Germany: Presentation of Gottfried Hutter’s Book


Alfons Wellenhofer, UPF Germany

On Friday May 24 2019, the Universal Peace Federation Munich hosted a first presentation of the newly published book by Gottfried Hutter, a Roman Catholic theologian and trauma therapist.

Robert Bentele, who moderated the event, introduced the author and praised his long time efforts towards peace in the Middle East. And since UPF has also invested in many activities in this area, Honorable Peace“ was a perfect topic for this evening.

Alfons Wellenhofer began by reading out the preface, written by one of Mahatma Gandhi’s grandchildren, followed by a further passage referring to the contributions made by the three world religions themselves – Judaism, Christianity and Islam – to the Middle East conflict, in the past as well as currently. And out of this emerged important and established points, depictly portrayed by the very knowledgeable author, which tend not to be portrayed by the media.

Over the course of the evening, special mention was made of the vast, but still underused, potential for peace to be found in the basic virtues of all of the three Middle East religions – mercy and compassion. It is imperative to give these aspects more attention.

In closing, the lector and the author dealt with the biblical story about the impressive reconciliation between the two antagonized brothers, Jacob and Esau. Israel – the name comes from this story – is called upon today to hearken back to Jacob’s generous gesture to his brother, because it was in this way that he could win the heart of his deadly enemy.

And in the final chapter of his striking book, Mr. Hutter portrays a scenario in which there is reconciliation between Jews and Muslims, in line with the motto „I have a dream“.

An animated discussion ensued, which the moderator brought to a close with the words of Mrs. Hak Ja Han Moon, co-founder of UPF: peace activities cannot be successful without God. He then offered a prayer for peace and for the success of this very valuable book and that many people many access it, especially those who hold positions of responsibility in religion and politics.

Further lively discussion continued as the participants shared the lovingly prepared refreshments. More about the book under the following links: and

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