Meeting with Elder Japanese Blessed Couples



FFWPU Japan: Here is the speech given by Director General, FFWPU International, Sun Jin Moon to members in Tokyo on October 1, 2014



Respected and beloved elder Blessed families,

I am humbled to be standing in front of you, the great leaders and spiritual pillars of the Unification church of Japan. You are the ones who have shed your blood, sweat and tears, on this physical plane; you are the ones who have spiritually paid the sacrificial indemnity of restoration for all humankind with our True parents. Knowing this, I can only humbly bow down to you all; for you are the ones who have upheld God’s Providence in Japan and the world.

True Mother, more than anything, wanted to be here with all of you. Since she could not be here, she asked me to make sure to take time during this tour to personally pay tribute to all of you and respectfully applaud and venerate you, the elder members in Japan. More than anyone in the world I believe you, our elder brothers and sisters here in Japan, know True mother’s heart. You have all endured and claimed victory by overcoming all obstacles; you have steadfastly stood your ground as true filial sons and daughters of True Parents and Heavenly Parent. Even though I am True Parents’ direct descendent, none of the True Family members were actually raised by True Parents. Throughout my childhood I only remember our parents speaking and gathering with our church members; or leaving home to visit members in other countries around the world. Even though I am True Parents’ daughter, I can only barely glimpse into the suffering course that you, together with True Parents, have walked.

When I told True Mother, before coming here, that I am unworthy and inadequate to represent her in this position, she told me not to worry, because True Parents are always with me, and they will teach me. She said that all I need to do is to follow her direction and God’s will with my sincere heart.

These past few years I have spent more time with True Parents than during my whole lifetime as their daughter. I am learning through every precious moment I spend with True Parents. I am also learning through my experiences with all of you. I have learned about the depth of your faith, your pure dedication, sincere offerings, and your unwavering perseverance for world peace that should be memorialized in all of our hearts. I am truly sorry to you all that I am here to greet you, as I fall short in all capacity when it comes to conveying True Mother’s gratitude and love to you. I thank you for your consideration and patience.

I am sure you already know how to say “thank you” and “I love you” in Korean. These two simple expressions convey the heart and the message of love that she wanted me to share with you. True Mother began to emphasize the depth and meaning of these words after the passing of True Father. At the time of True Father’s Seonghwa, True Mother was overwhelmed by the worldwide heartache and grief that shook every member of our family.

Seeing True Mother physically, spiritually, and emotionally exhausted, I asked if there is anything I could do to comfort her. She said to me, “Don’t worry about me. We need to console and love the members worldwide.” Soon after this time, she sent True Family members on a worldwide tour to console our members, and to collect True Parents historical artifacts and prepare them to be delivered and memorialized in the Cheon Jeong Gung museum. She then went on tour with True Family members cross-country in the USA, to give love and hope to all the American brothers and sisters. Ignoring her physical condition she carried on tirelessly trying to heal, love, and give hope to all our members, our brothers and sisters around the world.

At this same time, without any time to pause or withdraw, she also faced the almost insurmountable challenge of consolidating, re-organizing, and upgrading, single-handedly, the worldwide foundation of our movement. I know that to manage even one company requires an incredible investment of time and energy. And, yet, what True Mother was dealing with was so much larger, namely, how to grow our movement at a time of crisis. And if this were not enough, she also had to deal, in some situations, with an entangled web of disorganization and chaos. There were many things that she alone had to clean up.

She poured out all her energy, heart, prayers, and soul, communing with True Father every moment and working in tandem with his presence, tackling each problem one at a time. True Parents worked night and day and placed everything back into order.

After managing and stabilizing all the worldwide foundations, she wanted to us to hold what is now known as the Aloha Workshop in Hawaii for all the grandchildren of the True Family. She wanted to make sure the future generations of True Parents’ legacy learn two main teachings; she said, “If you know these two things you can understand everything in Divine Principle.” The two precious Korean phrases, she taught, were ‘Kamsa hamnida!’ and ‘Sarang Hamnida!’ As you know, these phrases mean ‘Thank you’ and ‘I love you.’

Mother always told me that these phrases represent the two most important principles – gratitude and love – which we should embody in our lives and pass on to our children. If we apply these principles we can bring about true healing, joy and liberation, and a peaceful resolution to all conflicts. Only when we are grateful can we become consciously aware that every moment is a blessing. In this awareness, there is only abundance, joy, fulfillment, and true love. When we are thus inundated with Heavenly Parent’s true love we can then become the source of love, feeling love in every cell of our body, and sharing it as one universal love with all people and all things in creation.

