Overview of Mother’s Speech at Youth for Peace Rally in Thailand

Mother’s speech at Youth for Peace Rally at the Impact Arena in Bangkok, Thailand


By Julian Gray

[These notes are an overview of some of the unique points Mother made on Tuesday at the Impact Arena on June 12; as such they will not convey the totality of Mother’s message. Please see the original message transcript or a translation to gain a more complete understanding.]


Mother began her speech by explaining that the world we live in today has resulted from our first ancestors’ original failure to fulfill the human portion of responsibility. God being all powerful, He sent us a new ancestor as our mediator, a savior whose mission was to lead all of humankind to be saved. Mother related the course of Jesus as God’s Son, and how he needed to find his counterpart, a woman who is God’s Daughter, in order that they could together stand as the True Parents of humankind. This was not fulfilled, and so God worked with Korea, a country at that time scarcely known about, as an alternative nation.

Mother explained that not long after she was born, Korea was divided into two, with the North eventually invading the South. Without the work of Heaven, 16 nations would not have sent troops to the aid of South Korea. Among these nations was Thailand, who sent its young soldiers to shed their blood and help Korea. Mother expressed how grateful she was that they had done so.

Mother related how, on the 60th anniversary of the start of the Korean War, Father and Mother sent the Little Angels to travel to those 16 nations to comfort and thank the veterans for their sacrifice for Korea. She continue by saying:
All people are brothers and sisters under Heaven; I am the True Parent of all of you. That is why in all nations, even though people believe different things, we must follow the origin just as a sunflower turns its head to follow the sun. We cannot solve the world’s problems by human power. Only our Heavenly Parent can bring solutions. We need to go beyond religion and politics and become one with True Parents.

Mother mentioned the poem Indian Poet Rabindranath Tagore wrote about Korea, with its lines about Korea’s role as a “lamb-bearer.”

The poem includes the lines:

In the golden age of Asia
Korea was one of its lamp-bearers
and that lamp is waiting to be
lighted once again for the
illumination of the East.

Mother said the following:
The lamp symbolizes the teachings of the True Parents, and true love, which can save the world. That light began in the Far East and I hope it can expand through all of you 12,000 young people. I hope you can unite as one body, open the new Pacific civilization and expand it throughout the world. You will become the saviors of humankind! Will you join in with this?

This is the dream of our Heavenly Parent: a world of peace, unity, happiness and equality. One family under God. We enter Heaven as a family. Families grow together. This is the heavenly kingdom. If we can realize such a world, we do not need to worry about teenage delinquency or immorality. Our original mind needs to resonate with Heaven and then the culture of heart will be realized.

Please be the heroes of this noble task—one unified world of peace is really not so far away. By practicing true love and living for the sake of others we build the heavenly kingdom on earth. I want to give all of you my thanks and encouragement. We are all one family with True Parents at its center. Let’s realize one family under God, marching forward to that day with a courageous leap forward!

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  1. Sumy Schick says:

    Teenage delinquency and immorality would not exist. That is such a powerful thought! I was expecting to read some reference to Bangkok being the global center of human trafficking, but True Mother addressed that and more with that one sentence. Amazing!

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