True Mother’s Message at Special Japanese Worship of Hope

True Mother’s Message at Japan Sub-Region 5’s Special Worship of Hope which was held online on 21 March 2021, Cheon Jeong Gung and Sub-Region 5’s Central Church and Online

Beloved blessed families of the Unificationist community! Today, we held the worship service of Japan’s sub-region 5 in unity with Korea’s sub-region 5. In this providential spring, Reverend Park Jong-pil’s sermon expressed the determination of all and was very inspiring. You did a great job! I told you that the daffodil is the flower I love the most. With the arrival of spring, when all the snow has not yet completely melted, beautiful yellow daffodils are the first to bloom from the still frozen ground. During our 40 years of work in the United States for the global providence, these flowers always heralded spring. That’s why I love daffodils. I have designated the daffodil as the representative flower of sub-regions 5 of Korea and of Japan. In keeping with your worship commitments today, you must raise the torch from Kyushu [southern Japan] to Hokkaido [northern Japan]; likewise, “Gyeong-sang Guk” [southern Korea] must raise the torch to the north [of Korea]. Externally, the [diplomatic] relationship between Korea and Japan is complicated, but internally and providentially, Korea and Japan are brother and sister. United as brothers and sisters, you must fulfil the dream of our Heavenly Parent and the yearning of True Parents and humanity. The proud members of Korea and Japan’s sub-regions 5 must lead by example and be the first to offer victory to Heaven. I love you all. Congratulations!

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