Youth and Students for Peace: Testimony to True Mother in Thailand

The Special Gathering to Celebrate the Launching of Youth and Student for Peace in Asia-Pacific, the Hopeful March Forward of Korea, and True Parents’ Return on June 15, 2017 at Cheon Jeong Gung.

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By Julian Gray

True Mother arrived back at Cheon Jeong Gung from Thailand just before 8:00 am today (June 15). The car drew to a halt directly in front of True Father’s memorial (Bonhyangwon), where members of the International Headquarters staff had gathered to welcome her with a cheery shout, congratulating her on her return home.

Accompanied by members of the True Family, including a number of grandchildren, and a small group of central leaders, Mother ascended the stairs to Father’s tomb.  There, she bowed and spent several minutes in quiet prayer or conversation with True Father. With the grandchildren, True Mother then walked right around Father’s tomb before descending the stairs to enter the Cheon Jeong Gung main building.

Just a couple of hours later, Mother entered the main hall where 300 guests and staff members were waiting for her to offer their congratulations and to listen to testimonies about the events in Thailand.

In his opening prayer Rev. Ki Hoon Kim mentioned that ACLC ministers and members alike are receiving dreams and revelations from True Father. We are aware of True Father’s support for Mother in her work to continue True Parents’ mission on earth, but perhaps now, even more than before, Father is making his presence known to us personally.

After flowers were offered and the congratulatory cake cut, Korean church president Rev. Yu Gyeong-seuk offered remarks on the providence in Korea and Asia. He mentioned that, at the beginning of this, the 5th year of Cheon Il Guk, Mother had referred to the present time as the “Springtime of the providence that will bring about miracles,” testifying that Mother, more than any of us, has worked so hard to take ownership of national restoration. He explained how, increasingly, both political leaders and the media in Korea are taking an interest in True Mother and the movement.

Asia FFWPU regional director Rev. Chong Sik Yong explained that Mother had been welcomed in Thailand as the highest level state guest –such that her plane was even directed to the gate nearest the VIP lounge used by the Thai royal family, which Mother was invited to use.

A police escort brought her and her entourage safely to the hotel.

The launch of Youth and Students for peace in Asia-Pacific was co-hosted by the Thai Ministry of Education. Many NGO leaders wondered how this was possible, bearing in mind how much we have been persecuted.

Later on, Dr. Robert Kittel clarified that we can work with the Thai government because we ask and value their advice in all that we are doing in their country.

Thus we receive the government’s support for our youth and character education programs, and our pure love work. They fully supported this event even to the extent of issuing their own invitation to students to attend. In addition, the Minister of Education attended the event. In his speech, he said, “We need to go beyond learning about how to get jobs and just survive; we need to learn about character…and this organization is doing the work the Thai government could not do.”

For the launch of Youth and Students for Peace on June 13, more than 1,700 people came to a venue that has seating for 1200. There were many high-caliber guests including, for example, more than 30 heads of universities.

That evening, Mother invited Ambassadors for Peace and others who had worked hard to have dinner with her. Mother comforted them, and in suggesting that they need to know about God and True Parents, she explained her position as the True Parent and God’s Daughter. She always shares her identity with everyone, Dr. Yong testified.

At the huge Youth and Student Rally the following day, Mother met the deputy prime minister in the green room. As soon as they sat down together Mother said to him, “You need to know God; you need to meet True Parents; that is how you can solve all the problems of society.”

He listened, touched by Mother’s love and concern. And he remained at the event until the very end.

Mother was introduced by Robert Kittel. She asked the youth to unite and become the heroes of the culture of heart, the saviors of their nations (an outline of her speech appears elsewhere on this site).

The Bangkok Post had a picture of the Little Angels, who entertained the 12,600 participants, on its front page the following day.

At the Victory Celebration later, Mother said “The children have not known their Parent. How can we atone for our unfilial heart toward Heavenly Parent? We must be successful in HTM activities….”

Former Thai national leader and himself successful heavenly tribal messiah Dr. Lek Thaveetermsakul was then asked to share a few words:

He alluded to the fact that True Parents had not been able to visit Thailand since True Father came in 1965, and he felt so grateful for Mother’s coming. He mentioned that the second generation members had waited with tears and prayers for her visit.

He said that, looking back over the history of our course, he felt that through being victorious in the 21-year court battle with the government over the accusations leveled against the movement in the early 1990s, they had succeeded in restoring the right of the eldest son on national level—and that this was opening the gate to restoration on the national level. Because Thailand is a kingdom, it has a vertical tradition to love and respect its monarch. Dr. Lek mentioned that with the recent passing of the king, the nation is still in its mourning period, and that it was a significant time for True Mother to come. He said that he feels the gate is now open so that the kingship of the world from the past can be connected to heavenly kingship. This is significant in opening the gate to the restoration of all nations in this world.

UPF president Dr. Thomas Walsh mentioned that he had visited Thailand many times but that he had never experienced such a profound outpouring of spiritual power and explosion of youthful spirit.

Dr. Walsh addressed True Mother directly, saying, “Mother you have called us to awaken to a great civilizational shift in this time…. You called the youth of Asia to set an example for others. You have brought the light to light the fire of new civilization.”

He noted that Sun Jin Nim, Yeon Ah Nim and Hoon Sook Nim had all been present in Thailand, and he greeted In Jin Nim who was present in the audience today to honor True Mother.

In introducing the entertainment, MC Dr. Young Ho Yoon said it may be a little noisy because they are young people. But, he added, True Mother has said that if we are younger than her, we are all youth!

After some energetic entertainment by Japanese second generation dancers and song from Apple Heaven – both recreating their performances from Thailand, the event concluded with Robert Kittel leading everyone in three cheers of Eog-Mansei.

Dr. Kittel’s voice broke as he explained, in his brief remarks, how people had stayed up nights without sleep and that Mother was so exhausted. He tearfully asked Mother to rest.

His poignant expression of pure love perhaps moved more hearts than anything else said today.


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