HoonDokHae with True Mother at Cheon Cheong Gung

20141201 (25)

On 10.10 by the heavenly calendar in the 2nd year of Cheon Il Guk (Dec. 1st), True Parents hosted more than 500 heads of providential organizations, staff members, regional leaders and members for the early morning hoondokhae.

Rev. Ryu Gyeong-seuk was the MC for the hoondokhae and the program was as follows: Opening Holy Song, bow to True Parents, proclaiming the beginning of the hoondokhae, report to heaven by the Foundation Director, Cho Jung-soon, hoondok reading by Mrs. Jung Won-ju, testimonies and reports by Dr. Kim Man-ho, secretary-general for FFPWUI HQ, Rev. Park Jung-ho, regional director for the Daejon region, Rev. Moon Byung-yoon and the performance by the witnessing team centering on Mr. Na Ho-sung. Then, participants viewed a video retracing True Parents’ achievements over the past year and representatives presented gifts to True Parents. True Mother spoke to those assembled, Rev. Son Byung-ho led the cheers of Oek-mansei and the members offered a bow to True Mother before her exit.

20141201 (28)

Dr. Kim Man-ho, the secretary-general for the FFWPUI HQ gave a special report about his recent visit to Europe, including Albania and Romania. In his report, Dr. Kim emphasized the sincere and selfless sacrifices members in those nations are making to bring about the success of Vision 2020. The members’ determination and Dr. Kim’s testimony inspired everyone present.

During her speech, True Mother mentioned, “You are blessed people. You are happy people. You are rich, not in terms of money, but rich in the heart of true love. You are and have everything fallen people aspired to be and have. During this short life on earth, even if it is painful, please aspire to live public lives, not self-centered ones.” True Mother then added, “Now is the time to renew your dedication. As the children of the Heavenly Parent and True Parents, you need to be confident before the world. Heaven enabled the development of civilizations so that blessed families like you could arise. You must be proud of yourselves and confidently speak about True Parents to the entire world.”

True Mother then concluded, “You must live according to the words of True Parents. If you do so, you will be free when you go to the spirit world. You will find eternal happiness there. You must put the Word into practice to be able to live such a life in the spirit world.”

After True Mother’s speech, members shared gifts among each other, and in the afternoon the event concluded with the end of the year Yut game for unity among members, as True Mother requested.

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