Interview with a Unificationist Clairvoyant – Part 1

During hoondokhwae, I could see our 42 blessed ancestral couples, whom we had recently brought back from Cheongpyeong.

When Philip Hill agreed to be interviewed (some 15 years ago), he explained to us that as a boy he was able to sense vague spiritual presences and was sometimes caught up in spirits’ emotional states. Meeting the church and coming to understand that negative spiritual influences could be subjugated was a great relief to him, yet it was only since attending a forty-day workshop at Cheongpyeong that he gained clarity regarding what he sees, and in his understanding. Philip attended the 800th ancestor liberation workshop at the Cheongpyeong training center and spoke to us about his spiritual experiences there, and with his ancestors at home in the UK.

Part 1

Interviewer (Today’s World magazine): Please could you say something about what you see here at the Cheongpyeong training center?

Philip Hill: I can talk about what I saw during the first two days at this workshop.

Maybe a quarter of the way through the first holy song session, angels started to come into the room and they stood with every single person. There was an angel for each person. So there was a great mass of color. As we were clapping, they were ansu-ing the people on the back or on the scalp. In one particular incident I noticed, an angel was ansu-ing a person on the head and you could see dark spirits coming out of his head, maybe five or six spirits. They started to become very fearful, almost in a penitent way, and then they came out and wandered off down to the front of the hall. There is an entrance that opens up at the front of the hall.

I can be clapping and a head might come out of the back of the person in front of me—I have seen this happen. It’s similar to the movie Constantine. They are sometimes quite horrible looking faces, sometimes just normal, with a smirk or a snicker, but very dark, or black. There was an instance when a head came out and was looking at me, and an angel went by and grabbed the spirit by his neck and pulled him straight out, really strongly!

In the past, I used to see seven or eight angels walking around, but now there is one for each person participating; I don’t know if it is the nature of this special workshop, or not. The spirits that came out of people go through that door; they all go down to a landing bay, similar to the Tree of Love, similar to that area. There are angels around them in a big circle to prevent them from wandering out of the area.

All of these are quite dark spirits. Of course, people are made by God, but maybe such people have defiled themselves because they did not know how to live. As these people study the Principle, they will start to reflect on where they were, and why they did what they did, and slowly come back from a life of darkness that has been filled with resentment.

Someone may have been slaughtered by a person and this resentful spirit is now attached to the descendant of the killer. That killer might have killed a lot of people in a war, maybe committed atrocities. Of course, as spirits, all those people that he had killed come back with all that resentment. This resentment was caused by this ancestor. So when we liberate and bless our ancestors, we are actually liberating and blessing people who probably deserve to be in hell! You know, you probably wouldn’t want to deal with them at all, because they killed people. So, members are really doing what Father says to do, loving our enemies—even though they are our direct ancestors. If you knew, for example, that your great, great, great, great grandfather, going many generations back, was the head of a group that slaughtered people with swords, you might think, “Well, stay there! I am not going to spend my good money on you!” Nevertheless, we donate money to liberate them.

Have you had any direct experiences with those you are liberating?

Among my couple’s first twenty-eight generations, one ancestor must have assassinated people. When I was doing the bows in preparation to come here, I felt blood running down my face. I saw a person come into a room where another person was tied up, kneeling down, looking up. And—bang!—with a pistol he shoots straight into the forehead of the person kneeling. I was experiencing all this blood running down, and I could see the hole in his head. That person must have been the one who carried out the assassination, and now that he is in the spirit world, the person he assassinated attacks him.

Another example was someone who betrayed people to the authorities. He turned people in to whoever was in charge, and those people were killed. And when that person died, the people who had died because of him are now chasing him—and this was quite a religious person. A door flies open and this gang of people start coming in, and he starts running, as if for his life. There is no rest for this person; he is permanently tormented. These are people I am liberating.

The face of an angel

Most of us cannot see these people. Are we still encountering them spiritually?

Some people who aren’t spiritually open might suddenly have a lot of feelings, or they start thinking about things that have nothing to do with what they are doing. That is usually because of the spirits around them.

Although you don’t necessarily see anything, you might suddenly have negative feelings, or you can’t be bothered to do the bows, or you suddenly feel negative and you don’t know why.

Spirit people can’t change until you allow them to change through you. This is why we need the physical body, so that when they come, they can receive the vitality elements through our actions, which raises them up as well—as we get raised up. The beauty of what is happening here at Cheongpyeong is that they are taken away and educated. Our situation is unique because Dae-mo nim is in the spirit world and she is ushering away everything that is coming out of you. It is a completely new lifestyle.

Both Father and Hoon-mo-nim (Dae-mo nim) say that we should call upon our ancestors. Can you say something about welcoming them to your home?

Well, we just make a little banner with the names of the clans, our ancestral groups, and the number of people. We put a plate out for each group. So if there are four sets, for example two German and two English as in my couple’s situation, two places set with sauerkraut and sausages for the German side and two with sausage and chips for the English, and maybe a bit of dessert. Then we just welcome them home, welcome them to come into our lives.

You can say the number of people, for example, “There are 430 couples here, welcome to our home. We invite you for a meal; we will just pray first.” That’s basically it, really. They probably know that you cannot see them. Because you made all the effort and all the conditions, if you trust in the process, you at least know that even though you cannot see it, it is happening.

After you have welcomed them, what then?

You start to get them to do things. If there are certain activities that you are trying to do—in your case, you are trying to produce a publication on time—or anything else that causes you stress, when you pray, you look at them as a team and ask them to do things for you. “Can you make sure that these pictures arrive, I need them by Monday.” Be very practical, very realistic and you will find that they do come. Everything tends to happen for you. And that is how they can support you.

One way they also support is that they pray for you. Lots of times we feel very flustered and under stress because we tend to do things on our own—we don’t know how to bring God into our office, because we are thinking in terms of a big thunderbolt and lightning. So in a realistic way, if you are going to meet someone who is very important and you feel quite nervous about that, you can say, “I am going to see this person and I need to make a deal,” or if someone is sent by Father, “I need to look after this leader for a week,” and “I need support, please pray that I can keep a clear mind.”

You must always know what you want them to do it for, so you need to have a clear idea of what you are aiming to accomplish. If not, they can just sit there because they don’t know what you want. It is the same as when we have to report to God; we can’t just sit there and think that He knows everything.

When they pray, they generate energy like we do. If there are, say, twenty couples, that is forty people; when there are forty people praying for you, you suddenly feel very calm because your spirit is reinforced forty times. That is how they can support you, so that your life becomes much smoother. “Please, would three couples always accompany my child, pray when he takes his exams and help him with the answers!” I did this with my daughter Christabel! We called on the ancestors—“Anybody who knows this topic….!” She gets A’s in everything!

My wife Petra’s ancestors are quite intellectual—school teachers—we asked them to come in and if they knew anybody academic to just grab them and say, “I don’t know where you are from, but you have been liberated and this is how you can help us.”

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