Seong Hwa Ceremony for our brother Fritz Piepenburg



FFWPU Europe: Fritz Piepenburg was born April 25, 1953 in Füssen, Southern Germany. He ascended on October 17, 2015 after suffering a sudden heart attack at his home near Frankfurt.

Fritz had a protestant upbringing and joined the Unification Movement in November 1974, giving up his studies of geology in Freiburg for a fulltime CARP mission in Frankfurt. He was one of the German foreign missionaries who went to 95 nations of the world in April 1975 and dedicated his heart in his mission country, Yemen, for 21 years and came to deeply appreciate and love the Middle Eastern culture. Among his many accomplishments was the connection of Yemen’s Grand Mufti Ahmed Mohammad Zabarah with True Parents and the participation of the Mufti and 10 other Yemeni couples in the first interreligious Blessing Ceremony in Seoul 1992. Another significant event was the visit of 10 high-ranking Yemeni ladies in Cairo in December 1993 on the occasion of True Mother’s World Tour for the establishment of the International Women’s Federation for World Peace.

During the following 21 years, Fritz worked as national messiah in Peru (1996-1999) and on his return to Germany served in various full-time missions: PR representative (e.g. dealing with the legal process towards the lifting of the Schengen entrance ban of True Parents in Europe), publication director, national leader (2005/2006), UPF general manager (until his ascension).

He was widely respected for his deep faith, his humble and steadfast character and his willingness to do whatever was required of him. He dedicated his life for the fulfilment of God’s Will and felt close to True Parents especially in nature. Hiking in the mountains, sailing on the sea, caring for his garden, playing music, singing and meeting people, studying and reading books were among his favorite leisure activities.

Fritz received the Blessing in 1982 in Seoul (6000 couples) and leaves behind his wife Hildegard and the children Hanna, Johann, Achim and Lisa, whom he loved and cared for very deeply.

By complete surprise our beloved brother Fritz Piepenburg has gone into the spiritual world. On Saturday afternoon during gardening he suffered a heart attack, which was so large that any help came too late.

The Seong Hwa ceremony will take place Thursday, October 22, 2015.