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True Peace Magazine, December 2015 issue

True Peace magazine December 2015 issue is out. Click on your language below to read online or download as PDF file: English Online        English PDF   Spanish Online       Spanish PDF French Online         French PDF Korean Online        Korean PDF Japanese Online    Japanese PDF        

True Peace magazine November 2015 issue

Here is the November 2015 issue of True Peace Magazine in 5 languages (below). Please share it with all the blessed families you know. 1. True Peace Magazine November Issue English PDF English Online 2. TP Magazine – Edición de Noviembre 2015 Spanish PDF Spanish Online 3. Magazine TP – Publication du mois de...

True Peace magazine, October 2015 issue

Here is the October 2015 issue of TP magazine in 5 languages, click to read online or download as PDF: English (Online) English (PDF)   Spanish (Online) Spanish (PDF)   French (Online) French (PDF)   Korean (Online) Korean (PDF)   Japanese (Online) Japanese (PDF)    

True Peace Magazine September 2015 issue

The September 2015 issue of TP magazine has been published. Here you can read it online or download as the PDF file in 5 languages: English:  Online    PDF Spanish:  Online    PDF French:  Online    PDF Korean:  Online    PDF Japanese:  Online    PDF        

True Peace Magazine August 2015 issue

True Peace Magazine August issue   Choose to download or read online in your preferred language: English (PDF)        English (Online) Spanish (PDF)       Spanish (Online) French (PDF)         French (Online) Korean (PDF)         Korean (Online) Japanese (PDF)      Japanese (Online)                     

True Peace magazine February 2015 issue

English    Spanish     French    Korean    Japanese     PeaceTV:  Our February 2015 issue is now available. A PDF version can be downloaded from our website or from the links above. We would like to thank you for your contribution this time. We hope this can be a start of a working relationship that can benefit both organizations. We attempted...

True Peace magazine January 2015 issue

English    Spanish     French    Korean    Japanese      PeaceTV:  Our January 2015 issue is now available. Notable in this issue is the script (translated from Korean and edited for reading in a magazine) of a documentary that appeared on MBC.net, a secular Korean news site, that gives a fine overview of Mother’s activities throughout 2014. Among...