Albania: You Have Great Value

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By CARP Albania: One of our local CARP in Korça city, south – east of Albania, organized a project called “You Have Great Value”. Like everywhere, also in this city we know that there are some really poor families who don’t have what to eat, and they live bad condition as well. Therefore, the young members of CARP Korça, were divided into 3 groups and discussed about what we can do for them. We have already done two times this kind of project. First one was in January and second one was in April, and through them we supported 6 poor families.

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1) To make young people more aware of the reality in which many people live and educate them to live for the sake of others

2) To help poor people

In this meeting we gave a speech about historical people who invested for others and changed the world. We spoke about the grate work and investment of Mother Teresa, Martin Luther King, Thomas Edison, and Rev. Sun Myung Moon. In the previous activity, we also presented a video called “The Great Dictator” by Charlie Chaplin. In this speech Chaplin said “I should like to help everyone” and also “You are not machines. You have the love of humanity in you. You, the people, have the power. The power to create happiness.” This was an inspirational video through which we encouraged members and guests to do things in life from which people can benefit.

Each of the teams decided to collect money, clothes and food to support the poor families.

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Fundraising Activity

For most of the guests, this fundraising was the first time experience. Actually we were worried about their reaction, but what we saw and felt after the activity was just inspiration and happiness. We could experience how wonderful it is when we invest for others.

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Visiting Poor Families

Each team visited one poor family and gave them everything things we have collected. They invited us inside their houses and we sat together and listened to their family’s story. Their stories touched us all. Most of their situation were beyond our imagination. This experiences made us think a lot more about life.

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We asked some members and guests to share their experience:

  • I know there are many poor people in the world. But it was very different between knowing and looking with my own eyes. I was very shocked and reflected a lot. In one part of the world, there are many things and a lot of food which is being thrown away. However, in the other side of the world, people are suffering because of starvation. Why is it so difficult for people who are wealthy to share with people who are not? I am very grateful that W-CARP gave me this great experience…
  • Through this activity, I understood that there are still many people who need help…

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After the activity our relationship with guests became closer. And we understood that if we practice True Father’s words “Live for the sake of others”, we can make a lot of good things for others, but at the same time, we can also get great energy and happiness.

Here are links of two videos we made about this project. (click to watch: Video 1  – Video 2)