelic. It feels as if we are in the true Garden of Eden; the garden of pure love and boundless joy that has been God’s unchanging hope and desire.

On behalf of my mother, Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon, I congratulate all of you who are receiving God’s Blessing today. I pray that each couple, whether you are young or old, may come to experience a deep and eternal love with your partner. I pray that your children grow to be beautiful champions of goodness and love. And, I pray that your lives may be filled with abundance and joy!

The most cherished hope of all people throughout the ages is to realize a world of true love and lasting peace, a world in which all people live together as one universal family under God. This is the sacred ideal and purpose of today’s Blessing. It is when all people are united together as members of one human family, and we come to treasure one another with a heart of unconditional love, that a world of true peace is possible. This vision of peace and love for all of God’s children is the essential meaning of the holy vows that all Blessing participants affirm, whether you are a young newlywed couple or an already married couple.

Our hope is that, beginning with this Blessing, each couple and family will cultivate a higher awareness of our Creator’s deepest heart and purpose. By studying the sacred texts of our religions and walking the path of sincere virtue, we come to know God’s universal wisdom, love and goodness. In this way, we come to see that no matter what our religious background may be, our divine nature and our hopes for love, joy, and peace are universal. We also come to see one another and all things as manifestations of the Creator, our Heavenly Parent. With this understanding as our foundation, we can build a world of peace, from the individual, to the family, the society, the nation and the world.

Today’s Blessing Ceremony culminates with True Parents’ benediction and Blessing. Their sincere prayer is that each couple unites in complete love and harmony with God, our Heavenly Parent. It is their hope that on the foundation of this holy union you may be blessed with filial sons and daughters who radiate love and virtue toward all living beings on this earth. In the loving union of a husband and wife, human beings most closely resemble God’s own loving nature. As we each create families of such true love, we help usher in a world of infinite joy and peace, a world in which God can freely dwell.

Beloved brothers and sisters!

Today is not just an ordinary day. This is your Holy Blessing day. We often say that our Blessing day is the time of our second birth, our true spiritual birthday. The Blessing is a sanctified moment when we are reborn to a new life.

This holy tradition began on April 16, 1960 when True Parents Blessed three couples, just five days after True Parents’ own Holy Wedding. Beginning with these three couples, the Blessing was expanded to include thirty-six couples, then seventy-two couples, one hundred and twenty couples, and so on. This holy tradition has continued over the past fifty-five years, up until today. Over the years, many millions of couples have received the Blessing, both in the physical and spiritual worlds.

Although the size of our Blessing ceremonies has grown tremendously over the years, the essential value of the Blessing itself has not changed. As taught in virtually all religions, human beings are in need of restoration or salvation. The very essence of salvation or restoration has to do with the nature and quality of marital love and the family, which form the essential core of God’s original ideal. That is why True Parents are dedicated to the restoration of humanity through the marriage Blessing, centered on the love of our Heavenly Parent. Whereas man and woman departed from God’s original ideal, it is through the marriage Blessing that men and women are re-connected, as couples, to God’s direct lineage.

Therefore, today is a glorious day. From this moment forward you stand in a new relationship with God and with one another. Today and for eternity you are a precious, complete couple. Your beloved spouse is your counterpart on the path to realizing God’s ideal of true love. In your eternal unity as a couple you resemble our Heavenly Parent.

On the foundation of the Blessing, you start on the path toward creating an ideal family. When we practice unconditional true love toward our spouse and toward our children, tribe, nation and the whole world, we are on our way to building the Kingdom of God. Moreover, we also take the lead in overcoming and healing all the pain, suffering and destruction that have occurred throughout history. Please participate in this sacred ceremony with this understanding.

Beloved couples! Ladies and gentlemen!

I hope that you will continue to study my parents’ teachings, the Divine Principle. By studying Divine Principle, you will come to understand Heavenly Parent’s long-suffering heart which seeks only to be reunited with his children. By studying the life course of True Parents and their words, you will discover a roadmap to the restoration of yourselves, your marriages, your lineages and the world. In the process, we will recover the life of true love and joy originally envisioned by our Heavenly Parent.

This path of restoration through the Blessing is made possible by our True Parents. God’s original ideal was to raise up a true son and daughter to embody the ideal of true love, as a couple, as True Parents, as the only begotten son and daughter of God. Human history is the history of God’s providence to fulfill this ideal.

Providential history has been a thorny and difficult path. Due to the failure of our ancestors, even God’s own son and daughter faced the most overwhelming obstacles. The significance of our True Parents is that they overcame every obstacle and emerged as victors. Moreover, for the first time in providential history, an only begotten daughter stands together with and on equal footing with God’s only begotten son. This is the meaning and value of the True Parents. They represent the unified wholeness of God, a unified being of masculinity and femininity.

In this sense, we can understand the special meaning and significance of True Mother. For millennia, men alone have been the primary representatives of religion, that is, the priests, the prophets, and founders. But with the rise of True Mother, as the necessary counterpart and partner of True Father, the long history of exclusion and indemnity for women has been overcome. This represents a cosmic providential achievement. By fulfilling her role, True Mother has made it possible for the True Parents’ position to be achieved. Furthermore, it is because of True Parents that the Blessing is possible. For the first time in human history our Heavenly Parents has extended us this lifeline of the Blessing. This is possible because of True Mother’s achievement.