This is the complete harmony, the boundlessness, and the absolute unity with the divine. True Mother has asked me to bow to that divine light in you, the light that you have kept lit all these years, passing that flame to countless others so that they too may have this divine light to lead them out of darkness.

Thanks to True Mother’s wisdom, the curriculum for the Aloha Workshop was based on these core essentials, knowing that these two phrases encapsulate everything we need to know.

All my fears and doubt about how to pass on True Parents’ teachings to our young were washed away. True Mother’s guidance was simply perfect. And, we just had the 2nd Aloha Workshop where the blessed children from all over the world learned love, gratitude, joy, and that we are one family under Heavenly Parent. I taught these two principles through yoga for the Aloha Workshop, and we have an expression for this eternal gratitude and love and it is called “Namaste.” It means I bow to the divine light in you, for you are Heavenly Parent’s, and all is Heavenly Parent’s. Namaste.

I am truly grateful to be here in Japan. Meeting our brothers and sisters on this tour has been a source of tremendous love, wisdom, inspiration, healing, and hope. I have always had great respect for the Japanese members. In many ways I feel like Japan is my home. Growing up, it was Japanese sisters, three “onesans”, who raised me in East Garden. When I think of how Japan has been like a mother all over the world, with missionaries, funding the worldwide providence, giving every part mind, body, family, and soul for the sake of others, I am truly grateful to our mother nation of Japan.

On this trip I had the honor of listening to some of your testimonies. I came to realize that your life stories are our worldwide family’s great treasure. You, alongside our True Parents, have been writing with your lives of dedication, the pages of a restored and liberated history that has opened the way for all of us to live with TL and pure joy. To actually witness all the love and hard work you have poured out for the sake of humankind is a deep honor. I can feel your sincere heart and love for Heavenly Parent. You inspire us all to serve you in return. If we do not honor our parents and elders, we can never honor our descendants and not even our own selves. In a way, I feel that the elders of Japan understand the heart of True Mother more than the leaders of any other countries, because you understand the responsibility and role of being a mother and of being parents to the world. Everything you do is for the sake of others. We thank you and we love you! Please let us help carry your burden and honor your memory in our hearts forever.

The ascension of True Father has left a hole in the hearts of the members of my family, as I am sure it has in yours as well. The only consolation to that heartache that I have found has been to empathize with True Mother’s heartache. Even now, I still cannot imagine the level of burden that has come to our True Mother following the passing of our True Father. She has said in her speech that the burden is overwhelming, and feels like being under tons of pressure from the weight and expanse of the oceans. At a time when she could have dwelled on her sorrows, she courageously took the helm, carrying forward True Father’s mission, navigating through the typhoon of grief and safely anchoring the members and guiding the Providence to calm shores.

She risked her own life countless times knowing this was the only way to bring an end to God’s suffering heart, and the only way to honor True Father’s legacy. Attending my own mother, I am constantly impressed by her wisdom, her profound heart and her amazing strength. No matter what the hardship, Mother always finds a solution through deep spiritual communion with True Father, and by dedicating herself day and night for the sake of God’s Will.

Now, True Mother is standing firmly on this earth as the center of our movement. She is a living miracle. She has been getting stronger, faster, and living longer. She has become the model of physical, mental and spiritual health. Putting one foot in front of the other and leading the way with, together with True Father; they are stepping in unison. They stand together as the center, and as the seamless harmony and unity of the spirit and earthly worlds.

Recently, True Mother held 21 and 40 day Workshop for many members of the True Family, held a holy Blessing ceremony in Korea for the two youngest daughters. We as one True family stand united with True Parents and with all of you to uphold and honor your path and pave a brighter future of love, joy, and peace for all of Heavenly Parent’s creation.

During the recent Chusuk celebration, we offered our gratitude and remembrances to True Father. True mother and the whole family sang under the harvest moon, which shined down with loving, gentle moonlit grace. We all felt True Father’s love and energy beaming down illuminating the night sky, as his smiling face seemed to dance on the surface craters of the Moon.

After the second anniversary of True Father’s ascension, we felt all the hardships melt away as we were bathed in grace, pure joy, oneness, and blessings. Even though the past year was devastating, we could feel a new day beginning, because of True Mother’s resolve, leadership, and divine light.

