True Mother’s Message at TOP GUN Assembly

True Mother spoke at the Heavenly Japan Top-gun Assembly on May 29, 2021 at Shyoto HQ, Tokyo, Japan and Cheon Jeong Gung

Thank you. You indeed are the evergreen pine trees of Cheon Il Guk, and the hope of the future. It is only you, the Hyojeong-rang[1], who can realize the dream of God’s only begotten Daughter, the True Mother.

I listened with profound inspiration to the reports you prepared. Due to the Fall of our first ancestors, our history has continued to this day as a history of war, conflict, and suffering. Therefore, to see the completion of God’s providence, the victorious True Parents must emerge from among humankind. Otherwise, we cannot realize Heavenly Parent’s dream and humanity’s hopes.

It is notable that due to the COVID-19 pandemic, which is spreading across the world today, nations both big and small have faced a year and more of tremendous difficulty. In this time, the extremely serious circumstances in our environment are making it difficult for people to find hope. As a result, young people all over the world who should be growing into our future leaders are losing hope, committing suicide, thus giving up their lives. In this serious time, particularly when it comes to religious and ideological conflicts, you members of the 2nd and 3rd generation, born through True Parents, are the only hope.

Until now, you have worked so hard in Japan, investing and multiplying tenfold. This, however, could not bring about national restoration. Therefore, please invest tenfold, a hundredfold more effort. Let people know that you alone are the hope of Japan. Those from earlier generations created many problems that could not all be solved. You, therefore, must educate and awaken people. Even when it comes to the Korean-Japanese problem, the thinking of the older generation of politicians stems from their own selfish interests. These are simply obstacles on the path to a world of peace wherein all would live as one great family. I therefore hope you will raise your voices, teach them, and increasingly expand your environment so that people are able to work in a principled way in all fields of endeavor. Furthermore, the mission of the mother nation is very important in God’s providence.

Until now, all people have lived for 6,000 years like orphans who have lost their parents. But now, the Parents of humankind have established Cheon Il Guk on earth, and from the position of having firmly settled Cheon Il Guk they are creating an environment wherein all people can live with, attend, and follow the Heavenly Parent, humanity’s eternal Parent—our Parent. Yet if one cannot cooperate with this or keep abreast of things, hope for the future will be lost.

How could all religious groups, who have steadfastly worked for so long to meet the Parents, and from the Christian background, how could…

True Parents are working on creating that environment wherein all people attend Heavenly Parent as their Parent and live together with their Parent on earth. So please make sure you do not become those unfortunate people of current and older generations who are not participating in this work, and thus miss this golden age—by making more effort to solve the Korea-Japan issue, and by strongly, boldly and courageously speaking and raising your voices to those who are not participating at this time. This is a time when leaders around the world are participating in God’s providence without even being aware, and you are hearing reports on activities conducted by righteous people and prophets.

I am truly happy that, with you, I can return gratitude and glory to Heavenly Parent. I love you all.

[1] A Korean name Mother has given the most dedicated young people as a special task force

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