Sun Jin Nim at the Inauguration of FFWPU Japan

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Inauguration of the Family Federation for World Peace and Unification in Japan

Japan, Chiba prefecture, Makuhari Event Hall – October 12, 2015

Keynote Address

Sun Jin Moon

International President

Family Federation for World Peace and Unification

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Minasan, Konnichiwa!

Distinguished guests and beloved brothers and sisters!

It is a tremendous honor for me to be here with you today celebrating the inauguration of the Family Federation for World Peace and Unification in Japan. This is a joyous and momentous victory for Japan, and for our worldwide movement. It seems especially meaningful that this victory came at the time of the 3rd Anniversary of True Father’s Ascension.


What a blessing!

This wonderful advancement fills us with a spirit of hope as we look ahead toward the 3rd Foundation Day, which we will celebrate in February of 2016. Let us show our appreciation with a jubilant round of applause for all the brothers and sisters who made this accomplishment possible! Aju!  Just before coming to Japan I had a very amazing and inspiring experience with True Mother and other members of my family.

As you know, there was an autumnal super-moon this year, something that occurs every 18 years.  With this in mind, True Mother called us together at Cheon Jeon Gung along with three generations of the True Family and Blessed Central Family members. Being so close to this super-moonlight made us all feel Heavenly Parent’s and True Father’s warmth, true love, and wisdom.

It was moving to be in the presence of this radiating, glorious light as it lit the night sky, and illuminated our path as we walked along. And, it was truly special to be with True Mother on this unforgettable night. Along the way, we sang songs of love and devotion to Heavenly Parent, True Father, and to our ascended family members and ancestors.

And we each made our wish in the presence of this luminous autumn moon. Toward the end of our walk, we made our final stop to visit with Anju and Jung Ju, the two beautiful North Korean dogs, one male and one female, given as a gift to True Parents from Kim Jong Eun, the president of North Korea. The gift was presented at the time of True Parents Birthday 2013.

The two dogs are named after True Mother’s hometown of Anju and True Father’s hometown of Jung Ju. True Parents looked after and raised Jung ju and Anju with the heart of yearning for Unification. Since Jung ju and Anju were siblings, they could not breed. Hence, Anju was allowed to breed with Uri, a pure breed Poongsan Dog donated by former president Kim Jeong Il to former president Kim Dae Jung of South Korea on the condition that if Anju gives birth to puppies, one of them should be given to Uri.

Mating between Uri and Anju was attempted on several occasions without success. However, miraculously on the occasion of True Father Third’s Seonghwa Memorial, Anju gave birth to two healthy and adorable puppies.

The first puppy born from the mating between Anju and Uri was donated to Uri as promised. This puppy was moved to an animal shelter (zoo) managed by the Korean government. After taking a good look at the second puppy, True Mother named it Jung Pal. The first character ‘Jung’ comes from True Father’s hometown of Jung ju and the second character, ‘Pal’ comes from the Chinese character symbolizing perfection or eternity.

As we held and played with Jung Pal, we felt as if we were embracing True Father’s hometown and his dream of unification of our homeland of Korea. It was as though the ideal of peace for the entire world was alive and almost real as we experienced the gift of life in this small puppy. Also, in the glowing light of the sphere of the super-moon, we could see and feel the full circle of life from birth to death.

We all felt gratitude for the amazing gift of life, knowing that through our lives we have the esteemed honor and opportunity to make this world a better place, before we pass to the spiritual world. In this moment, under the super-moon, together with True Mother, and True Father’s puppy, we felt purely blessed. Our hearts were united as we hugged each other as one family, with eternal love and gratitude to True Father and our family members who had ascended.

According to some, the autumn super-moon and its cycle are believed to give off energy for growth, liberation and new beginnings. The fact that the super-moon phenomenon includes an eclipse suggests that it marks the end of one era or period and the beginning of a new one.

It is a time for growth, balance, and centering. On this magical night, centered completely as one family under our Heavenly Parent and True Parents, we welcomed this new era of joy and greater blessings. This very special day was also the time in Korea known as Chuseok, a time of thanksgiving when we gather as a family to honor our ascended ancestors at the Wonjeon and share a feast of the autumn harvest.

