True Mother’s message at the Victory Report Celebration

True Mother spoke at the Victory Report Celebration to Mark the 61st Anniversary of True Parents’ Holy Wedding which was held at Cheongshim Peace World Center on 3.29 in the 9th year of Cheon Il Guk (May 10, 2021)

Beloved leaders and members around the world, I am happy to meet you and I love you! We have gained the confidence to say, “We can certainly fulfill what we promised before the Heavenly Parent!” Is that true? [Yes.]

So I said in front of one devout Christian that Christianity is unaware; it does not know everything. Is that right? Though Christians have spent the past 2,000 years waiting for the day Jesus will return, they have not known the truth about Heavenly Parent and the true nature of Jesus. Hence, as the True Parent, I must show them once again where their destination lies, and how to live. People need to live in attendance of the Heavenly Parent during their earthly lives. I hope they will hear True Parents’ call, heed True Parents’ words and reach the point where they can receive the Blessing all together. With this heart, I am saying that in this new era they need to put on new clothes.

It is also written in the Bible that new wine should be put into new wine skins. Throughout its two thousand years Christianity became rather human-centric, and because of this it made many mistakes. Although the time has come for Heavenly Parent to be able to carry out the providence on earth through True Parents, some Christians are still living in the Old Testament era. This is unfortunate, isn’t it? Therefore, let’s create the opportunity for Christians to open their eyes and ears and thus participate in True Parents’ providence and receive the Blessing all together!

I said this in the hope that you will no longer be a stumbling block for the completion of God’s providence, but rather stand at the forefront, doing your best to realize Heavenly Parent’s dream during this time. This is a good idea and a blessing, therefore. I said this in the hope that, worldwide, you will all become leaders and blessed families who can guide at least one third or more of humanity to come to know Heavenly Parent and to live a life of attendance while you are on earth.

You may know that the seven-year course I walked following the declaration of Foundation Day was truly a difficult path that no one could understand. However, through your hard work and devotion you have become one with me and created the environment in which people can receive Heaven’s Blessing and attend God. This is a great blessing and joy for all of us.

So I hope that not only until 2023, but up until 2027, you will increasingly invest strenuous effort to advance toward the day when you can create an environment in which you can embrace all the people of the world. That said, please work hard in all aspects of the tasks you undertake. During the time of preparation for these events, all our organizations united centered on the headquarters, and accomplished this result. I am happy!

Let’s therefore move forward toward to the day when Heavenly Parent’s Day is celebrated in 2027.

So I’m going to give you “happy cotton candy.” This bag is a bit heavy; Director-General Yun, please come and receive it from me. It is happy cotton candy! [Director- general Yun Young-ho offers a bow to Mother and receives the candy.] Let’s bring victory!

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