Interview with a Unificationist Clairvoyant – Part 2

As we prayed to welcome our blessed ancestors, four clan representatives (my father and mother’s side and Petra’s) offered a gift and put it onto the altar

Since attending a forty-day workshop at Cheongpyeong, Philip Hill’s spiritual senses allowed him to see the spiritual reality very clearly and develop his understanding of the spirit world providence. Philip attended the 800th ancestor liberation workshop at the Cheongpyeong training center. There, he spoke to us about his spiritual experiences, and also his regular spiritual encounters with his ancestors at his home in the UK.

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We had situations where we were not doing so much and would say to our ancestors, “Please go off and help another couple,” or “Please see what Father is doing,” or, as we are national messiahs to Slovenia, “Please go to Slovenia and help the members there. If we need you, we can give you a call.” Also, I find when I am seeing spirits on a holy day that we sometimes get other people’s ancestors coming to us. Their descendants are not doing it, so they join in with us.

The ancestors will just go off if you don’t do anything with them. They will just go somewhere else. You can say to them, “If you are not busy now, just have a look and see what is happening in the spirit world and join in with the team! If there is a holy day in Korea or somewhere else or America or Father is having this big festival…,” because they also need to be educated; they come straight out of their situation, and they’ve never really practiced the Principle at all.

This is why we do hoondokhae; when we study, we invite them to all come. You see, when you read, they are actually taking notes or reading with you. If they are not studious people (which I am sure a lot of these ancestors aren’t; probably many of them cannot read), they watch and listen to us and think, “Yeah, this all makes a lot of sense.” In thinking, “Yeah, all this makes sense,” their whole attitude and atmosphere is changing completely. By the end of the one hundred days of education, they have fully caught the gist of who they are, why they were born in the first place and how foolish they were when they were on earth.

Father teaches about Adam and Eve, what happened and why, what our cause is, that our root ancestor is God—who is love—and that we’ve got love in us. It is all explained, so in the end they realize that love is the center of everything, because that is the True Parent, that is the root ancestor, that is love and the people who bring it are Father and Mother. By listening to all this information they become clear about what they should do, which can happen very quickly, because they’ve seen where they ended up.

If you are a person who is grumpy and downbeat, you end up with all those who are grumpy and negative! You’re attracted to the same area. On earth, you can be grumpy but surrounded by quite nice people, so you think you are okay. It is only when you pass on that you realize that you are not okay at all.

If you are giving a talk about the Principle, you will find the spirit world in front of you; they are listening. You feel this build up of energy around your head when you are trying to break through and then as you manage somehow to break through, they begin to listen and have good give and take with you. The subject you are talking about is pure, it is not something you made up; you are just repeating it from the Messiah who got it from a pure source. So, the negativity around you cannot stay there; you will clean yourself out and positive things will come and reinforce you. In this way, you become strong and bright as you are teaching the Principle—and you feel fantastic in the end.

Can you say something about helping blessed children?

I have found that if you know what your child would like to be, and you pray for her to really have a good attitude, to really make it to that point, to understand the Principle well… If you want her to be a doctor, or she shows good potential to be an artist, for instance, or to do something for someone else—if she is, for example, good at science, and could be a researcher to save other people… Try to always have a goal that is for the sake of others. You will find that the spirit world will always be able to help much, much more. If you just want her to get rich and buy a nice car so that she is okay in her life, you may have a big problem. She won’t get any support.

Visualize the child when you are praying, that is very important, I feel, because if not, it is just a name. If you visualize him or her, the spirit world can see the boy or the girl and you can say, “She is this age now, she needs a lot of protection.” Or, “I want her to go to the blessing,” which means she can’t go to all these parties and so on. “Please protect her because she has a mission,” you can say; “I want her to do something for God and that other people can benefit from what she is doing.” You always need to give reasons to your ancestors for them to support you. It is the same with anyone, unless there is a reason, you can’t be bothered, you know? You can say to them, “This person is going to carry on the legacy of the truth, and we want this idea to germinate and bring God’s truth into this world, so your help would really be appreciated.

You leave the majority of this work with them; you really trust them. You can really ask for their help apologetically, with deep emotion. There is benefit for everyone.

We welcomed our blessed ancestors to our home. We prepared English and German food for them. After thanking God for the food, each ancestor reached out for one of the four plates prepared, one plate for each clan. As one picked up the plate, it became a spiritual plate full of food. From the same four dishes, 392 ancestors took food. All the spirits ate, and then they talked together. When every spirit had finished eating, the physical food on the table had no taste anymore (the essence was removed).

You are living with your ancestors….

You have a team here, a team of people who are actually incredibly grateful to you. You’ve offered a donation. You’ve worked hard to get money together, and you’ve done the conditions. You don’t have to—it’s all a sacrifice, for their sake really. You don’t say, “Well, I saved you, now you save me!” But you can say “This is what you can do. You are free now; you could go fishing if you wanted to. In the spirit world you can have a good time, but we would really appreciate it if you could help us from there.” If they see you do what you say, and they know also that you saved their lives, they will do everything for you.

Make a really clear plan for a year. We usually make a yearly plan of what we want to see happen for our daughter, and almost as if it’s guaranteed, if we pray constantly for it, it always happens, almost on the day. It is amazing!

There is a strong connection within clans, carrying on beyond earthly life….

Because you, your children and the ancestors are a complete clan, when you die, you will be part of it. They will be looking to you, because you are the spearhead, that is, you’ve lived the Principle the longest. And if you’ve got someone on the earth who is living the Principle, you can go back there and you have a base.

Is it easier for us to relate to someone we were close to on earth, such as one’s father?

As soon as you say, “Dad,” he’s there with you. You can say to him, “This is my plan. Can you gather people you know and work like this?” If you have many projects, you can split the team up, for example, “I would like ten people to stay with my family when my wife is not at home; or when she is working, perhaps two couples could stay with her and two or three more with the children.” Work like this. Then you are focusing on your whole family all the time and it brings a very united feeling. It is one way of uniting your family together. You will find that your family will be harmonious all the time.

Many people leave things to chance. You are just a few individuals living in a house. But you are not really united. There is no gel between you; it is the ancestors that are the gel.

Do you do this as you go along, or do you have a fixed time to focus on it every day?

This isn’t a condition, it is a lifestyle. It has to be a lifestyle, because these spirits are real people. It’s not that when we are praying they kind of come, like an energy, even though that’s true to an extent. They were people who lived on earth, and they connect to you very much on the basis of love. They know you. They are real people. When you die, you will meet them and be with them. It will be much as it is when you are talking with me. Your father will be there; your mother will be there—your aunts and uncles and cousins. You will just be like one of them. So you’ve got to build this relationship now. Start with a plan and after a while it becomes so natural. It might take a year, working at it slowly. I think about my ancestors all the time because it is as if they are a part of me. We should make this a part of our lives. It is like when you are watering plants—you can’t just give them a great soaking and then leave it for a month or two. It has to be done a little bit at a time. It doesn’t have to be done with a big prayer. Once you have the idea of what you are trying to do, you just focus on it.

Philip Hill lives in England. He spent time traveling to European countries to testify to the reality of the spirit world and to the powerful spiritual works that can be experienced at the Cheongpyeong (now Cheonbo) training center. His wife Petra went to the spirit world some years ago.

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