Sun Jin Nim Speaks to Cheon Il Guk Leaders at the start of their Cheongpyeong Workshop

FFWPU International President Sun Jin Moon spoke to leaders on the first evening of the three-day Special Hyojeong Cheongpyeong Workshop Hosted by True Parents for Cheon Il Guk Leaders, held August 28-30, 2018 at the Cheongpyeong Training Center.


Ban-gap-seumnida! Welcome, Cheon Il Guk leaders!

We were surprised not only by the Seonghwa and the amazing series of events, and all your hard work leading up to these events in 2018. We were also surprised tonight by True Mother giving us the chance to come together all as one family, and to be in this wonderful Cheongpyeong workshop.

We heard True Mother’s speech this afternoon, and I have been trying to reflect on her words. She has made a point of saying that we are marching toward the goal of True Parents and Heavenly Parent’s dreams.  Many times we say that we are one. But many times that oneness is not realized in our own lives, in our own mind and body, in our own family, in our own couples, in our own children, or in our own communities, churches, or the outer society at large.

As True Mother stressed this time, there are 7.6 billion people in the world—according to Bishop Kim, who gave her the proper number! I think I was saying 7.5, but we learned that there are 7.6 billion people in the world who have yet to come to understand True Parents’ dream and heart.

She also stressed that, often despite our learning, everything that we have learned, everything that we have accomplished in life, and everything that we think we know, there are still many things to know, especially about True Mother and understanding the complete history of our True Parents.

Something Mother said early today, and kept on repeating, is: “We need to empty ourselves and to let go of self-centeredness.” In many speeches I have heard her say the root of all problems in human history is individual self-centeredness and greed. And so, when we start looking only at me, we lose sight of we, as the collective, all together.

So I was trying to understand, because the Cheon Il Guk Leaders’ Assembly is for all of you. We know that throughout all these years, as many of you—our elder brothers here—have served (not only under True Father), more than anything you have probably gone through every kind of mind and body training known to man. And to be doing this in True Mother’s home this time, in her workshop, did you have a different feeling in your mind and body, this time?

Did you liberate something, or feel something like a lifting off from your shoulders? (Or somebody smacked it out of your back?) And I don’t think anybody in this room was separate from the speakers and the sound and the drum in our ears, right? We were all one in that sound and slapping. And in that one hour you couldn’t do anything but just trying to follow along and really get into this motion and spirit.

And Rev. Tokuno was sitting right behind me and giving me a wonderful, holy massage. [Laughter] I see Rev. Tokuno, and I have worked with him many times; but he had never physically laid his hands on me. And I was thinking, “Oh, this is not just a simple slapping, he is putting all his energy into it. Ah, so this is a true love of the Mother nation!” So, thank you Rev. Tokuno. I think there was something definitely liberated or shifted in this exchange!

As you all know, I do yoga and it is a very silent practice, a very peaceful emptying of the mind, body and soul, with only the silence of the breath, brought down to the lowest level. But in tonight’s training, it was the polar opposite, like night and day. So in many ways I really understood, “Ah, whatever we are thinking, however we find peace, there are many other ways, there is a whole other half, a whole other side we have yet to realize.” And maybe this is the potential of tonight’s exchange, and of the next three days. As leaders, we may come to realize the greater whole.

I think all of you here were definitely vertically trained by our True Father and I see many of you as my elders and the spiritual pillars of our movement. And to be also working with you in this time with our True Mother on earth and True Father in heaven, I am re-meeting all the great spiritual pillars in our movement.

So, not to take too much of your time because I think this was supposed to be two minutes, but I think this is an area where True Father is looking down on us, from high noon, where there can be no shadow.  We always have to think about True Parents, and about True Mother asking us to go to this workshop at this time, about how many things must be on her mind and in her heart when she thinks about the state of the world today.

But in the same light—I think it is light—God is telling us, True Father is telling us, True Mother is asking us, to be really completely be one with her and Heavenly Parent and True Parents. And when we absolutely unite with our True Mother in mind, body, spirit and experience, then miracles will happen. Aju! Yes and the last thing is that she said that “I hope during this workshop you can come to understand True Mother’s heart directly and closely, and center your heart on hers, become completely one with her, become spotless, without shadow, and become pure white and pure gold.” So these are the hopes she has for each and every one of us in this room.

I am looking at this workshop not as, “What’s happening? There are big changes, plans or something big is happening to our movement, to our leadership,” but I am instead looking at it as if True Mother is giving us the chance to be reborn—that whatever spots you have, whatever things you couldn’t do, goals you couldn’t achieve, whatever kinds of oneness you couldn’t have directly with Heavenly Parents, True Father or True Mother, or the Providence, or doubts, this is the chance to cleanse and let go, empty everything, and really start anew, with a new life, and with rebirth. So I hope this time, when you wake up tomorrow you will be reborn and we will gather here again for another round of some “out-of-this-world” mind and body training.

Being in this room actually…. This room is a place of prayer and remembrance of our ancestors. [Sun Jin Nim speaks on the edge of tears] We have [Hong] Halmoni, Hyo Jin Oppa, Heung Jin Oppa, and True Father as well as True Mother in spirit here. This is a very holy place where family members and those who have gone before us have sacrificed everything and we remember their lives. But I think the most poignant thing is for True Mother to give us the chance to gather here while we are alive, while she is alive. This is the chance for us to really, really taking to account how each and every life in this room is so precious.

Many times we only appreciate people when they pass away. And when I think of all the people on this wall [indicating the True Family portraits], how many of them, in their lifetime, weren’t given an ounce of the dignity they have now, what a thankful, great moment this is that True Mother actually has brought not only all of our ancestors but created the ancestors’ Cheon Bo Won [genealogy center], where all of your ancestors will be forever recorded on earth and in heaven. So when we think about heaven on earth and Cheon Il Guk, how we are always one, we have to consider that importance.

And while, not only True Mother, but each and every one of you are True Parents’ true sons and daughters, I want you to realize how important each life in this room is. Because we are not just sons and daughters, we are Cheon Il Guk leaders.

So tonight, now that you have all spiritually slapped each other, I want to try another exercise. One last exercise before we retreat to bed! It is the one where you all turn around to the person who was slapping you and hug that person tonight. So please all find your partner sitting behind you, who liberated you. (Rev. Tokuno, please come up.) Please offer them a big hug. Ana chuseyo. Saranghamnida. Kamsahamnida. ChamBumo-nim seung-ri hakessumnida! [Let’s share a hug. I love you. Thank you. True Parents will be victorious!]

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  1. Wayne Hankins says:

    A joyful, hopeful, urgency is what can be seen and felt in all that True Mother is doing and encouraging us to do and to become. I recently saw a picture of Billy Graham at the Charlotte North Carolina Airport. Such intensity of purpose was seen in his face. If there were just 10 of us with that action oriented conviction we could flip America and world.

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