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Victorious Gospel of True Parents 7

By Dr. Tyler Hendricks “God has had no partner. He needs a female object partner. She is His partner, and at the same time she is the Queen of the earth. She is the Queen of the tribes and Queen of the families. She stands as the Grandmother of all ancestors, the Mother...

Victorious Gospel of True Parents 6

By Dr. Tyler Hendricks True Parents did not call upon God to destroy Satan; they did not blame Lucifer for all the problems. They took responsibility because the Fall is ultimately Adam’s responsibility. So they loved Satan’s people, us, took on all our sins, and guided us on the way of restoration and...

Victorious Gospel of True Parents 5

By Dr. Tyler Hendricks, November 16, 2015 “In order to complete God’s providence of salvation, it is not one man, the Savior, the Messiah, or Lord of the Second Advent, who has to appear. It is the True Parents, a husband and wife who resemble God completely and who have completely realized His...

Victorious Gospel of True Parents 4

By Dr. Tyler Hendricks True Mother needed to give birth to at least twelve children. Are there any sisters here who would like to step forward for that mission? And it was not “it would be great if you could,” or “I want you to do your best;” it was “this is your...

Victorious Gospel of True Parents 3

By Dr. Tyler Hendricks Thank you everyone for your views, subscriptions and comments. This session covers Mother’s life 1960-68. Learning about this, I realized how strong she is. If she could endure what she went through in those years, she can endure anything.

Victorious Gospel of True Parents 2

By Dr. Tyler Hendricks I will be posting this series of nine presentations on the Victorious Gospel of True Parents, one every Monday for seven more weeks, a total of nine. Then I will post one on Father’s words about his succession. Then we get serious about going a little bit viral.

Victorious Gospel of True Parents 1

By Dr. Tyler Hendricks, October 19, 2015 This is to share the blessing of working on Father’s (and Mother’s) words recently, which has deepened my understanding of God’s work in the world. When Jesus left the earth, the Holy Spirit emerged; it was a new chapter. I hope this series of nine videos...

Thoughts on Sanctuary Church

By Dr. Tyler Hendriks, October 17, 2015 My reflections on the stance of Sanctuary Church with regard to God, True Parents, and the Bible’s teachings regarding marriage and family. This will be followed by a series entitled “The Victorious Gospel of True Parents.” I hope you enjoy and look forward to your comments.