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4 day pilgrimage to 7 Holy Grounds in Albania & Kosovo

FFWPU Albania: We would like to share with you about the first pilgrimage to the 7 Holy Grounds established last year by Rev. and Mrs. Shin – the Special Envoy to Albania and Kosovo. Right after summer activities finished with the 4 Day Divine Principle Seminar and 40 day witnessing campaign mobilization, after...

UK CARP Convention 2014

Chislehurst, UK, 07. – 09. September 2014: The UK CARP Convention was inspired by the US-CARP Convention which promoted a new direction focused towards university students. We want to serve university students based on CARP’s 5 life principles.  Read More

True Parents’ message at the USA National Memorial Service

Founder’s Address to the USA National Memorial Service Read by Professor Yeon Ah Choi Moon Manhattan Center, New York – September 20, 2014     Distinguished Guests, Ladies and Gentlemen. Thank you for gathering together today to honor the life and legacy of my beloved husband, Rev. Dr. Sun Myung Moon, who ascended...

A National Service, a Worldwide Commitment

FFWPU USA: This is a week of great significance to True Parents and Unificationists. Across America, we will celebrate some of the most important dates in the history of True Parents’ work in the United States. September 18 marked the 40th Anniversary of True Father’s speech at Madison Square Garden. Delivered in 1974 in...

Happy Chuseok!

FFWPU USA: As the seasons change and Autumn is upon us, Unificationists observe the Korean harvest holiday, Chuseok, or the “Korean Thanksgiving”. The national headquarters team wishes you and your family a Happy Chuseok and an overview of the holiday. Read More

Updated News (Weekly, August 30)

Peace TV:  News from Korea: 1. True Mother’s Visit to the Hannam-dong House, 2. 2014 Welcoming Festival for New Members, 3. Dedication Service of the Namyang-ju Family Church / Global News: 1. USA: Petition to Recognize the Injustice True Father Suffered in Danbury Prison, 2. UPF-Albania Introduced in the Town of Librazhd, Eastern...

Updated News (Weekly, August 23)

iPeaceTV: Here in this video news you will see reports about: Vision 2020 Strategy Conference for Strategic and Providential Nations, Pilgrimage by Representative Families from Korean District Churches, The Tenth Blessed Culture and Sports Festival in USA, The 1st Home Group Event in Taiwan, Memorial Services for the Second Anniversary of True Father’s Seonghwa in Oceania...

Let Us Become One!

Here is True Mother’s message at the Cheonshim Peace World Centre and at the Banquet for the second Annivesary of True Father’s Universal Seong-hwa, on August 12, 2014