We reflected on the lives of our loved ones who had passed, knowing that each one had their own hopes, dreams and aspirations for peace. Recognizing this, we each pledged to live and work to fulfill their hopes and dreams. We felt deeply the preciousness of life and of each and every breath we take. Life is such a blessing.

True Mother spoke to us during our Chuseok luncheon. She commented on the super-moon, and she reminded us that such a moon only occurs every 18 years. She asked each of us to think about our own lives over the course of the next 18 years. What will we accomplish during that time?

She encouraged us to strive to achieve full completion, like the super-moon; we should each feel hopeful and joyful, knowing that we have been blessed by True Parents with true love, life and lineage.

Here are some words from True Mother from the luncheon:

When I look at the round moon, I think about our lives. During our earthly lives, I hope that our responsibility does not falter; we should be like the round moon which is growing bigger every day. To complete the Will of the providence, I, my family, the church and the nation must fulfill their responsibilities while True Parents are on this earth. I have wondered, “How many full moons must pass for that day to come?” Everyone, what thoughts did you have?

First of all, standing before True Parents, the priority is that we fulfill the 2020 Vision. You must fulfill this responsibility. Your achievement will demonstrate to others and to the world that victory is possible. Isn’t that so? Can you do it? If you do so, 7 billion people around the world will attend the Heavenly Parent and they will advance toward the happy day when they can share gratitude, and love just like we experienced today. Just like the round moon, your efforts and devotion will determine whether or not a lot of time, or a shorter time needs to be spent. Beginning with the individual, when all members and families fulfill their responsibilities and attend the Heavenly Parent with one heart, one Will and one devotion, we will be able to show the people of this world the way to build a united world where we can attend the Heavenly Parent and celebrate together with True Parents. (True Mother’s speech)

I wanted to share this experience with you in hopes that I could bring to all of you some of the same light, joy, love and wisdom of our True Mother, especially as we celebrate the victory of FFWPU-Japan. Truly we are coming much closer to fulfilling True Parent’s will that we become one global family under Heavenly Parent, making this ideal a peaceful, loving reality for the whole world! Aju!

As I stand before you today, I am deeply humbled, and my heart is filled with profound gratitude and respect for each and every one of you, especially when I reflect on the heroic and sacrificial course that you have followed throughout your lives, in attendance to Heavenly Parent and True Parents. Without your sacrifice and your unchanging dedication we would not be celebrating this victorious day.

Thank you brothers and sisters.

You shine like stars in the heavens. Salanghamnida!

You are even brighter than a super-moon!!!

Certainly for all of us, centering on the 3rd anniversary of True Father’s ascension, we have come to know the clear, absolute, path of victory that our True Parents completed. I think especially of the recent publication of the Cham Bumo Gyeong, and the completion of the three Holy Scriptures. We have been given renewed hope and grace, allowing us to overcome negativity and resentment so that we can follow the path of light, love, hope, faith and goodness.

This is possible because we have been engrafted to True Parents as the true olive tree, whereby we can become their filial sons and daughters. With our True Mother here on earth and True Father in heaven, and strengthened by their words of truth, we can move forward toward the fulfillment of Vision 2020 and the realization of CIG.

Of utmost importance in fulfilling both of these goals is the tribal messiah mission. As we carry out our responsibility, we honor our True Father and, along the way, we can achieve harmony and oneness with all living beings and bring the truth of True Parents to all 7 billion people of the world.

As we usher in this glorious autumn season and celebrate this joyous victory for FFWPU Japan, let us reflect on the words of True Father, as he speaks about the significance of the shift from the era of the Unification Church to the era of the Family Federation:

The Family Federation for World Peace and Unification was established to gather the mothers, the sons and the daughters, who had fallen short in Adam’s family, and lead them to the Blessing. From the family age of the Blessing we move now to the tribal age. The age of HSA-UWC was for the sake of finding Adam’s family. Now we are in the course of uniting Adam’s family and building the tribal-level foundation. After interconnecting the tribes we can build a national-level foundation and finally a world-level foundation. We are now in this time of great change, so the Unification Church is transforming into the Family Federation for World Peace and Unification.

The Unification Church has completed the foundation on the individual level, and after establishing the family, tribe and people we need to settle one nation, the nation of the united world. If the Unification Church can help guide the United Nations, everything will be done. It is important to achieve the unification of North and South Korea, and also to unite the Adam and Eve nations. That time will come.

