Memoirs from True Parents’ Holy Wedding Held on April 11, 1960

By Pak Bo Hi, Chairman, Korea Cultural Foundation

3.16 by the Heavenly Calendar in the 4th Year of Cheon Il Guk (April 22, 2016)


Thinking about it, it was April 11, 1960. My wife and I were in raptures looking at True Parents leading all the preparations. In my heart, I was waiting for the Holy Wedding to be announced. Finally, the main event was about to happen. We all entered the main hall and sat down.

The advent of True Parents’ birth was announced and we were all sitting down solemnly. However, all of a sudden, True Parents each sang a paragraph from a song and looking at the gathered members, True Father said, “Let’s ask someone to sing.” Father asked Mother. At that time, Mother did not know everyone in the room. Mother glanced at Father and said, “Let us select someone who should sing.”

The next moment, the entire audience was filled with surprise; it was as if the heavens had fallen down. With her beautiful face, Mother called, “Mr. Pak Bo Hi!” I could not understand. How was it possible for Mother to call my name with her beautiful face! I was totally unprepared and I accepted without saying anything.

How can I express my surprise at that time! I began mumbling words that made no sense. I began piecing together a few sentences in case my turn would come to offer congratulatory remarks. Then, I began thus,

“Until now, the term True Parents did not exist in this world. Therefore, the song I am about to sing can be sung for a thousand years; but it can also be sung in one second.”

As soon as I said it, one elder sitting next to me said, “What kind of rambling is this!” Then, he added, “What kind of song is this you are singing!” Everyone erupted on laughter.

“I plan on singing the term True Father for a thousand years and I plan on singing the term True Mother for a thousand years as well.” Hearing this, the crowd became noisy.

With a loud voice, I said, “I will sing the first stanza. Eog Mansi True Father! Eog Mansei True Mother!”

It is not as if everyone did not understand the lyrics. But I was tearing myself trying to sing to Heaven in a loud voice even though I was a poor singer. Some members of the audience nodded in approval while others laughed out loud, saying, “What kind of song is this!” Anyways, the main hall was filled with life and everyone was in a state of great excitement. Even today, when I think of it, I think I sang a song whose lyrics contained a tremendous meaning.

The seven minutes I was given for my testimony are almost over already.

The hall was filled with the laughter of people who were moved and others who laughed thinking, “What kind of song is this!” However, I do not think there was a single person in that hall who did not enjoy himself. In particular, True Mother’s meaningful smile was especially precious to me. Is this enough for a 7 minute testimony?

That day, I could not stop crying tears of gratitude because True Mother had called my name. I have heard countless songs throughout my life but I can never forget that experience. May I ask you for a round of applause? This is my brief testimony from that day. True Parents’ name shall remain unchanged forever. Do you agree with me? Then let us give True Parents a round of applause. Let us offer glory to our True Parents who were born on this day. Thank you.