Rally commemorating the 55th Anniversary of the Founding of the Unification Church of Japan


Message of Blessing to Japan, by Director-General Sun Jin Moon

September 23 ~ 28


FFWPU Japan: The 55th Anniversary Rally of the Founding of the Unification Church of Japan was held, welcoming FFWPUI Director-General Sun Jin Moon representing True Mother, in the afternoon of October 1. Approximately 1800 people participated in the venue in Tokyo, including elder families, Ambassadors for Peace and members of the Tokyo area. The series of rallies which began on Sept. 23 with the 10,000 Global Youth Festival (Makuhari, Chiba), followed by the Okinawa Rally on the 27th and the Saga Rally on the 28th was concluded in Tokyo.

In the Rallies, all offered heartfelt gratitude to Heavenly Parent and the True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind, for protecting and guiding the Japanese Church for 55 years from its founding until today, as well as honored the efforts and accomplishments of our great elders who built the foundation of the Japanese Church. Through True Mother’s message delivered by Sun Jin Nim, the participants felt deeply the spirit and thought of True Parents, their great expectation and desire for Japan, and their profound love. The Rallies became a valuable opportunity to make a new start toward the victory of Vision 2020, with even deeper resolve than before.

At the beginning of the Rally, a silent prayer was offered by all those present for those who were involved in the eruption of Mt. Ontake on September 27. One church member lost his life, and three members are unaccounted for (as of Oct. 1, 5:00 pm.) In the first part of the Rally, an award ceremony was held for 85 veteran pastors and top witnessers, who were presented with plaques, certificates and commemorative gifts by Chairman Yong Cheon Song of the National Blessed Families Association, and President Eiji Tokuno of the Unification Church of Japan.

Part Two began with the Cheon Il Guk Song, a bow, and a representative report prayer offered by Mr. Hirokazu Ota. A video presentation highlighting the recent words by True Mother and the history of the Japanese Unification Movement was followed by greetings as organizer from President Eiji

Tokuno, who stated, “To support and attend True Mother who shoulders the entire responsibility of the heavenly providence of building Cheon Il Guk, by offering our utmost devotion, is the greatest gift we can return to True Father who is in the spirit world; let us engrave this deep in our hearts, and advance strongly to fulfill the will of God!”

Next, President Michael Balcomb of FFWPU USA, presented a plaque of gratitude to the Japanese Church for all of its contribution to the world. North American Continental Director Ki Hoon Kim gave greetings, saying the Japanese missionaries have played a huge role in the development of the American Church, and expressed his gratitude. He stressed as well, to let us do our best as we support True Mother.


An Ambassador for Peace who is a current member of the National Diet said in his greetings, “By the time we celebrate the 100th anniversary, let us realize the Japan-Korea Tunnel and the International Highway, so that we can report this to the Rev. Sun Myung Moon!”, drawing a big applause from the audience.

Chairman Yong Cheon Song mentioned in his Welcoming Remarks, about the falling birth rate in Japan, saying, “Unless the mentality of the young people is changed, the birth rate will not rise. The future of Japan depends indeed on the thinking of its youth regarding marriage and whether families can be rebuilt or not….the Unification Movement of Japan, in unity with the True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind who are guiding us with Vision 2020, has the mission to connect Japan to heavenly fortune, as well as develop the true family national movement to save this country, and stand at the forefront of rebuilding families and Japan.

Let us become one with Director-General Sun Jin Moon’s heart of absolute filial piety, unite with True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind, and fulfill our historic mission as Mother Nation to realize Vision 2020.” After a video summarizing Sun Jin Nim’s visit to Okinawa and Saga was shown, the South Tokyo District Leader couple, Masaichi and Moriko Hori, presented a bouquet of flowers to Director-General Sun Jin Moon and In Sup Park’s couple.

At the beginning of the Keynote Address, Sun Jin Nim led a silent invocation once again for the victims and families of those who lost their lives by the eruption of Mt. Ontake. During one passage that expressed True Mother’s heart, Sun Jin Nim was moved to tears, yet delivered True Mother’s speech, “The Path to a Future World of Peace” with dignity.

In the speech, True Mother stated that in this era of great change, our attitude in life as leaders of peace should be to practice a “life of gratitude,” a “life of forgiveness,” and a “life of love,” emphasizing that “we should live a life of unity… we cannot become one if there is no center. Conflicts between siblings occur easily when the parents are absent. If we live, attending God as parents, we will come to feel that we are not separate from others, but belong to one lineage, as brothers and sisters. When we can separate ourselves from our many earthly desires, the wars between countries, that are actually siblings, will also come to an end.”

Finally, she stated, “We will definitely be able to fulfill a world of peace and happiness that everyone desires. Gratitude will enable us to receive heavenly fortune, forgiveness will open people’s hearts, and love will move human beings. Let us be grateful for all things, forgive even our enemies, love our neighbors as ourselves, and unite as one for the sake of peace.”

All joined in a rousing chorus of “Mimune no Ouenka,” followed by four cheers of Eok Mansei by Keisuke Kamijo, leader of Region 10, to close the event.

Following the Anniversary Rally, a meeting of elder families was held in Shinjuku. Director-General Sun Jin Moon said, “All of you have endured through everything, overcome all obstacles and brought victory. You have followed Heavenly Parent and True Parents as unwavering, filial sons and daughters,” in deep appreciation of the hardships of the elders who have furthered the providence with much sacrifice.

Director-General Sun Jin Moon who heard testimonies of members during the tour of Japan praised them, saying, “I believe the testimonies of your lives are very valuable treasures of humanity.” She encouraged them, stating “Now is the time to start writing a new chapter of glory in history,” uniting in true love and gratitude. The elder families were moved by the deep love and heart of True Parents poured out by Director-General Sun Jin Moon, and the meeting became an opportunity to solidify their resolve.

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