When you receive the Blessing, you must join the Family Federation for World Peace and Unification and take responsibility as tribal messiahs…..At this time, centering on the True Family, we can connect to the realm of direct dominion. We are becoming complete with True Parents as the center Accordingly, in the Unification Church, we have been performing the Blessing ceremony centering on true love, true life and true lineage, thereby connecting everything to God.

The God-centered family is the place in which all religions are fulfilled. Religions emerged in order to seek the family that was lost in the Garden of Eden. This was to clarify that the original ideal world as envisioned at the Creation comes not through religion but, rather, through ideal families.

These are such precious words from our True Father, and I believe they help us understand the significance of today’s gathering.

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History of Restoration

As each of you knows, the way of salvation is a difficult course of restoration, a course of reversing the Fall so that humanity can re-unite with Heavenly Parent. There is no magic wand for salvation. In fact, the course of restoration is marked by the sacrificial path taken by our True Parents along with all of you.

True Parents revealed to us the true loving heart of our Heavenly Parent, the true nature of the Fall, and the principles of restoration. They revealed to us the patterns of providential history and showed us the way to reverse the Fall, restoring the world of darkness, and building a new world that is within the direct dominion of Heavenly Parent’s loving light. Heavenly Parent created human beings to be object partners of true love.

Restoration occurs as we create relationships of true love. With this in mind, we understand that True Parents cannot fulfill the providence of restoration all by themselves; they needed to create a family, a True Family that reciprocated absolute true love, faith and obedience. As Blessed Central Families we have all been engrafted to True Parents as object partners, with the mission and responsibility to become their filial sons and daughters.

True Parents were able to achieve victory at each critical stage in the history of restoration because of the genuine, absolute, loving, and sincere devotion and effort of our filial True Family members, and all our precious brothers and sisters around the world, especially here in Japan. True Parents have not only raised their own sons and daughters, but they have worked tirelessly to establish a global family of sons and daughters, brothers and sisters in every corner of the world, all within one lifetime. They expanded the realm of the Blessing to every continent and every nation, and to people of every race, religion, nationality and culture.

That is why they established the Family Federation for World Peace and Unification as a global movement of Blessed families. It is our mission to build on their foundation and expand the realm of the Blessing to 7 billion people of the world. When I look at your faces today, I can feel that Heavenly Parent, True Father in Heaven, and True Mother on earth are very happy. They have been comforted and supported by the absolute love, faith, and filial piety you have returned to them.

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True Mother and the Eve Nation of Japan

I would like to take this precious opportunity to offer special thanks to True Mother. Without her devotion and her life of absolute sacrifice to Heavenly Parent and True Father over many decades in the providence of restoration none of us would be standing here today as members of the True Family or as Blessed Central Family members. It is because of her absolute true love, faith, and obedience that we stand here to inherit true love, true life, and true lineage from our beloved True Parents. Together with True Father, she completed the original ideal of Heavenly Parent, the three blessings, and the original four-position foundation.

This is the root of our movement. And, now that True Father has ascended, she has worked tirelessly and she has triumphed to secure and settle the Family Federation for World Peace and Unification. And, she leads us forward toward the fulfillment of Vision 2020 and the completion of Cheon Il Guk, so that our entire movement can eternally thrive and prosper.

Her course has not been easy or simple. She has said that her life has been like a deep ocean; beneath the surface there are so many difficulties and unfathomable sacrifices she had to overcome. We are so blessed to have our True Mother guiding and loving us.

We must honor her love, sacrifice, and victory while she is on the earth; True Father in heaven wishes nothing less than for his children to live with love, oneness, and joy with our eternal True Parents. Aju? I know in my heart that you beloved Japanese brothers and sisters have also walked a path of total sacrifice.

For this reason, you can understand True Mother’s heart. Like True Mother, you have also maintained a standard of absolute love, faith and obedience as the mother nation. This level of devotion and hard work enabled you to receive the blessings from True Father and opened your hearts to offer support to not only the father nation, but all nations around the globe giving salvation to all the lost children of the world.

You are a living testimony to the hallowed glory, the true sincere heart, the embodiment of True Love and living for the sake of others, and the actualized truth of our True Parents.

When we celebrated the 3rd anniversary of True Father’s Ascension, our Japanese members performed a musical that displayed the passion and depth of True Father’s love. Wasn’t it wonderful? True Mother was so inspired!