The Blessing is unique and special because of the unified position of True Parents. True Father and True Mother opened the way to the restoration of humanity back to our Heavenly Parent. Never in the history of humankind has there been a complete understanding of the way to restore this world back to our Heavenly Parent.

It is because of True Parents that we have the privilege to receive the Blessing. Therefore, let us offer our sincere gratitude to our Heavenly Parent and to our True Parents for the grace of this Blessing ceremony. Let’s give a big round of applause to True Mother who is sharing this moment with us in America, and to True Father who is always with us in the heavenly world!

Let’s give another round of applause to all the blessed couples and families gathered here today. Thank you for being living miracles of love and light for all of humankind and all creation! Amen! Aju! Mabuhay!

Ladies and gentlemen! Brothers and sisters!

As God’s children, as Blessed families, and as citizens of God’s kingdom, which we call Cheonilguk in Korean, we each have certain responsibilities.

First, we must let us sincerely establish True Parents’ tradition in our daily lives and ensure that this tradition is carried on by our children and future generations. By tradition I am referring to living a life of personal responsibility and virtuous action, an altruistic life of living for the sake of others. We strengthen and preserve this tradition through practices of prayer and meditation, and by observing holy days, sacred rituals, and daily scripture study, known as hoondokhae. Through hoondokhae we deepen our understanding of our Heavenly Parent, and we learn the significance of True Parents and their cosmic victory. Brothers and sisters, I hope you can enter into deep contemplation as you read the Cheonilguk holy scriptures during hoondokhae. The daily study of God’s Word has the power to awaken our minds, strengthen our will, temper our emotion, and transform our lives.

Second, we are each called to strive to perfect the three great blessings. That is, we they should perfect our individual character, then become the embodiment of true love as a couple and as a family, and, finally, engage in responsible and sustainable stewardship over the natural environment. The eight verses of the Family Pledge summarize this Blessed family ideal and convey the essential values of our Cheonilguk community. Let us embody true love in our lives, and nurture that ideal in our families, our neighborhoods, our workplaces, and throughout our nation.

And above all, let us foster a heart of gratitude toward our Heavenly Parent and True Parents, and unite with them in heart.

Third, we are each called to fulfill the mission of a heavenly tribal messiah. That is, we should raise up other families to form our own heavenly tribe. Fulfilling our mission as heavenly tribal messiahs is the cornerstone for the complete establishment of Cheonilguk, God’s eternal Kingdom. For this reason, last year True Mother was delighted to hear that two couples, one from Thailand and one from the Philippines, had each completed their tribal messiah mission by raising up 430 couples. Toward the end of October, she invited all those couples to come to Korea, and she held a great celebration for all of them. We celebrate each Blessing and spiritual rebirth with absolute joy! Thank you and congratulations to these tribes. May all 7 billion of Heavenly Parent’s children soon be Blessed. We can then have the greatest celebration the world has ever known. AJU!

Fourth, as the basis for our communities, societies and nations, we need to create a global culture of heart. That is, a culture in which all human beings are bound together in loving and harmonious solidarity, as members of one global family, One Family Under God. This will be a world of universal peace and prosperity for all.

Beloved Sisters and Brothers!

True Father, in his final prayer before his ascension, fervently expressed his desire to save all of humankind. This is the goal that True Mother has also devoted every waking moment of her life to achieve, that is, to bring true peace to all of God’s children. Even in her golden years, at 72 years of age, after giving birth to 14 children and working side by side with our True Father for 52 years, she continues on this course to fulfill True Parents’ public mission. Recently, she has spearheaded educational initiatives all over the world, while literally putting her life on the line in the process. She is committed to overcoming all physical limitations in order to save every child of God. With great urgency she is carrying forth True Parents’ “vision 2020” to bring the Blessing to all of our Heavenly Parent’s children on this earth. She hopes and prays that each one of us can awaken to this higher consciousness and become one with our Heavenly Parent in true love and harmony.

True Mother is emphasizing that we should strive to create families, communities and churches that are filled with vitality, and overflowing with love and truth. When love and truth come together, it leads to the formation of a community based on a culture of heart, brimming with life. In order to create such communities we should always be grateful in our daily lives and in all that we do. We must also forgive and love others despite their wrongdoings—as if we were pardoning ourselves for our own sins. We should always promote unity in the family setting or in any organizational setting. When partners are in complete harmony, there is oneness. Men and women are equal. This is the essence of true love. It is an equilibrium, with boundless, infinite, pure harmony. This was the original hope of our Heavenly Parent, that all life—each manifestation of the miracle of life—mirror the divine harmony and unity that is within God.

True Mother has set the highest standard and has been a model of this way of life .She embodies the true love of our Heavenly Parent. I pray that each of us can honor her sacrifice and gratefully dedicate ourselves both to True Parents and to this great and glorious vision of universal peace.

Ladies and gentlemen! Brothers and sisters! This is the most cherished day! The Blessing is the blossoming of our faith. The Blessing is like a precious seed planted in the vibrant earth binding a husband and wife together in eternal true love. May you live a Blessed life, as a Blessed couple with joyful Blessed children, and may you share your blessings with all your brothers and sisters throughout the world.

In closing, I pray that you will all become exemplary Blessed Central Families and heavenly tribal messiahs. May you become the true owners of Cheonilguk, and resemble our Heavenly Parent in all that you do.

Once again, CONGRATULATIONS on receiving today the precious Holy Blessing.

Thank you.


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