True Mother’s Message to Leaders in Las Vegas

True Mother’s spoke to leaders in the morning of June 8, 2021, in Las Vegas, USA

From now on, our movement in America must educate those in religious or political sectors to practice reasonable politics centering on Cheon Il Guk ideologies. America should prioritize this effort and become a model nation. The ignorance of fallen human beings is devastating this earth, which is like our Creator’s, Heavenly Parent’s, house. Since this planet overall is becoming desolate, polluted, and can no longer function how it should, countries that are economically wealthy are attempting to pioneer outer space. The United States, Russia, and China are doing this. Even Korea is trying to launch something into space. What are they trying to achieve here?

I have been saying this for a long time now, but China has been considering world domination centered on a communist system. So, I told them that they cannot contribute to the world with communism and that they should forget such ideas. I have done several world tours and I feel that China is attempting to expand their territory and influence different areas in order to dominate the world. The reason Heaven blessed America according to His providence, is because He can save the world through America. China is advancing toward a communist world centering on itself, but America has always been one step too late. America was to become a nation that attending our Creator, Heavenly Parent, at the center of a democratic world. However, no one has come to their senses.

Climate change is destroying much of America’s natural environment as well. There have been many casualties from tornados, floods, or snowstorms. Why is no one coming to their senses? Many places around the globe are suffering from desertification so shouldn’t the economically rich and powerful nations unite and search for a solution to save our planet? The same applies to the ocean. The sea level is rising and gradually covering our land with water. If this continues, the ocean will expand and the land on which life can live will decrease.

Climate change is having an enormous impact on the entire planet. I can see that even here in Las Vegas. The rising and falling between temperatures of forty to fifty degrees [Celsius] (appx. 104°F–122°F) accelerates desertification. In that regard, America must wake up. In order to solve this problem, we need good ideas. For example, what if we were to create a pipeline to carry water from the ocean to the deserts to create a green zone like the Amazon rainforest? It is not impossible. Solving the earth’s problems should come before going to the Moon or Mars. We must solve our problems one by one in this way.

There are so many things to do, but the people who call themselves America’s politicians, America’s scientists, and America’s intellects, what on earth are thinking about? Our Creator Heavenly Parent wanted to build heaven on earth together with human beings centering on this planet. Countries around the world are increasingly focusing on just their own nations and their own prosperity. However, shouldn’t we be creating an environment in which we can all live in mutual prosperity? Leaders of UPF-USA, please strongly advise what I am saying when you meet with the leaders of American politicians. For America to survive, America must live for the sake of the world. The current state of affairs in the United States, especially from a political point of view, is not what our Creator, Heavenly Parent, desires.

The development of human civilization is causing many problems right now. In particular, you are aware that Japan is saying it will release pollutants from nuclear power plants? Although Japanese fishermen and other neighboring countries are protesting, the Japanese government is still saying it plans to release the pollutants. UPF must enlighten [politicians] to these details and raise their voices to tell them that is needs to be fixed. When I nominated a new chair to Segye Ilbo I also told him to educate all the Korean politicians on climate change.

Another serious issue is gun ownership. Last time I also asked why American citizens need to own guns. We must be very clear about this. It’s not easy to build a peaceful country founded on democracy but instead we are building a country where its people kill one another. How can this be? I cannot believe it. There should be rules when it comes to managing guns. If there is someone who wants to hunt, that person should not own a gun in his home. Governments should be responsible for guns, and they should lend guns to those who wish to hunt.

Another issue is air pollution. From what I know, places like Los Angeles suffer from serious air pollution. I think that one of the main causes of air pollution is vehicle exhaust. Through our YSP or CARP, we should raise awareness at schools. We can no longer wait. We must start fixing these problems one at a time. There is a child in a country in Europe who is raising awareness for climate change and has become very famous for it. Have you heard this story?

From now on, in response to all these activities, centering on Family Federation leaders, CARP and YSP should take action and educate the world. This is no longer a theory; you must show me your substantial efforts. After I return to Korea today, I want to hear reports on how well you are carrying our your activities in America.

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