Kevin Winter STATUS UPDATE – A letter by Rev. Kevin Winter

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Dear Everyone,

It has been a little more than 2 months since I was first taken to hospital in Ivory Coast because of a medical emergency.  At that time I had just arrived back in the country after teaching workshops and helping with the Dae Mo Nim/Heung Jin Nim tour of Africa. With Heaven’s help and your prayers and support, events fell into place in such a way that eventually saved my life and brought me to the best possible circumstances for treatment and at just the right time.

Since then, my recovery has been remarkable: even though I had major surgery to remove a tumor the size of an orange from my brain, the doctors have been impressed by how fast I have healed, and there are no major secondary effects from the operation. I have also started Chemo and radiation therapy to kill the cancer that caused the tumor and the side effects of that treatment so far have been minimal. I have very strong determination to build up my strength and chase out the cancer. I only want to get back into the mission as soon as possible.

Above all, I cannot express enough how grateful I feel for the amazing support and care that I have received from our Heavenly Parent and our True Parents and from you and other brothers and sisters.  I owe my life to this family and to Heaven, and all I want to do is work with all my strength and every extra minute of life that has been granted to me to make this family triumphant in the challenges we all must face together in the providential time we are living in now.

May our Heavenly Parent look after you and your family and always hold you in His warm embrace!

Best Regards,

Kevin and Evelyne Winter and Family

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