The Hyo Jeong Culture Festival in Tokyo


By Julian Gray, FFWPU International Headquarters

May 14, 2017

Some first class dance and choral performances supported the beginning of the Hyo Jeong Culture Festival in Tokyo this Sunday (May 14). Fittingly Mother’s Day, as it is now celebrated in many countries of the world, was the day that Tokyo welcomed True Mother to the providential Mother nation to share her message.

A young man came out to the stage and testified to the example he had inherited from True Father: Father determined that his desire to love people must be greater than his desire to eat the bowl of rice placed in front of him. This was the condition upon which he permitted himself to eat.

The young man remembered that in his public speeches, Father would say that he must dedicate everything for the sake of the world and that he felt he must inherit that tradition himself; we are the symbols of Father and Mother’s sweat and tears and need to follow their examples so that we can leave that tradition behind for others who come after us.

The young man testified that Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon is still working very hard on the front line, unconditionally loving us, trusting us, saying that “You are the best in the history of humankind.” He said that he wished to respond to such trust and expectation and become a flagbearer of such a tradition; and he suggested we all do so.

A young woman read a letter of gratitude to her own mother’s sacrifices for her personally and for all their family, such a beautiful tribute that surely made everyone reflect deeply—and another lady read a letter that True Mother had written to Hyo-jin nim at the time he was in middle school.

In FFWPU president Rev. Tokuno Eiji’s welcoming remarks that followed, he said that the human race is lost like a ship adrift in the ocean; in such a situation the ones who have emerged from history with the compass to guide us are no other than Sun Myung Moon and Hak Ja Han.

Among two prominent guests offering congratulatory messages, the first was a Senator from the Japanese diet. He testified that after receiving a copy of Father’s autobiography he had read it over and over again. He testified that one sentence had caught his attention particularly: that living for the sake of others is the source of peace. He had realized the crucial nature of this concept. He said that life is not just about “me”; we must include this nation, and the people of the world. This one phrase is the key to peace, to good families, and to an ideal society, nation and world. He further expressed that a heart of gratitude for our parents is so important, and thus we need to nurture filial piety in our country.

A second diet member then spoke. He had been involved in the establishment of the Parliamentarians Association for Peace and was deeply enthusiastic about its potential role to help forge peace in the world.

FFWPU president Sun Jin Moon was next injecting her pure-hearted warmth and enthusiasm into the occasion, testifying to the value of True Parents for bringing all of us out from the darkness. She spoke with such gratitude and admiration for True Father for his 92 years teaching the complete truth of Heaven. She went on to emphasize that True Mother knows Father more deeply than anyone after spending 50 years by his side. Sun Jin Nim acknowledged, in front of this mainly Japanese audience, that True Parents had pushed Japan and given “incredible goals” to the members there; she reaffirmed True Parents’ deep love, respect and gratitude for the Japanese members for all they have done.

During the beautiful musical offering that followed, the stage was adorned with flowers that were then dedicated to True Mother. Mother came out to the stage and, after receiving bouquets of flowers from two very young blessed children, gave her message, which was on the subject of Heaven’s providence and the development of God’s providence and the providence in Japan. [Following is a truncated overview based on notes.]

Referring to the messages given earlier in the program, Mother acknowledged the dark situation of the human world in the present day.

She said that in their growing period, Adam and Eve had made a mistake; God worked through a history of indemnity to restore original human beings. To do so, God raised the chosen people from among the righteous in order to send his Son.

As she has done in a number of recent speeches Mother recounted how 4,000 years of preparation was made for Jesus to come, but that his rejection meant that he had to go to the cross. This meant that he could not hold the Holy Wedding of the True Parents with his counterpart, the only begotten daughter, but he prophesied his return.

Over the ensuing centuries, Christianity moved through Rome, to Britain, and around the world. The publishing of the King James translation of the Bible in English initiated a new movement of faith. At that time, people who felt they could not worship within the constraints of human laws left Europe and crossed the Atlantic to the Americas, seeking religious freedom. Heaven blessed the believers and blessed this environment to prepare for the return of the Messiah. The flourishing of democracy, for example, was to prevent one ruler frustrating God’s providence.

Christianity had the mission to prepare for the returning Messiah, yet could not easily understand the true essence of God’s purpose and Jesus’ mission: Not just individual salvation, but the salvation of the family, was the ultimate goal.

When, in the East, the Korean peninsula was liberated, Korea divided into the communist North and the relatively democratic South. When the Korean War broke out in 1950, Heaven worked to mobilize 16 nations to prevent the communization of the South. The nation where True Parents, were born to realize Heavenly Parent’s dream, cannot become a communist nation.

The only begotten daughter was thus born in Korea. Daemo-nim was her mother, and she fulfilled her responsibility [whereas Mary could not complete hers in relation to Jesus].

Japan is now standing as the Mother nation to fulfill that mission. Because of that, all of you must inherit Daemo-nim’s victorious foundation. That is how Korea, Japan and Asia can fulfill the mission for the Pacific Rim civilization.

Mother then spoke to the younger generation: Today I have heard that 4,000 young people are in the audience. Top Gun workshops are taking place and we will aim for 10,000 to graduate from these Top Gun workshops, which will be held throughout Asia and the world – Mother asked everyone, “Will you participate?”

Mother concluded with her own Mother’s Day message: All people need to realize one family under God. Please stand as mothers before the world, embrace everyone as brothers and sisters, educate, bring unity…

Today on Mother’ Day please embrace our world with a motherly heart. To do so, please all of you here stand on the front line and do your very best.

After her speech Mother remained onstage while four cheers of “eok mansei,” offered by one very dramatic Japanese leader, echoed through the hall. True Mother departed the stage to applause.

The singers and musicians returned to the stage and the music of a final celebration of the day began.

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