We have all been reborn, revived, and reunited as one family under Heavenly Parent and True Parents. It made me realize that with true love as our center, all things can be returned to Heavenly Parent. That is the legacy that you and our church represent, the restoration of all humankind back to Heavenly Parent. Without True Parents saving you, without you saving us, without us keeping the embers of light lit for our future generations, no salvation would be possible.

This autumn season, we felt the true harvest after all the hardships and sacrifice. Together we are writing a new page in our historical saga, one of liberation from indemnity and abundant blessings that surround us every moment when we are conscious. We are writing glorious new chapters about absolute gratitude and love through forgiveness, and about true love and unity with all people and all things.

It is appropriate that we pay tribute and celebrate the path taken by our elder family members, honor your lasting legacy of joy that can be passed on to our future generations. The door for all humankind to share this grace and blessing has been opened due to your collective consciousness and works for Heavenly Parent. Love and only true love and abundance surround our future. We have all the knowledge, the road maps, and the resolve needed to create one family under Heavenly Parent. Let us honor our Heavenly Parent, our True Parents and all of you.

Life is eternal. Heavenly Parent, True Parents, True Family, Blessed Families, we are all one and eternal when we love and live the three great blessings. Like the seasons change continuously from birth to rebirth, the blessings from Heavenly Parent are ever present, if we are awake to receive them and share them with the world. It has been a time of tremendous gratitude, grace, love, and remembrance for our family, past and present. We have witnessed so many miracles during this time and I hope that these stories bring you peace and love.

One last story I want to share took place just after Chusuk. At that time, Yeon Jin’s and Jeung Jin’s couples, elder Yeon Ah onni, Un jin Onni and our couple went to Wonjeon to pay respects to our ancestors, including our brothers and sisters, nieces and nephews, starting from Hyojin Oppa, Heungjin Oppa, Hee Jin onni, Young Jin, and to all the other family members. From one mound to the next, as we prayed, we experienced the love of family. With tears flowing down our cheeks, we all had only one wish, and that was peace for those who left before us, and peace and harmony among all members of this global family, not in some distant future, but in our lifetime.

True Mother quotes True Father all the time, saying, “It is not an individual alone that goes to heaven; it must be the whole family that enters heaven together, as one.” This is so true. Could we ever imagine a heaven for ourselves without our loved ones? When True Mother says we need to be one family, that means all 14 true children, along with all the blessed true family members, and all living beings of the world; all together we should be one. We are the branches of a tree stemming out of a single trunk. You all have grown from this trunk. And this trunk is secured by the deep roots our true parents firmly burrowed into this blessed ground.

Nothing would be born if not for their seed, and the perfected union of our father and mother. That seed was Heavenly Parent’s blessing and grace to this world once veiled in darkness. And for the first time in history, the leaves, flowers, and fruits of the next generations are flourishing in a world lit by all components of this living grace and divine light. So when we see this tree of new life in all its glory, we can see the years, the grooves and rings of wisdom, the age, endurance, and the miraculous growth that can bear pure fruit and pure seeds to sustain the world.

No single component can live on its own; we are all part of this magnificent tree. We must be one; we must synergize to thrive. Similarly, all the foundations, leaders, members, blessed families, beautiful blessed children, and the promising youth that we see today, are the results of your sincerity, faith, and dedication for Heavenly Parent and True Parents, and we must honor that legacy.

The past has been tumultuous. Some of you may have uncertainty in your hearts and minds today. My sincere hope, however, is that you can tap into your higher consciousness, your original mind, and see beyond all the clouds, to witness who we truly are. You are and always will be true sons and daughters of True Parents.

As mother mentioned in the message today, we lose unity when we lose our center. God sent us True Parents so that we can experience and understand God’s heart, and by that bond of heart, we can become one true family under Heavenly Parent and True Parents.

My dear respected elders. I would like to tell you, from the bottom of my heart, “Kamsa hamnida,” “Sarang Hamnida”.

You have carried the cross together with True Parents. You have sacrificed everything to love True Parents and carry on their Will.

I was asked by Mother to bring her gift to you today. Please receive this as a token of her gratitude and love. Please continue to offer sincerity for God’s Providence, and as elders, please guide and raise younger generations, starting from me, passing on the heart and traditions that you inherited from True Parents. Let us march forward together. Let us attend True Father and True Mother to the end and accomplish their dream together. “Sholi!” (“Victory” in Japanese)

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