USA: Chicago Family Church Acquires Beautiful New Home


Prepared by FFWPU USA

After years of extensive search for a new church facility, the Chicago Family Church community has finally purchased a modern 20,000 square foot building in May 2018 for use in worship programs, weekday activities, conferences and community care. The new facility is located in Schaumburg, Illinois, 30 miles northwest of Chicago in the center of a geographical area where many Unificationists live.

From 1983 to 2012, the Chicago community owned a beautiful two-story brick building in Rodgers Park near Lake Michigan which was sold in 2015 due to many Unificationist families moving to the northwest suburbs. In 2010, the community began to seriously consider relocating, however, many Unificationists were opposed to selling the Rodgers Park property due to historical and sentimental values. Chicago Family Church Pastor Rev. Kunihiro Sagisaka said, “True Parents came to visit us many times and many historical events were held at this building…many Unificationists had so much emotional attachment.”

Through a series of community town hall meetings with discussion about current and future facility needs, support for the sale of the Rodgers Park property gradually increased. With much deliberation and through a majority vote, the decision to sell was confirmed in 2014 and the property was officially sold in 2015.

At the end of 2017, the community finally found a new facility that fit all the guidelines and criteria they were looking for. The interior design includes a grand sanctuary area, spacious multi-purpose room, several large meeting rooms, café space for casual gathering, and a beautiful field behind the building. The community also intends to rent out space within the facility to other local churches and nonprofit organizations as a means to generate revenue.

Throughout the long process of the sale of the Rogers Park property, to selecting and approving a new facility, to purchasing the Schaumburg building, the Chicago community members have been closely involved in all aspects. In a survey sent to all members, a 92% approval rating was received in support of purchasing the new facility. Financial support is also being received from the community with $120,000 already generated out of a goal of $250,000.

“Although we have just scratched the surface, it is clear that our new church facility holds a bright future! It has greater potential than anything we have ever had before, is more inviting for members, and more conveniently located. Our Chicago family members are much happier now that we have found a permanent home.” –Patricia Fliginger

“We’re only a few weeks into our official use, and the building already has a strong foundation! It is proving to be more than enough to serve the needs of our community.” –Eugene Avila

Plans are being finalized for renovation of the facility with a creative design to optimize its multipurpose use. The community could use any additional financial support to complete this process.

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