International President at the 2017 Mother’s Day Hyojeong Culture Festival in Tokyo

2017 Mother’s Day Hyojeong Culture Festival in Tokyo

Introduction of True Mother

By Sun Jin Moon, International President of FFWPU

May 14, 2017 at Ariake Coliseum, Tokyo

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Dear precious and beloved brothers and sisters of Japan! Minasan Konnichiwa!

What a breathtaking inspiration it is to be here today. It is truly an honor to stand on this stage in the presence of 12,000 providential champions who absolutely attend our Heavenly Parent and True Parents.

We have gathered here on this glorious “Mother’s Day” to honor our True Parents, to pay tribute to the true filial heart of the Japanese movement, and to celebrate the first “Mother’s Day Hyojeong Culture Festival in Tokyo.”

It is no coincidence that we celebrate this day in Tokyo, Japan with our eminent True Mother on the official Mother’s day holiday.

Our mother nation of Japan has been our movement’s true model of “hyojeong” attendance, its beloved sons and daughters living for the sake of the world!

There is no doubt in my mind that we are here with Heavenly Parent’s and True Parents’ absolute blessing, admiration, love and grace.

What makes this day so very memorable and inspiring is the fact that the greatest mother of all time, our one and only beloved True Mother, has come to Japan to be one with our Japanese family. Aju?

True Mother comes here to share her loving heart and to convey encouragement, absolute faith, confidence, and hope that our mother nation of Japan shall be victorious in fulfilling Vision 2020.

We are truly blessed to be here today in the Mother nation, celebrating this “Mother’s Day”, as one united family under God with our beloved gorgeous True Mother! Yes! Aju?

We have learned from our True Parents that God, our Heavenly Parent, has both masculine and feminine characteristics. While we refer to God as Heavenly Parent, to indicate a single, unified entity, we understand that at the very source and origin of our universe there is also the heavenly mother’s heart.

We know that the substantial manifestation or incarnation of the Heavenly Parent cannot be achieved fully through a single masculine or feminine being.

Heavenly Parent and the world have been waiting for the victory of True Parents. Without True Parents there would be no completion of the 4 position foundation. True Children and Blessed Central Families would be an impossible dream. Without True Parents there would be no salvation, grace or blessing and we would all still be in darkness.

We must carry the absolute heart of “hyojeong”, a true filial heart, and live in complete gratitude to True Parents with absolute love, faith and attendance. We must be the proud sons and daughters of our Heavenly Parent and True Parents and bring this world to the light as One Family under God.

For 92 years this world was so deeply and profoundly blessed to have our True Father, prepared by heaven as the only begotten son and called by Jesus, walking this earth, traveling this world, and unceasingly speaking the complete truth of heaven.

And, for the past 74 years this world has been equally and most profoundly blessed by the presence of our True Mother, prepared by heaven as the only begotten daughter, and as the long awaited bride that completes the position of True Parents, standing in the position that had been lost at the time of the Fall.

Humankind has existed from the beginning without its True Mother. We have lived in utter darkness and suffering for millennia. If you reflect on the history of our world we observe that there has never been a completed, center point that harmonized all life and creation. True Parents—True Father and True Mother—are that absolute and eternal center point.

For 52 years on this earth, True Mother served as the True Wife and the True Love Partner to her Husband. Over a period of 20 years, she gave birth to 14 beautiful and precious true children, establishing the True Family here on earth.

Together, as one absolute perfected couple, our True Parents have fulfilled and completed everything so that humanity could achieve total liberation.

Since True Father’s passing four and a half years ago, we have witnessed the emergence of our True Mother in ways that exceeded all our expectations and dreams.

We are truly blessed to have our True Mother with us. From the time of the Holy Wedding in 1960, she worked side by side with our True Father every single day.

Is there anyone who can claim to know True Father more than True Mother? Can any child fathom the full essence and depth of the parent?

Only True Mother knows the deepest heart and soul, the tears, the longings, the hopes and dreams, of our True Father and our Heavenly Parent.

Indeed, it is that absolute complete oneness with Heavenly Parent and True Father, day in and day out, that inspires and guides our True Mother as she leads our movement forward to victory.

On this day, I am sure that True Father is filled with infinite happiness and comfort to see our True Mother here in the Mother Nation of Japan.

Although True Parents often pushed our Japanese brothers and sisters time and time again to fulfill incredible goals, True Parents have the greatest love, respect and gratitude for our Japanese members. The mother nation, like our True Mother, gave everything to complete the providence.

By gracing this event today with her presence, True Mother is giving us the ultimate divine blessing and sacred honor.

This day will be recorded eternally as a turning point in the providence centered on Japan, a day of greatest blessing for the mother nation as you move forward to achieve victory in fulfilling Vision 2020 and establishing the nation of Cheon Il Guk!

I am confident that Japan can do it! Are you confident? Can you do it? Yes? Aju!

Brothers and sisters, we have such a precious opportunity on this day, to hear directly from our True Mother. We have come together on this day as one family under God, centered on our beloved True Father in heaven and our beloved True Mother in Japan.

This is the day of glory, the day of cosmic spring, a day of infinite blessing and eternal joy.

Now, the moment we have been waiting for is to welcome our beloved True Mother onstage. We will have a ceremony to offer flowers of appreciation.

Let us rise together and let us give our deepest, most powerful and most loving welcome to our beloved True Mother.

Arigato gozaimashita. Happy Mother’s Day!! Minasan Aishitemasu.”

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