Family Values and Morals are Vital in Building a new Nation; Mere Physical Reconstruction is not Enough

By Robert Kittel: Rev. Santosh Paudel, President of FFWPU Nepal, had an article published in a leading Nepali daily. It was published on the editorial page and he received appreciation from many quarters. The headlines read: “Family Values and Morals are Vital in Building a new Nation; Mere Physical Reconstruction is not Enough.” Here is a summary translation of this Article:


Sooner or later our nation will be on the path of economic progress. Along the way there is an overwhelming concern about the decline of our oriental identity, culture, customs, value and virtues. One our most precious treasures is the joint family culture. The whole world is envious of Asia in this regards. We must maintain these precious values.

If we only look for physical development, it will be useless if our morals, characters, cultures pass away. If this happens, we will certainly face the same fate as the Roman Empire, Western societies, America and Greece.

Peace will never be established by if we abandon our moral values. Peace needs to be based on righteous principle of human life which starts from the family where children are filial towards their parents. This is the basis to become patriots to the nation.

Free sex which had been adopted by Western societies destroys healthy families. To a large extent Eastern culture not only controls sex but makes it dignified. That’s why we should keep Asian values that honor more the institutions of family and marriage in order to have healthy sexual culture and education.

Nepal has set example to world for its conflict resolution and peace process by integrating militant Maoists into the peace process. Recently it faced devastating earthquake which took nearly 10,000 lives and destroyed millions of dollars of property. As this is the time of rebuild our country we should not forget to maintain our values, virtues, ideals and cultures in the name of reconstruction.

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