We witnessed the history of True Father’s unchanging will to embrace and bring salvation to the world, even at the risk of his own life, by loving and forgiving Japan, that was viewed as an “enemy” nation at that period in time. We cried as the performers portrayed True Father’s tortuous and humiliating path of suffering, never failing to love his enemy, winning their hearts through the practice of true love and grace. True Father set the standard of true love, a standard we are called to embody.

This path that we all are called to walk was paved with True Father’s absolute, devout passion to unite all divided entities and restore all beings and things back into oneness with our Heavenly Parent. When we deeply reflect on True Parents’ sacrificial course, we understand that they went that way for our sake, so that we could receive the Blessing and build a world where such indemnity and suffering are no longer necessary.

As this autumnal season is a time for reflection, growth, and renewal, please meditate and open your hearts to appreciate Heavenly Parent and True Parents. Let us think of what we can offer in return for all the gifts of True Love, True Life and True Lineage that we have received. The principle of give and take action calls for reciprocity.

We have each been given salvation, the blessing, the vision 2020 of one family under HP, and the glorious honor of ushering in the realization of CIG! We have been given a glorious, eternal truth, path of TL, and unlimited grace. Knowing this, how should we respond? True Father, before ascending, gave us the answer. He anointed all Blessed Central Family members with the tribal messiah mission.

Just as True Parents sincerely offered their lives for the sake of the providence of restoration and emerged victorious, we should do the same through our tribal messiah mission. Our hearts should be overflowing with gratitude and love as we stand on their victorious foundation. As their sons and daughters let us joyfully strive each day to create loving families at home, as well as fulfilling True Parent’s vision to return all the children of the world back to our Heavenly Parent.

As we usher in the FFWPU era in Japan, we affirm the victorious lives of our True Parents, who are the absolute unified center, as a true husband and wife. All life born from them or engrafted to them through the Blessing can be fully restored. This is a joyous moment in history of our Japanese movement!

Because True Mother and the Eve Nation of Japan completely united with True Father and walked an absolute course of sacrifice and restoration, the providence could go forward. Victory was assured. True Mother, together with the Eve Nation, established deep roots on a global scale and gave rebirth and new life, through the Blessing, to millions of people all over the world.

Along with our glorious True Parents, you are all heroes and champions; true filial sons and daughters, patriots and saints who, after having paid so much indemnity and having overcome countless difficulties, can share Heavenly Parent’s grace, love and truth with the world.

I offer you all my deepest love and gratitude! (Arigato Gozaimasu! Aishite imasu!)

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Let’s Support TM and Bring Victory with Vision 2020

As you know, True Mother has reassured and promised True Father in Heaven that she will carry on their providential mission here on earth. True Father has stated the importance of expanding True Parents’ Blessing to other families through our effort as tribal messiahs.

When you receive the Blessing, you must join the Family Federation for World Peace and Unification and take responsibility as tribal messiahs… By connecting to the nation and becoming one with God and True Parents, we transition from the realm of indirect dominion to the realm of direct dominion. This is the course we must take. This is how unity is achieved” Chambumogyung Book 12 Chapter 1

True Mother has been very encouraged with the rapid expansion of tribal messiah Blessings in countries like Philippines, Nepal, Thailand and other countries and highlighted the need for a national level of heavenly victory.   I know that True Mother has high hopes for FFWPU Japan; you are the mother nation. I know that the Japanese brothers and sisters will unite wholeheartedly with True Mother and support her.

To show our united support and eternal love for TPs, let us all join hands, feel the power and warmth of this collective loving energy!

And, with one heart, one mind, and one united spirit, let us pledge our full and sincere determination to complete this Tribal Messiah mission; realizing Vision 2020 and establishing Cheon Il Guk!

Let us feel the limitless energy of being one united family, and let us offer our commitment, like a great autumn super-moon, to usher in a new cycle, a new era of victory and completion of our True Parents’ dreams for worldwide peace and unification. All together, then let us offer three booming and energetic cheers of sungli and unified mansei! Sunli x3!!! Aju!

May all our collective wishes and dreams be fulfilled and bring victory, love, peace and unification to all life and creation! Aju!

May Heavenly Parent and True Parents blessings and love be with each one of you and with your precious families always!

Kamsahamnida! Salanghamnida! Namaste!

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