Inauguration of IAPP in Paraguay


Prepared by UPF Paraguay

On April 25, 2017, International Association of Parliamentarians for Peace was inaugurated at the Bourbon Convention Hotel in Asuncion, capital of Paraguay.

Hours before the event began, we had a very heavy rain but it stopped few minutes before the event begin.

122 leaders came to celebrate this important and historic event, with the presence of 21 parliamentarians, active Senators and deputies and a number of former Parliamentarians who witnessed the birth of the IAPP Paraguay. All of them committed to work for the accomplishment of True Parents’ dream: The establishment of “Universal Peace.”

Among those present were politicians, representatives of diplomatic corps, universities, media, representatives of different foundations and representatives of the three branches of the Paraguayan state.

The attention was drawn to the presence of several Mayors who represented their respective municipalities of the main cities of the Central Department, which surround the “Great Asuncion”, such as; Lambaré, Fernando de la Mora, San Lorenzo, Ñemby, Mariano Roque Alonzo, Luque and Limpio, to name a few of the cities.-

On this occasion, the President, Vice-President and Secretary General of the IAPP were appointed, with Deputy Cynthia Elizabeth Tarrago Díaz as President, Deputy Héctor Lucio Lesme as Vice-President and Dr. Michelle Byun as the General Secretary. The former President of the Republic of Paraguay, Dr. Luis Federico Franco Gómez offered final words at the end of the program, thanking the founders for their long service and dedication in favor of Peace and encouraging the Parliamentarians to dedicate themselves with love for the environment, for the protection of native peoples and for the protection of human rights without discrimination.

In addition, we had several Ambassadors from neighboring countries who highlighted the event. Dr. Chang Sik Yang, Rev. Dong Mo Shin and Special Envoy Rev. Sung Jong Seo attended the opening night of the IAPP.

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