41st Special 8-day Workshop for Worldwide Registered Blessed Husbands

Cheongpyeong: True Parents have said that in order to inherit the grace of the “Transition of the Three Ages Four Position Foundation Registration Unification Blessing Ceremony,” Blessed Husbands must also attend the 21-day Workshop, just like the “21-day Registration Workshop for Blessed Wives.” Even though husbands may have personal circumstances such as jobs,...

2014 Autumn Cheongpyeong Special Great Works

Cheongpyeong: On the foundation of True Parents’ victorious realm and the sincere devotion and love offered by Heung Jin Nim and Dae Mo Nim with the True Children from the spirit world as well as the works by the 480 billion absolute good spirits and angels the ‘2014 Autumn Cheongpyeong Special Great Works’...

Two Interactive Timelines of True Father and True Mother’s life

FFWPU USA: … The standard 2D view lets you scroll along the timeline by dragging the time bar on the bottom, or clicking on any title to open and read the content. A “3D” button on the bottom left-hand corner, switches the view to a vertical perspective, allowing the viewer to see history...

Happy Chuseok!

FFWPU USA: As the seasons change and Autumn is upon us, Unificationists observe the Korean harvest holiday, Chuseok, or the “Korean Thanksgiving”. The national headquarters team wishes you and your family a Happy Chuseok and an overview of the holiday. Read More

Updated News (Weekly, August 30)

Peace TV:  News from Korea: 1. True Mother’s Visit to the Hannam-dong House, 2. 2014 Welcoming Festival for New Members, 3. Dedication Service of the Namyang-ju Family Church / Global News: 1. USA: Petition to Recognize the Injustice True Father Suffered in Danbury Prison, 2. UPF-Albania Introduced in the Town of Librazhd, Eastern...

Information Concerning the Cheongpyeong 2-day Workshop Schedule for September, 2014

Warmest greetings from Korea! Attached files (links below) are the official memo FFWPUI 2014-70 Information Concerning the Cheongpyeong 2-day Workshop Schedule forSeptember,2014. 20140827-70-CP(2days-September)-Eng 20140827-70-CP(2days-September)-Kor 20140702-CP(_平_日本_2014年9月_平2日修練_案_)-japanese 2014-CP(2days)-English-Attachment(Group Standard) 2014-CP(2days)-English-Attachment(Back Payment Form B)  

Updated News (Weekly, August 23)

iPeaceTV: Here in this video news you will see reports about: Vision 2020 Strategy Conference for Strategic and Providential Nations, Pilgrimage by Representative Families from Korean District Churches, The Tenth Blessed Culture and Sports Festival in USA, The 1st Home Group Event in Taiwan, Memorial Services for the Second Anniversary of True Father’s Seonghwa in Oceania...

Let Us Become One!

Here is True Mother’s message at the Cheonshim Peace World Centre and at the Banquet for the second Annivesary of True Father’s Universal Seong-hwa, on August 12, 2014