1st Anniversary of the Heavenly Parent’s Holy Community

True Mother’s Message at the Special Meeting Celebrating the 1st Anniversary of the Heavenly Parent’s Holy Community Hosted by the True Parents of Heaven, Earth, and Humankind, held on May 27, 2021, Hyojeong Yeon Restaurant

You must not forget this moment. You must reflect on it continually and keep moving forward. Do you understand?

God chose the Korean people yet, notably, it would have been impossible to bring about True Parents’ advent under a monarchy. After the monarchy ended, Christianity made a significant contribution to the birth of democracy in this nation at that time. The True Parents to come were also destined to be born on the Christian foundation.

As you have seen from the report that has just been made, Father once said that Islam places a considerable stumbling block on the path to religious unity. Yet it was people of the Muslim faith that were the first—even before Christianity—to fully accept it when I said, “I am the only begotten Daughter.” Followers of Islam cannot easily accept a Messiah, but they will accept the only begotten Daughter. The only begotten Daughter, the substantial Holy Spirit, the mother of the universe! We need to know that new life cannot come into existence without a mother.

That is why, when I went down to visit [Korean] Subregion 5 this time, I told members to speak boldly, regardless of who in the government they are addressing—to speak the truth in front of people who are well established and successful. Because Christianity played a big role in the independence and democratization of Korea, most of the people working in political circles today, at this very moment, have Christian backgrounds.

However, this Christian background that could easily lead them to think that they alone are right, is gradually fading away. As was mentioned earlier, 37 percent do not attend church. There are many denominations within Protestantism itself: the Presbyterian churches, the Methodist churches, the Holiness churches, the Full Gospel Church, and so on. They are all waiting for the Messiah. However, if the Messiah were to come, where would he go? Would he be able to build upon the limited foundation of the Presbyterian Church? Where would he go? He would not have anywhere to go.

You must inspire Christians to think more deeply about this. “What is the ultimate purpose you wish, hope, and seek to fulfill?” To brand anyone as heretics just because they are different, while not fully understanding God’s will or Jesus’ hopes, is disrespectful and an affront to Christ. Do people in such a position have something to say? Teach them properly the truth of the providence. Can you understand?

“Christianity alone is not enough. You must also join the Family Federation and receive the Blessing.” This is what you should say. Do you understand? So when people who say they respect and support me speak in front of me, and begin “Although I am not a Unification Church member….” I don’t really like it. If they had seen the work we have done on a large scale, they could not say that. They should say something like, “I am not so familiar with this yet…” Right? “I have to learn this. I have really should study this.” You must teach people until you hear them say such things. You understand, don’t you? When this happens, a Heavenly Unified Korea will not be hard to realize. There is nothing to fear anymore. I am saying that there will be no obstacles to the truth.

At times, Christian believers have hindered your work. But now, ask them openly: “When is the Messiah you have waited so long for coming? What do you expect will change when the Messiah comes?” They are still living in the Old Testament era. What about us? We are living in the Era of Cheon Il Guk. There is a huge gap. Then what should you be afraid of? Go out confidently.

So, we can fulfill national restoration by 2023! Or can’t we? We can do it. Though I gave time for the restoration of one third of the world’s population, have we not seen results even just in one year? Do you know how much God has endured and waited? Six thousand years and another 60 years—we cannot make God wait any longer! That is why I emphasized the importance of the time we have on earth. Blessed families and Cheonbo families are responsible to actualize the Kingdom of Heaven on earth during their earthly lifetime. Will you do this?

So I am looking forward to the day when I can be very proud of you. [Aju! (Applause)]

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