USA: Cheon Il Guk Missionary Trainees Already Hard at Work and Play


by FFWPU USA, Anick Muleki

This is the American Cheon Il Guk (CIG) Missionary Trainees reporting about our first full week here in Costa Rica! This week has been a really busy one; from Monday though Friday we went out to the local campus, University of Costa Rica (UCR), where we witnessed to, as well as, invited students to a Korean cultural event hosted by the Korean Cheon Il Guk Missionaries.

We also took time every afternoon this week to plan and organize for our upcoming Divine Principle events as well as improve our witnessing approach by creating new, in-depth questions to ask students. Many students at UCR don’t understand English but that didn’t stop us from reaching out to them. We translated the Divine Principle introduction outline from English to Spanish for students who don’t quite understand English.

This upcoming week we are beginning our on-campus Divine Principle studies for students who are interested in learning more. Despite the differences in language, many of the UCR students have been really open to share their thoughts with us and hear about our principles as well.

The Korean cultural event held by the Korean Cheon Il Guk Missionaries on Saturday was a great success, and we were happy to be able to support them. The event consisted of a brief overview of Korean history, eating the popular Korean dish bibimbap, playing Korean games like yut nori, and, of course, listening to K-Pop, the pop music of Korea. All together, about 20 young people gathered to celebrate the culture of Korea at our collaborative event.